Chapter 2 – Affinities

Mage Guild was a building that could be recognized from afar.
Three stories high, made out of some white stone, resembling marble, that glistened in the sun.
Entering the building, I could see a beige colored stone on the interior walls, giving the whole room mysterious, solemn atmosphere.
Candles lit the walls and the occasional painting here and there.
The floor was made of mahogany fitting the overall composition nicely.

‘Mages seem awfully rich. Not like I can complain…’

Right in front of the entrance, behind the counter, I saw a well endowed woman with blond hair and green eyes, which I assume is a secretary.

Secretary: Welcome to the Mage Guild, adventurer. My name is Cindy, how can I be of help?

Icicle: Hello. My name is Icicle and I would like to become a mage.

Cindy: A mage, huh. Do you know anything about mages?

Icicle: I do know that they are divided by affinities, but I don’t know the details.

Cindy: Alright then, let me explain. There are 5 basic type of mages taught here.

1) Fire mages.
Fire mages use extreme heat to severely damage their enemies. Their spells have a chance to ignite someone. Ignite does additional damage over time. Fire mages are known for their Area of Effect abilities. They are what you would call a purely offensive type of a mage.

2) Wind mages.
Wind mages use their magic to cut their enemies, applying nasty bleeding effects. They may buff the movement speed of themselves and their allies. Wind magic has a chance to knock the target back or bring it closer depending on the intention of the caster. It’s a balanced type of a mage.

3) Earth mages.
Earth mages specialize in defensive magic. They can cover themselves and their allies with a protective earth armor that reduces the damage taken.
Their offensive attacks rely on blunt attacks, that knockback the target. Earth magic utilizes the earth to control the enemy’s movements, making them rooted or slowed through puddles of mud, quicksand and bogs. Defense and control is what Earth mages excel in.

4) Lightning mages.
Lightning mages specialize in dealing swift and heavy damage. The drawback is an insane amount of mana their spells cost. Not only do the lightning mages do heavy damage, but they have a chance to stun an enemy with their abilities. Some of lightning mages are known to be able to escape using lightning fast speed. Overall, Lightning mages are deadly, but inconsistent.

5) Water mages.
Water mages specialize in supportive magic. They can heal minor wounds, clear your bloodstream from poisons and so on. The buffs water mages provide can increase wisdom and intelligence.  As for offense, they mostly stun, slow or otherwise restrain enemies with their abilities. Purely offensive abilities are really rare for them. Water Mages are the supportive mages with the highest amount of crowd control.

This is a brief explanation of the types of mage you can become.
As you probably know, you can only choose one affinity.
Which type of mage would you like to strive to become?

Cindy said that there are 5 basic types of mages taught “here”’
Does it mean that there are other elements, like darkness or something? Well, not like it matters, I need to focus on getting a class right here and now… just you wait, furry whelp.

Hmmm, all these choices…
Lightning mages sure are made for soloing, but they run out of mana quickly.

Fire mages, well, they will probably be popular, so getting equipment will be hard.
I can profit if I sell it to these mages, so nope.

Wind mage, hm, the movement speed is certainly nice, they can probably increase their attack speed as well.
I can do the same with agility though.

Earth mage is just a defensive type, sure, it will be good, considering that these critters are so strong in this world, but I need some offense and health sustain.

I don’t want to become just a mage anyways, so Water mage sounds awesome, healing plus buffs and that crowd control.
I think there’s more to them than meets the eye too.
Let’s go for it, if I fail I’ll have no one to blame but myself.

Breaking from the deep thought I was in, I fortunately remembered to thank Cindy for her explanation.

Icicle: Thank you Cindy. I would like to become a Water Mage.

Cindy seemed to have a glint in her eye.

‘Are Water Mages that rare?’

Cindy: I see, please follow me.

Following the secretary, I entered what seemed like a training field.
I was told to wait near the entrance until Cindy introduces me.

This training field was basically a square shaped room that had some dummies people could practice on.
It was indoors, so I guess that’s why I didn’t see it earlier.
Just like the white walls outside the building, ones in the training field gave off a strange glow.
I think it’s an enchantment, probably to prevent any damage to the structure.

I saw Cindy walking straight towards a very peculiar woman.
By peculiar, I mean she was absolutely gorgeous.
Dark hair reaching her waist, with blue eyes that screamed royal and her chest that was even bigger than Cindy’s.
If I were to say it in one word it would be – alluring!

That’s not all, this goddess in front of me had long legs that seemed muscular just in the right places.
I bet many men were enticed by this figure.
It was as if her body was that of a gravure idol.
I’ve felt something was off though.
I could feel some kind of aura emanating from her.
Feeling shivers run down my spine, I’ve decided to stay cautious.

Cindy: Lady Vilenne.

Vilenne: What is it Cindy?

Cindy: There’s an adventurer here who would like to be your student.

Vilenne: Adventurer? Alright bring him here.

Cindy: Come on Icicle, don’t be shy, Lady Vilenne doesn’t bite.

‘That little. First telling me to wait near the entrance and now this. Oh well, she’s cute I can forgive her…’

Icicle: Hello, my name is Icicle, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Vilenne: Hahaha, adventurer that has some manners. Well boy, tell me, why should I teach you water magic?

Icicle: I’m sorry, is there a reason you shouldn’t?

Vilenne: Hahahaha, this boy sure is amusing. Did Cindy tell you about the affinities and their respective magic?

Icicle: She sure did. What of it?

Vilenne: Then why would an adventurer like you want to become a Water Mage? Aren’t you all supposed to seek fame and glory?

Icicle: I’m sorry, lady Vilenne, but I don’t follow. Why can’t a Water Mage become strong? Personally I think it’s the strongest class that is available, maybe even the strongest one there is.

Vilenne: Strongest class there is? What would make you say that, boy?

Icicle: Alright, I’ll explain. First of all, I don’t think mages have to use staffs to fight. I plan to use a sword. From what Cindy has told me. Water Mages rely on crowd control abilities like stuns, slows, roots and so on. That’s perfect for an adventurer like me who likes to go solo hunting. Keeping my enemies at bay and having healing abilities, even if it’s minor, it allows me to have an edge over monsters and reduces the amount of healing potions I need to buy. Mana cost shouldn’t be a problem since they are a support class, so I can save on mana potions as well. As for offensive magic, I already have a few ideas on how I can use water magic in order to kill my enemies.

Vilenne: You don’t plan to use a staff and instead you want to fight with a sword? Are you sure you want to become a mage, boy?

Icicle: Hahahah. What’s wrong with that? Haven’t you had any battle mages of some sort?

Vilenne: Well, we sure did, but they never were any Battle Mages with water affinity.

Icicle: Forgive me if I’m wrong, but you look more like a swordsman than a mage to me, Lady Vilenne. I don’t really plan to use just water either.

Vilenne: You are quite perceptive. I’m indeed a swordsman, but I am no battle mage. Wait, what did you just say?

Icicle: I said that you don’t look like a…

Vilenne: No, not that. The second part.

Icicle: I said that I don’t want to use just water. I want to become an Ice Mage, water is a component of ice after all.

Cindy & Vilenne: ….

After a brief silence, all I could hear was laughter, but it wasn’t a normal laughter…
Both Cindy and Vilenne were lying on the ground, clutching their stomachs and rolling from side to side, laughing their asses off.
It was like they have suddenly gone mad.
Struggling to keep my cool, I tried to sound unwavered.

Icicle: Umm, is there something wrong with what I said?

Vilenne: Boy, do you *laugh* realize that *laugh* Ice Mages are a class that only exists in *laugh*…

The beuaty in front of me was laughing so hard that she couldn’t utter a word.

Icicle: Exists in what?

Cindy was still giggling, but it seems Vilenne regained her bearings.

Vilenne: In legends. Ice Mage is a class that our ancestors who came from the north 10000 years ago had. It is no longer known how you can become one. It’s a class that has been forgotten and appears only in fairytales and as I have already said – legends.

Icicle: Is that so? Well it’s certainly worth my time to try becoming one. If it fails, I won’t mind staying as a Water Mage.

Vilenne: You sure are ambitious, young one. Okay then, you can become my personal disciple. Cindy, sign him in.

Cindy: Yes Lady Vilenne, right away.

Cindy left with a hurried steps, seemingly excited.

Icicle: So, I’m a part of the Mage Guild now?

Vilenne: Yes, you are. You had better prepare, because if you haven’t seen hell, you’re about to see one.

‘Well that sounds comfortable…’

Icicle: I assume that’s the reason there were no Water Mages?

Vilenne: Huh? Were you saying something?

Icicle: No I wasn’t… actually, yes I was. First of all, how should I address you, Lady Vilenne, Master, Teacher or something else? Secondly, when will I get my water affinity?

Vilenne: Oh about that, you can call me Master. You don’t have an affinity yet? Follow me.

‘She definitely seems happy about being called Master…’

Closely following my new Master, I was trying to figure out where were we heading. As I didn’t know any of the surroundings, all I could do was barely try to remember the way out.

Icicle: Umm, master, where are we headed?

Vilenne: Keep walking, I’ll tell you when we get there.

Two minutes later, we’ve entered some kind of a hall.
In the front, there were 5 pear-shaped pillars, situated linear with some kind of carvings on them.
Behind them there was something rectangular that seemed like some sort of an altar.
All the walls were dimly lit by candles that illuminated the entire place.
This room gave off a solemn atmosphere.

Icicle: Master, what is this place?

Vilenne: This is the “Altar of the Gods”. You will be bestowed with your affinity here.

Icicle: Bestowed? Master, are you saying that it’s all dependent on the Gods? I can’t choose what I want?

Vilenne: It’s not like that. Normally, people from the kingdoms come here to get their affinity first, then they choose what path they want to take. As you are an adventurer, we’ve skipped this step in a spur of the moment. It was y bad, I’ve simply assumed that you already have your affinity.
As for your question, you can still choose an affinity you weren’t selected for, but if the gods don’t favor you, your advancement in it will be slower than that of people with blessings.
I never had to deal with an adventurer, so I don’t know how it will pan out for you…
You need to go and check it out for yourself.

‘So it’s like that, huh… phew. And here I thought that I will be forced to take some arbitrary decided affinity.’

Icicle: You had me scared, Master. I thought I would have to forego my Ice Mage dream.
All right, so what do I need to do to appease the gods?

Vilenne: You don’t need to appease them. You need to either impress them or show them your humbleness, which you don’t seem to have, boy. Anyways, go and drop some of your blood on the altar. Your affinity will be chosen shortly after you’re done with that. See these stone pillars resembling pears? When your affinity is chosen at least one of them will shine.
That’s the one the gods want you to take, if you are to get their blessings.

Icicle: I hope they’re not too picky…

Vilenne: …

Walking towards the altar, I felt anxious. What will I do if I am to take another affinity than water? Well, earth wouldn’t be bad. At least it provides some defense. Whatever, it’s not like I can influence it. RNGesus, heed my call, give me water affinity, pleeeease.

It was kind of hard to prick my finger with a rusted sword, but after some time I managed to do it.
With a few drops of blood, the altar shone and I’ve become dizzy.
Then everything went black.

When I came to, all my surroundings were pitch black. Where am I?

???: Hello, young adventurer.

Am I hearing voices? Wait, something like that happened already. Am I back to Character Creation? No, that voice sounds different. It’s definitely a female voice but… it’s not the same. It sounds more mature and… alluring? It seems I can’t speak, what’s going on?

???: No, you’re not hearing voices *giggle*. Oh right, you couldn’t speak, here you go.

Icicle: Hello, I’m Icicle. If I may ask, who or what are you?

???: Hard to say. I have many different names. I’m what you humans call a god or deity.

Icicle: A god? How should I address you then?

???: You can call me Acquare.

Icicle: All right then, Acquare. What exactly are you and where am I?”

Acquare: I am the one who grants water affinity blessings, many call me Water Deity. As for where you are… I’ve found you quite interesting so I teleported you here for a little talk.

Icicle: So I’m getting water affinity? Awesome! Wait, what? You teleported me here? Where is this “here”?

Acquare: This place is called the Realm of Summons. Don’t misunderstand, adventurer. I didn’t teleport “you” here, just your “mind” so I can talk with you..

Icicle: So my body is still in the Mage Guild? Alright then, let’s cut to the chase, why have you summoned me here?

Acquare: You’re really bold *giggle*, not even a bit scared in the presence of a deity. Hahaha I already came to like you, boy. I wanted to talk to you, because like you’ve most likely deduced, Water Mages are scarce. Now, with the adventurers coming to this world, this may change, but I don’t think it will change much, if at all. We deities derive our power from the quests our followers or as you humans call them “believers” do for us. The more contribution deity has, the more rewards it can offer. More contribution equals higher standing for us deities. Don’t worry, we’re not expecting prayers *giggle*. As I, the deity of water, do not have many followers, I can’t contribute much and as such, my position amongst the rest of the deities is quite low. I can’t give you much for completing these quests for me, but…

It seems Acquare wanted to talk some more, but I cut her off.

Icicle: I don’t need your rewards. If you’ll need help with something and it is within my power to achieve it, I’ll gladly do it. Just giving me my water affinity will be enough of a blessing.

Acquare: Hahahahahaha. You really are an interesting one, adventurer.

Acquare seemed to have gone in a laughing fit, her voice was clear, reverberating through the darkness I was in. After she calmed down a little, I decided to resume our conversation.

Icicle: Can you give me a heads up before summoning me here next time? I wouldn’t like to suddenly pass out in the middle of a battle.

Acquare: Don’t worry, I should be able to talk to you telepathically now. I’ve taken enough of your time. I’ll contact you when I deem you strong enough for the task awaiting. I’m sending you back.

Icicle: Guess it will take me some time to see you face to face.

Acquare: *giggle* It probably will, Icicle.

Did her voice soften whe she said that?
I couldn’t give it more than this fleeting thought, as I’ve become dizzy and blacked out once again.

…up…ke up…. wake up!
Huh what’s going on?

When I came to I saw Master shaking me with teary eyes, I was confused as to what happened, but then it dawned on me, while talking with Acquare I was unconscious.

‘Seems she really cares about her students, huh.’

Icicle: It’s okay Master, I’m awake now. What exactly happened after I dropped some blood on the altar?

Vilenne: All the stone pillars started shining like they never did before. Usually it’s only one or two of the carvings on them that shine. Then I saw you falling to the floor, for a second I thought you have died!

Icicle: So that’s what had happened. Anyways, Master, great news! I’ve got my water affinity!

‘Vilenne started touching me all over… is she trying to undress me or something? It’s not like I mind having a go with such a beauty. It sounds even better than a surprise sex…

Icicle: Um, Master, what are you doing? I don’t mind undressing myself if that’s what you want, but…

Vilenne: What are you talking about?… Not like it matters. I was just checking if you were having delusions or have gotten brain concussion, but it seems you’re perfectly fine. To the point now. How can you know that you have an affinity when you haven’t even chosen it!

Icicle: What do you mean, Master? I talked with Acquare, the water deity and she said that I’ll have my water affinity. Isn’t this how you get it?

Looking at my Master’s face I clearly saw the she was surprised. It was as if she saw a ghost or something…

Icicle: Um… Master?

Vilenne: No, it isn’t, boy. Normally, you would get the blessing after you’ve dropped some of your blood on these stone pillars near the altar. Whether you chose the one that the gods recommend for you or not is your choice, but you said that you talked with the deity. I’ve never even heard of something like this. Maybe you adventurers are special… who knows. Anyways, I won’t believe until I see it, so prove it!

Icicle: And how should I do that?

Vilenne: Show me your status!

Icicle: And how do I go about that?

Vilenne: Just say [Status] and then share it with me.

Icicle: [Status], share with Master.

A familiar blue window popped up, it seems that it worked because Vilenne was staring at it as well.

Name: Icicle
HP: 100/100 Mana: 100/100
Race: Human
Class: Water Mage Apprentice
Subclass: None
Alignment: Acquare, Vilenne
Strength: 10
Agility: 10
Dexterity: 10
Vitality: 10
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 10
Luck: 10

[Water mastery] Beginner Lvl 1 0%

Special effects:
Newbie protection: You can’t be player killed and your satiety and thirst level don’t drop for 72 hours. Decreases only when online.
Superior water affinity: All the water related skills have 150% effectiveness. Water mastery increases faster than normal.

Staring at it wide eyed Vilenne and I exchanged few glances to confirm we’re seeing the same thing.

‘If this isn’t OP then I don’t know what is…’


4 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – Affinities

    • I think you’re right, this could have been shown better in many ways, it’s just, as an unexperienced author, I didn’t know how bad of a start have I chosen. Especially the learning curve. Well, I’m learning about it now, so maybe I’ll be able to crawl back somehow.


  1. Well that was kind of irritating to read starting with his talk with the god. Too demanding. Then when he got back he started sounding too clueless. Obviously if she’s worried that you died then everybody doesn’t pass out and talk to god to get their affinity. The giggling was irritating too.


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