Chapter 3 – Master isn’t as nice as she looks like?!

Cindy’s POV

I’m working as a secretary in the mage guild. Every day I help registered mages look for missions, receive their letters, sometimes even their summons.

Vilen Town is an independent town, established by the four kingdoms to be the town where people can learn basic jobs and combat classes.
Although this town is supposed to serve as the beginner area, there are many established warriors, mages, rogues, archers, mercenaries, priests and paladins.
Some of them are teachers in their respective institutions, however, most of them come here to check out the dungeon that’s located north of the town.

However today is a special day. As it was foretold, adventurers will arrive in our world today.
Some call them foreigners, some heroes and there are some that call them the doom of our world.
Opinions varied, but one thing was certain, there was bound to be a change.

As I was wondering when will at least one of them come to the Mage Guild, the door opened.

In front of me stood a young man, around 180cm with dark hair and hazel eyes.
He seemed a little confused, so I decided to help him out and greet him first.

Cindy: Welcome to the Mage Guild adventurer. My name’s Cindy, how can I be of help?

Adventurer: Hello, my name is Icicle and I would like to become a mage.

‘Oh is he the first recruit?’

Cindy: A mage, huh. Do you know anything about the mages?

Icicle: I know about the affinities, but I don’t know the details.

He’s so courteous. I thought adventurers will be more, how should I call it… intimidating’

I started explaining about the affinities.
Looking at the registered mages, and the world overall, most of the mages choose lightning and fire affinity, then there’s wind, earth and the last one, with the least of them is water.

Seeing that he’s giving some thought to all my rambling, I waited for Icicle’s answer.
That’s where this adventurer first surprised me.

Icicle: Thank you Cindy. I would like to become a Water Mage.

I felt a warm, fuzzy feeling inside me.
It was hard to find water mages capable of teaching and after we’ve found one, Lady Vilenne, there seemed to be no one willing to be her student.
I wonder what face will she make when her first student arrives *giggle*.

Telling this young man to follow me, I brought him to the training field.
It was used only by Lady Vilenne until now, battle mages are extremely rare in Loiterous.
Not only that, but most of them don’t use swords or any other weapons, just the ordinary staffs with their minds focused solely on using just magic.
Lady Vilenne wasn’t a battle mage, but she could use the sword proficiently.

I told Icicle to wait near the entrance until I make introductions.

When I told Lady Vilenne that I brought an adventurer who would like to become her student, the look on her face was priceless.
It was as if she couldn’t believe it’s really happening.

Cindy: Come on Icicle, don’t be shy, Lady Vilenne doesn’t bite.

Seeing the look on his face was truly priceless, he was so confused.
Giggling in my mind, I didn’t let it show. I can’t let Lady Vilenne know that I pulled a little prank on this young one after all…

I was listening silently to their conversation and this boy amazed me time after time.
First he proclaimed that water mage is the strongest mage class if not the strongest there is.
Then he added that he doesn’t want to use just water magic, but swords too…
If that wasn’t enough, out of the blue, Icicle said that he plans to become an Ice Mage!

Feeling as if the bomb just dropped, I couldn’t contain my laughter anymore.
Dropping to the floor, I started rolling while clutching my stomach and laughing like a madman.
I saw Lady Vilenne doing the same, which surprised me, she often seemed like that cool, distant beauty type.
Nevertheless, I tried standing up.
Even with all my efforts, I couldn’t help giggling.

Lady Vilenne recovered faster than me, although she was still laughing a little.
Telling this young man about the Ice Mages, his response was resolute, which shocked me once again.
It seems Icicle impressed her and she decided to take him in as a student.

Leaving in a happy mood, I thought that the future looks promising…

Vilenne’s POV

My name’s Vilenne Frostshield and I’m a noble of the kingdom in the far north.
Our ancestors were Ice Mages, that’s why we have a high status even amongst the nobles.
Being brought up like a lady, I was expected to become a distinguished wife for someone from the royal family.
I never really felt like a lady in the first place, so before my fate was sealed I asked my father to give me some time, and let me practice swordplay.
My father wasn’t enthusiastic about it, but he loved me, so he let me do what I wanted till I become of age.

At the age of 7, I was brought to some kind of a temple where I had my affinity test.
It was common to bring 6-10 year olds like that, to check if they have predispositions to become a mage.
Many families were overjoyed when they heard that their son or daughter could become a powerful and respected mage.

It was my turn to check the residing in me affinity, everyone around had a weird look in their eyes.
I was a noble, so I was easily recognizable, but I didn’t know why do they look at me like that.
I only found out later that I was “chosen” to become a water mage.
Some priests said that it was my calling, but it didn’t sound good at all, more like they were ridiculing me.

I was branded as a person who won’t get far, at least not on her own.
I couldn’t really accept it, so I’ve trained harder than ever before.
Practicing swordsmanship in the daytime, while meditating and improving my water magic proficiency at night.
Days of practice like that continued.

When I became of age, that is 18, I didn’t want to just marry someone I barely know or not know at all.
I wanted to experience the world, go on an adventure!
I knew that my father wouldn’t agree to me just becoming an adventurer.
It was already a stretch that he did let me do what I pleased so far…

Feeling confined in the walls of the castle I lived in, I left a letter and under cover of the night I left the castle quietly.

When my father found out that I left without saying a word, he was furious.

From what I heard, when the servants found the letter, my father didn’t even want to look at it.
Humans are curious creatures, so after a while, when he calmed down, tihs old man read it.
Hearing mad laughter throughout the castle every servant and guard was startled.
My father supposedly was so astonished that he called off search teams and decided to let me do what I want.
I guess he didn’t expect that his daughter had balls to run away on her own…

Leaving the kingdom, I heard about a Mage Guild that’s looking for a water mage teacher.
That was a chance I was waiting for.
Having my own students, going on adventures with them, exploring the world together.
Well, at least that was what I hoped for.

2 years have passed and no one wanted to become a water mage.
Without anything else to do I practiced my water magic and increased my training regime.

Then, one day, Cindy walked in seemingly happy.
I completely forgot that this is the day that adventurers from the other world were supposed to arrive at.
When Cindy said that she wants to introduce a student that would like to become a Water Mage, I thought she’s joking.
My face distorted in the utter disbelief, visibly showing it, after seeing which Cindy started giggling.
Regaining my calm, but still excited like never before, I told her to bring this so called student here.

Young man came forward and introduced himself.
His name was Icicle, he did make an impression on me, he was very courteous.

Saying cheeky words like “water mages are the strongest” and all, I thought that he wanted to flatter me.
I suspected that Cindy might’ve told him about my past, but it seems he didn’t know anything and was completely serious.
Trying to hide my astonishment, I asked him about this theory of his, and boy, what I heard surprised me even more!
This greenhorn before me wanted to become an Ice Mage!

No one can blame me, that after hearing such a ridiculous thing. I couldn’t smother my laughter anymore.
I burst out with laughter so hard, that I felt my entire body shaking.
I was literally lying on the floor, laughing while rolling from side to side.

I looked up at him and he seemed confused, that confirmed that Cindy hasn’t told him anything.
Trying to supress my laughter, I decided to tell him about Ice Mages.
He didn’t sound discouraged.
Feeling the joy of having a first student, I decided to take him in, and told Cindy to sign him in.

When he asked me about the way he should address me, and I heard “Master” I felt so proud, that going with the flow I immediately picked it.

Vilenne: You can call me master.

When my new student asked me about his water affinity, it dawned on me that he hasn’t undergone the test.
Taking him to the Altar of the Gods, I anxiously waited for the gods’ decision.
That cheeky disciple of mine even dared to say something like “I hope the gods won’t be too picky”…
Seeing him drop his blood on the altar, tension in me rose once more.


As my first student dropped dead on the floor, tears started swelling up in my eyes.
I shook him for quite a while screaming “Wake up!”, but it amounted to nothing.
Finally realizing that he’s alive, I calmed down a little, but I was still concerned as to why is he unconscious.

30 minutes passed and he still lay on the floor, not moving an inch.
Fearing that he might not wake up at all, I started shaking him once again.
This time, there was a change, he seemed to slowly come to.

‘Thank goodness’

Icicle was trying to reassure me, being all “I’m okay”.

That didn’t convince me!
I knew something happened and I wanted to know what, but he started boasting that he talked with the water deity and got water affinity.
He was surprised when I told him it’s not the way you get one, so I asked for the proof!
If this cheeky bastard lies to me, he’ll go through real hell!

Surprisingly enough, he just asked me how can he prove it, after I told him to share his status with me, my mouth was left agape, and eyes almost popping out.
Superior water affinity? I’ve never heard of such a thing!
And it makes his abilities 50% more effective.
That’s like cheating…

This kid wasn’t boasting for nothing.
Seems like my disciple will become someone known throughout the world.
Oh, don’t worry little one, I’ll drill you so hard that you won’t be the same person when you leave this Mage Guild.
Just thinking about it, the corners of my mouth curved up into a vicious smile.

Icicle’s POV

After Vilenne calmed down, I could see her face distorting into a vicious smile.
Oh god, is she a sadist?
Well, she’s gorgeous, guess that if worst comes to worst I can live with it…

Trying to break this awkward silence, I asked Vilenne about the future.

Icicle: So, Master, what happens now?

Vilenne: The stones seem to be still glowing, go and drop some blood on the one in the right corner. That’s the water affinity stone.

Icicle: It won’t take my soul away, right?

Vilenne: Just go and do it, you troublesome kid.

After dropping a few drops of blood on the “water stone” nothing happened.

Icicle: Is that how it’s supposed to be, Master?

Vilenne: No, something is not right.

This is definitely weird. What is happening?

Acquare: We need to talk kid.

Icicle: Huh? Acquare is that you? What is this all about?

Acquare: I’ll explain when you’re here. I’ll teleport you in 5 seconds, get ready.

Icicle: Sorry, Master. Seems like the water deity wants something from me. Be right back.

After saying that, everything around me started rotating and I passed out again…

Acquare’s POV

Being the water deity isn’t easy.
10000 years ago, when Ice Mages were at their strongest, I was one of the most powerful deities.
Now, 10000 years later I’m nothing more than the weakest deity with followers not strong enough to do anything.

I’ll wait for my chance.
I’m sure that someday, someone will find the right way of using water magic and then I’ll rise to power once again!
For now, I can only dream of revenge directed at the ones that gave wronged me.
Just you wait, you bastards, I’ll get you back!

The day that foreign adventures came to Loiterous didn’t seem to change my predicament at all.
I was still stuck with no followers capable of accomplishing my quests.
It was as if on cue that I heard a conversation.

“Personally I think Water Mage is the strongest class that is available, maybe even the strongest there is.”

All I could think about was this one sentence.
Is there actually someone who believes that?
And that’s when the real bomb dropped.

“… I don’t want to use just water. I want to become an Ice Mage, water is a component of ice after all.”

This is it! The chance I’ve been waiting for!

Seeing my supposed savior doing the affinity ritual, I’ve decided to summon his mind to the Realm of Summons.

I was really surprised when he actually said that he wants water affinity and that he’ll do everything I ask for if he can.
What astonished me was that he didn’t want any rewards!
Icicle didn’t make an impression of being modest, more like he didn’t care about them.

I think I went a little overboard in giving him the superior water affinity, but I was so excited that I’ll be able to get out of this mess in the nearby future, that I didn’t really think straight.

However, it didn’t seem to go unnoticed.
Right after I send him back, the rest of the deities stormed my palace.

Author’s note: Here are the names of deities, just so it makes the reading easier.

Faione Deity of Fire
Eknos Deity of Wind
Dimir Deity of Earth
Ferrana Deity of Lightning

Acquare: Is something the matter, Faione, Eknos, Dimir , Ferran? You seem to be rather frantic.

Eknos: Do you know what you’ve done, Acquare?

Acquare: And what does it matter to the wind deity?

Faione: It’s not just him, Acquare. We’re all concerned.

Acquare: So the fire deity is concerned as well. What about you, Dimir, mighty deity of earth?

Dimir: Stop trying to flatter me, Acquare. We all saw what you gave to that boy.

Acquare: Ferrana, you don’t seem to be upset. Does it not concern the lightning deity?

Ferrana: I think this boy is actually pretty interesting, but you’ve broken the law.

Acquare: Really, and what law is this?

Eknos: Stop pretending, you’ve summoned him here.

Acquare: No I didn’t, all I summoned was his mind so we can chat a little.

Dimir: Hmph. Summon him again, we’ll question the boy ourselves.

Acquare: You’re such a pain, well give me a minute.

Icicle’s POV

Icicle: Ugh, that darkness again. What is so important to summon me to this Realm of Summons again, Acquare?

Acquare: Well, you see, we have kind of a situation over here, so you need to answer some questions.

Icicle: Questions? Whose questions?

Eknos: Ours boy.

After introducing themselves as deities of earth, wind, lightning and fire, they started demanding some answers from me.

Dimir: So boy, where were you summoned last time?

Icicle: What do you mean? Same place as I am in right now, this all engulfing darkness.

Ferrana: Did Acquare want anything from you?

Wait, what the fuck does it matter, it’s not a confession.

Icicle: Yeah, actually she did. Acquare said that she hadn’t had a man for a long time, so she wanted me to…

Ferrana: WHAT?!

Raging discussion was going on between 5 deities, Acquare was really confused as to why I said that, but what could I do, she was trying to drag me into this mess.

Icicle: Ekhm. Don’t want to interrupt your little fun, but I’m actually quite busy. If there’s nothing else, I would like to go back. My Master probably wants to kill me right at this very moment for passing out in front of her for the second time. I can already feel the cruelty I’ll have to deal with. Could you send me back?

Acquare: Sure boy, go back, we’ll deal with it ourselves.

Icicle: Oh, right. Thank you for the affinity Acquare, I’ll make great use of it. See you soon, my love *giggles*.

Acquare: Arghhhhhhh. Begone.

Waking up, I saw Lady Vilenne.
This time she wasn’t about to cry, but there was a vein pulsating on her forehead.

Vilenne: You sure took your sweet time.

Icicle: I’m sorry Master, I don’t know why I’m being dragged into the deities’ mess either.

Vilenne: Don’t worry, I’ve already prepared a punishment for you. You’ll experience training worse than hell and just try to whine and I’ll double it. Now follow me.

‘Oh god, she’s really pissed. Guess I’ll have to take it like a man… At least I got Acquare back. Poor Acquare… that will teach her not to drag me into her mess next time.’

I need to check the time. What, I’m here for 3 hours already?
Only one our passed in real world. Does it mean that the time here flows three times faster?
Guess, I won’t need to log out for a while.
With this hellish training awaiting me, I don’t know if it’s such a good idea though…

Master really wasn’t kidding with this training…
It’s worse than hell.
I wish I could die right now…


10 thoughts on “Chapter 3 – Master isn’t as nice as she looks like?!

  1. Neat-o, I’ve been introduced to this from True Identity and I’m certainly enjoying it. Minor typo here “there seemed to be no onem willing to be her student.” I hope you continue this indefinitely!


  2. uh.. this mc is stupid.. the deity gave him superior affinity.. and just cuz she called him back hes tryin to get back at her.. she could just take away the affinity.. she wouldnt call you for no reason.. idiot needs to think

    Liked by 1 person

      • I think he was trying to get back on her in not the bad way, i cant say what the reason was for to him act that way for he doesnt know the law/rules mentioned by the deties (no ones at fault i think, she only summoned him through ‘mind’ and not the actual him). But i say, they were both like childhood friends that got into trouble (in sweet mode) lets be positive for this is just the starting phase of the story and still has more happenings to occur yes?


  3. Side stories of different characters right on, darn so awesome! Glad to have started reading. Can say, one of the best novels ive read. Its themed scifi generally yet it has this feeling of being in a completely different world wholy and feels like, reading your favorite book for the first time! Haha! Cant get this over my head! Good job and thanks a lot!


  4. Ugh. Bad chapter. First, you’re covering the same thing three times for no reason. Every douche you name in the story doesn’t need a PoV. Especially if it’s repetitive. Second, everybody seems to act like retarded children whining about literally nothing. Did water god need to question all the others on what they thought? They wouldn’t be there if they didn’t care. Why do they care? Why does his teacher need to punish him? None of it really makes any sense. Third, because you wasted so much time on the last two things the story didn’t progress any. You can’t be wasting time like this before getting the readers invested in the story. It kills reading momentum and makes one want to stop reading.


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