Chapter 4 – Vilenne’s hellish training part 1

After everything that happened with the affinity test, my Master somehow seemed to be in a good mood.
Vilenne told me to take the day off and come tomorrow at dawn so she can begin my training.
I thought it’s a good moment to log out and buy some necessities for the upcoming days.

After using the toilet I went to the nearby supermarket to resupply.
The food I bought was basically instant noodles, spaghetti,meat dumplings and some frozen fast foods.
Feeling that I have all that I need I decided to stretch a little, I might not get to move around much in the future.

Loiterous launched at the Friday evening, it was 8pm my time so with the stretching done and time flowing three times faster in the game, it was high time to log in.

Putting on my headset and plugging it to the power socket I received familiar message.

[Would you like to connect to Loiterous]

Thinking yes I was transferred there again.

It was around dawn, I saw my master waiting saying that I’m early.

Icicle: Did you wait long, Master?

Vilenne: Not really, I just came too early.

Icicle: So where are we heading?

Vilenne: You don’t need to know. Just follow me.

‘Is she mad about something?’

Following my Master through what seemed like an underground tunnel below the Mage Guild, we went outside the town, heading north west.
Seeing Vilenne from behind my eyes involunatirily wandered to her bottom.
It seems I stared at it for too long, because she turned around and then gave me a cold glare.

Vilenne: What exactly are you staring at, boy?

Seeing her fierce look I couldn’t look her in the eye. With my eyes darting around I stuttered, feeling a little embarrassed.

Icicle: J-Just admiring mother nature’s blessings.


My master seemed to know where exactly I was looking and her fist vehemently thundered down straight at my head making me meet the ground.
I faceplanted so hard.  Arghhh, this hurts

Feeling my master’s wrath I realized there is a blue window right in front of me.

-98 hp

Seeing the numbers my face showed utter disbelief and shock.

Vilenne: Can’t even take a hit from the girl and you’re trying to court her? Pff, pathetic.

Feeling as if my masculinity was being put in question here, I dismissed the window without even reading all of it and then turned all of the notifications off.

Vilenne: What are you dawdling over? Move!

With a new resolution, I decided to show Vilenne that I’m a man.

First week of training

That little remark from Vilenne really put me off guard.
It was all a ploy to make me work harder!
Realizing it when it was already too late, I couldn’t back down. She would call me a girl or worse!

Every day I was told to run through the mountains.
It wouldn’t really be so bad if not for the fact that I’m barefooted.
With my made up resolution of showing my Master that I’m capable I run as hard as I could.
After constant running for 3 hours, I felt completely exhausted and decided to take a break, oh that was my worst mistake.

Vilenne: Seems you lack motivation, boy. Should I beat some into you?

Running as if my life depended on it, I think I broke all the world records…

When I had no more strength left I thought that I’ll be forced to crawl.
Fortunately Vilenne was merciful enough to let me rest.

Vilenne: You’ve exceeded my expectations, boy. I guess I need to reward you.

Icicle: A reward? And what will it be?

Vilenne: Sit down cross-legged and close your eyes. I’m going to pamper you a bit.

Hearing these words I immediately sat down cross-legged.
Imagining my Master petting me like a dog my body seemed to relax.
With my thoughts  revolving around the pleasant treatment I’m about to get, it was almost as if I could feel ecstasy.

Vilenne: Are you ready, boy? It’s petting time!

‘Will she really pet me? My master is the best…’

1 hour later.

Lying on the ground I could feel it’s coldness.
Feeling relieved I felt happy.
You see my master’s petting skills are really prominent…
Exquisite to the point that she petted me… with her wooden sword.
Feeling all kinds of excruciating pain I didn’t even dare to move, not like I had the strength to run anyways…

Every day I logged out at night to eat something and take a shower.
One day in Loiterous equaled 8 hours in real life so at least I had around 2 hours to buy some food, take a shower, stretch a little and eat something that’s not instant noodles.
Every 3 days in Loiterous I would log out for at least 8 hours of sleep in real life so I basically missed out on a single day in the game.
Vilenne seemed to know about the adventurers’ logging out and didn’t really mind, guess the game developers have really taken care of every detail.

After 72 hours in Loiterous I had a blue interface appear before me.
Weird, I thought I turned them off… huh? It’s a system message?

[System message]
Your special effect “Newbie protection” has expired.
You can check the duration of the rest of your effects by thinking or saying “Character status”

‘You can really do that?’

‘Character status’

Superior water affinity (passive)

Wow it’s really there, I better remember this, seems convenient.

Icicle: Master it seems I need to eat and drink now just like you. Will we take a break to procure some food?

Vilenne: A break? Don’t joke around. I’ll take care of the food and water. Don’t stand around, RUN!

8th day of training

After a week of running marathons through the mountains and getting petted with a wooden sword Vilenne decided to add something else to the current “training regime”.

‘Great, more work.’

Vilenne: Your body seems strong enough now. Come with me.

Normally, I would ask where and what for, but after getting beat up day after day I learned not to provoke my master if there is no need… at least until I become strong enough to defend myself.

Vilenne: We’re here.

I looked around and what I saw astonished me.
I was running through these mountains for a long time seeing all kinds of trees and plants, but this… this exceeds my imagination.
It’s a waterfall!
These mountains were beautiful, but it never crossed my mind.
Sure, they were beautiful, but when you’re forced to run through the steep slopes back and forth all you’re seeing is the hurdle you need to overcome.
It was the first time I could really enjoy the view.

With the serene atmosphere surrounding the waterfall I could only imagine the size of the stream that made it that way.
Near the waterfall there were protruding rocks glistening in the setting sun.
All around me I could see beautiful trees, mostly pines and some that were unknown to me giving off a fresh scent.
With my nostrils opened I inhaled the fresh air and immediately felt invigorated.
With the setting sun this place looked absolutely beautiful, I marked it as my dating spot.
Feeling refreshed and spirited I became careless, and didn’t think through what escaped my lips…

Icicle: Are you asking me out on a date here, Master?

With a sense of foreboding I narrowly dodged the the fist aimed at my head.

Vilenne: Oh, you seem full of energy. Should I make you run some more?

Icicle: I’m sorry, please don’t, Master.

Vilenne: Take your clothes off.

‘So she’s really asking me out… no let’s make sure first.’

Icicle: Are we going to bath, Master?

Vilenne: Bath? Hahahaha, you’re amusing, Icicle. Get your ass in there and sit under the waterfall.
You’re going to meditate, it will relieve the pain and increase your water affinity at the same time, so focus on the task at hand, you brat.

‘She seems mad about that suggestion… maybe it was too early to ask. At least I didn’t get hit…’

Sitting under the waterfall I felt my body almost freezing.
Although the water was really cold I willed myself to endure it.
After a while I could feel something unknown entering me.. no it wasn’t a tentacle… it was as if the water particles relieved my pain.

Icicle: Master what is this feeling I’m getting?

Vilenne: Stop babbling and focus on it, you need to be able to discern it.

As such my training for the next week continued.

3rd week of training.

*bang* *bang* *bang* *thud*

Icicle: *huff* Let me have *huff* a break, Master *huff*.

Vilenne: What has it been 5 hours? How are you expecting to please a woman in bed with that endurance… what a wimp, hmph.

‘That was a hit below the belt…’

With renewed vigor we sparred for the next 5 hours.

At the end I wasn’t able to even land a hit on Vilenne…

Vilenne: Seems you have improved quite a lot, boy. Now go and meditate under the waterfall.

Icicle: Yes Master.

4th week of training

Aside from running and sparring I was forced to do push ups with master on top.
Normally, I wouldn’t last that long, but the feeling of her bottom made me unexpectedly energized…
The sit-ups were a torture… I had to endure my Master’s “petting” while making sure to keep the pace up.
Squats weren’t an easy thing either, every time I didn’t do it right I had my master caress my back… with her sword.
Thank god that sword was wooden.

After all of that came sparring and then the waterfall training.

At the end of the fourth week I was forced to spar with master with my eyes closed.
It hurt being hit all over but after a while I got the gist of it.
Hearing the vibration in the air, I ducked then my body seemed to anticipate some attacks so I made sure to dodge all I could.

Vilenne: It’s time for the real test, boy.

Icicle: Do you mean the training is over?

Vilenne: Hahaha, you wish. It’s just to see if you’re qualified for the next stage.
Do you see that bear over there? You have to defeat him with your eyes closed.
What are you looking so scared for? I’m not telling you to fight barefisted.
Here, take that wooden sword.

Icicle: Are you trying to get me killed, Master?

Vilenne: You can either face the bear or me, choose carefully.

Icicle: I’ll defeat it in a jiffy.

I’m sure Vilenne is being lax with me, if she weren’r restricting her moves I would probably die in a few hits…

[Mountain Bear] [Lvl 10*]
Species: [Monster] [Bear]
Attack: 120
Defense: 80
Health: 10000
Skills: ???

Description: Mountain bears are the rulers of the mountain area. With their resilient black fur and strong paw attacks they can deal severe damage to the unaware travellers.
‘I can see its stats… weird’

Mountain Bear my ass, this creature looks like a humongous black bear. It’s 3 meters long and around 5m tall if it stands on it’s paws.
Oh great, it has sharp teeth too.
Please at least don’t be agile…

Vilenne: What are you doing staring at it like it’s your lover. Close your eyes and slay it. If you can’t even do that I’ll triple your training starting tomorrow.

Icicle: Mercy, Master. I don’t want to die at such a young age…

Vilenne: …

Ok it’s time to get serious. If I can defeat this bear then that whelp I fought won’t stand a chance!

I started swinging my sword, but as my eyes were closed I didn’t know how much damage did I actually do.


‘Oh god, it’s mad…’

Sensing the incoming swipe from the left I managed to dodge one of it’s paws.


That hurt, it seemed that when I ducked to dodge the incoming right paw, the bear rammed me with his body!

Vilenne: What are you doing, laying around, this bear won’t wait it’s going to kill you.
Heighten your senses, remember your training under the waterfall. Use the mana to strenghten your limbs.

‘Use the mana? So that feeling was mana after all…’

Alright, let’s try this.
I focused my mind on distributing the mana to my body parts equally, imagining my body being a receptacle for mana.
*bzzt* *bzzt*
What is this feeling, it feels like something is electrocuting my body, but it doesn’t hurt… is it what they call magic enhancement?
I wanted to look at it, I wanted to see my new “form”.

Vilenne: If you open your eyes I’ll quadruple your training. Stop dodging like an idiot and try to actually dispatch this bear.

‘Master, you’re so harsh…*sniffle*’

I don’t know for how long I’ve been dodging this bears attacks but the mana flowing through my veins right now makes me feel like I actually stand a chance.
What am I even doing, fearing some kind of a bear… how can I make money off this game if I’m such a coward.

Steeling my resolve I leaped forward.

*bang bang*

*huff* *huff* This bear is really tough.
I slashed at least 100 times and it’s still alive…

Vilenne: Stop gasping for air, use water magic to relieve some of the exhaustion.

Icicle: You didn’t teach me how to do it yet!

Vilenne: Oh right, I forgot.

Icicle: …

This might actually be a good idea.
During the waterfall training I felt something getting absorbed to my body and the feeling was so familiar…
I’ve got nothing to lose, let’s try it.

Remember that feeling, now using my mana to control it…
Oh it’s taking shape!
Now to move it to my sword.
Huh? Why can I see my sword so clearly?
It looks like it’s glowing right in front of me, but my eyes are closed…
Is this the way to actually sense things?
Virtual Reality is so awesome!

With my sword covered in water magic or at least so I thought, I began charging at the bear once again.
We were both tired, but none of us wanted to yield.
I felt as if this bear was truly a worthy opponent.
I felt a little pity killing it, but that’s the way of the world, the strong devours the weak.

After 10 minutes of intense struggle the fight was finally over.
I think I fought this bear for at least 40 minutes!

Icicle: So, *huff* *gasp* how did I do, Master? *huff*

Vilenne: I didn’t think you were actually able to kill it. But to think you would use ice magic…

Icicle: What do you mean, ice magic?

Vilenne: The coating on your sword, it wasn’t water, boy. It was ice. This bear is known to have a very resilient fur that’s decreasing physical damage considerably.
With your not so developed physique you were actually doing about 30% of the normal damage.
You would lose that fight if not for that ice magic you coated your sword with.
I’ve got to say, you’re full of surprises, Icicle.

Icicle: So it was ice magic, huh. Guess I’m a little closer to becoming an Ice Mage then *grin*

Vilenne: Now, now don’t get so complacent.
Check if the bear dropped anything useful.

‘To think I’d forget the loot… this Virtual Reality is so exciting that I’m forgetting myself. Well, it’s not such a bad thing.’

Let’s see what we’ve got here.

[Enchanted Sturdy Leather Boots]
Defense: 15
Special effect: Movement speed +5%
Level 10.
Strength 20
Agility 32

[Frost Orb] [???]
Requirements: ???

‘These boots are pretty good! That’s not important, I finally won’t be barefooted! Wait, can I even wear them?’

There’s some money too, whole 5 gold! I wonder if it’s much…
Now what is this blue ball… [Frost Orb]?
I can’t see it’s description, requirements and stats… weird.

Icicle: Master, do you know anything about orbs? Frost Orb in particular.

Vilenne: What?!

With hurried steps Vilenne approached me.

Vilenne: You’re one lucky son of a gun, Icicle. This orb is what my ancestors used to increase their ice magic damage.

Icicle: Do you mean they used it as a gem in the staff?

Vilenne: No silly, it revolves around you. You can wear it instead of a shield.

Icicle: But I can’t see it’s requirements, can you, Master?

Vilenne: Unfortunately I can’t either. I guess you need to become stronger to see that. Let’s check your progress. Show me your [Status].

‘[Status], share with master’

Name: Icicle
Health: 120/800 Mana: 2800/3000
Level: 10
Race: Human
Class: Water Mage Apprentice
Subclass: None
Alignment: Acquare, Vilenne
Strength: 65
Agility: 90
Dexterity: 55
Vitality: 80
Intelligence: 55
Wisdom: 60
Luck: 40

Observe: Intermediate lvl 2 45%
Sense presence: Intermediate lvl 1 22%
Mana manipulation: Beginner lvl 2 5%
Ice coating: Beginner lvl 1 55%
Water mastery: Intermediate lvl 1 2%
Ice mastery: Beginner lvl 1 15%

Lone Monster Slayer
Effects: All stats +25
+10% damage against monsters and magical beasts stronger than you.
Killing monsters weaker than you grants 50% less experience.
Hunting enemies that are at 10 least ten times stronger than you, you’ve impressed the gods. To reward your courage and battle prowess the gods decided to bestow this legendary title upon you.

Special effects:
Superior water affinity: All water related spells are 50% more effective/stronger.

‘When did I get this title and skills…?’

Vilenne: Hahahaha, you’re really exceeding my expectations boy! We’re gonna start training for real now,

‘Oh god here it comes again…’

Equipping my boots it seems more struggle awaits me…


18 thoughts on “Chapter 4 – Vilenne’s hellish training part 1

  1. when they level do stats get assigned automatically.. does he get stats from training. . also it says he got title because he killed something 10 times stronger but hes level 10 like the bear.. did he gain 10 levels from killing bear.. confused here


    • Icicle was lvl 1 when fighting the bear, from the experience he got from killing it he leveled up straight to 10. Stats were gained from training. Level doesn’t give you stats. There will be more shown soon.

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  2. Please tell me the stats are all added through hard work/training. If so then this is one hell of a game! Best kind! Its more realistic that way. Haha! So awesome, awesome! Thanks a lot!


  3. This training style doesn’t really make sense. Isn’t she the only water mage instructor in the village? How can she just randomly leave to focus on one player? What happens if someone else wants to be a water mage?


      • Isn’t Vilenne’s location randomly in the middle of the mountains? How would they know exactly where she is? How would they get there safely? Wasn’t there like a maze like tunnel or something?


        • That’s what Cindy and others are for. Every other Mage Teacher can inform you on Vilenne’s position. What’s more, it’s not like she was there for entire 2 months. Icicle took beaks, as it’s VR for him, not an actual world.


  4. Well I don’t think this is VR. The gears are probably devices to send players’ consciousness to another world. Don’t know what their body are made of though.


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