Chapter 8 – Preparations

[System message]
Due to your incredible feat, the word about you has spread.
People in the Starting Area will recognize you.

‘What’s that? The word about me has spread? Does this have anything to do with Charisma?’

Whatever, I’ll figure it out later. Time to get my reward from Vilenne.

Vilenne: I need to prepare your gift. Come to my room in 3 hours, Cindy’ll take you there.

Guess I’ll have to wait.
I need to earn money for the future supplies, otherwise Acquare won’t give me the quest…
Maybe Cindy has something for me.

Icicle: Are there any missions I could take on, Cindy?

Cindy: Depends. What kind of a mission do you have in mind?

Icicle: Monster extermination or anything of the sort, I need combat experience.

Cindy: What level are you?

Icicle: 15.

Cindy: Then there’s only one place.

Icicle: And that is?

Cindy: [Desolated Catacombs]. The dungeon in the north.

Icicle: The dungeon, huh. That sounds really interesting. Do you know where can I buy cheap supplies?

Cindy: Don’t worry about that, since it’s a guild mission we’ll provide everything you need.

Icicle: I need supplies for at least 30 days though…

Cindy: That’s not a problem, we’re rich after all.

‘Oh right, I completely forgot…’

Icicle: How long will it take to get it all ready?

Cindy: Hmm.. around 2 hours, 3 hours tops.

Icicle: Okay then, I’ll come back in 3 hours.

Having nothing to do for 3 hours, I decided to check artisan district.

I went to the blacksmith first.
I was astonished when I saw how big his armory was compared to his workshop.
With the bellows roaring in the background, I could hear the whistle of the air being supplied to the furnace.
Coming closer, I could feel the blazing heat coming off from the furnaces.
Seeing a black-haired blacksmith with unkempt hair, clearly unshaven  I felt like I was playing some kind of a game situated in the medieval period.

Blacksmith: Are you buyin’ or just perusin’, m’ lord?

‘Milord? Is this the effect of this word being spread?’

Icicle: Just perusing.

Blacksmith: Lemme know if ya wanna pick somethin’, m’lord
Checking all the available goods I concluded that beginner equipment costs around 1g for a piece.

Some kind of fumes were entering my nostrils, so I assumed I’m near the Apothecary.
After checking the prices of minor health and mana potions that were respectively 75s and 50s, I left for the next stop at my destination, the general goods merchant.

Looking at the goods the merchant in front of me was selling, I used the Notepad function that the VR headset provided for the first time.
Writing down some of the supplies’ prices I thought of buying the map of the dungeon.

Icicle: Excuse me, do you have the map of the [Desolated Catacombs]?

Merchant: Actually, I do. The price is 3g m’lord.

‘That’s so expensive, well, not like I have a choice…’

Icicle: Very well.

Handing the merchant 3 gold coins his hand reluctantly left the map, as if I was ripping him off.

I wasn’t interested in cooking, tailoring and fishing, so my last stop was the Enchanter’s shop.

Enchanter: Welcome, I can enchant your equipment if you’ve got time and the hard coin.

Icicle: What’s the cost of your services?

Enchanter: That depends on the kind of enchantment and the equipment’s grading, milord.

Icicle: Can you permamently enchant pieces of equipment?

Enchantment: It can be done, but the price ifor such a service is enormous, milord.

Icicle: Let’s say I would like to permamently enchant Artifact level equipment. What would the cost be?

Enchanter: Depending on a kind of equipment, from 2500g to 5000g a piece.

With my eyes changed to $, all I could see was a boundless sea of money right in front of me.

Icicle: I see. I would like to become an Enchanter.

Enchanter: That will cost you 5g, milord.

‘This is such a ripoff… I’ve lost all my savings already *sigh* ‘

Icicle: Here you go.

Enchanter: Very well. Now listen closely…

After one and a half hour I learned the secrets of Enchanting.

Checking the time, there were 30 minutes left. I decided to take care of the unfinished business.

Entering the fields through the North Gate I was delighted to see my archenemy, [Wild Dog].

Baring its teeth at me this dog looked just like I remembered.
Around a 1m long, with its tail standing straight and fangs bared.

I’m done with this shit, I’ll show these [Wild Dogs] no mercy.

‘[Ice Storm]’

As the aura around me grew, the temperature in the vicinity dropped significantly.
I’ve marked all the [Wild Dogs] in the area, even the ones already engaged by other players.
Letting out my raging emotions I shouted as loud as I could.


Flurry of ice shards pierced the wild dogs, killing them instantly.
Some that somehow managed to survive the onslaught were left severely wounded and bled out to death.
Feeling satisfied, I ignored the attention I’ve gathered, both from the players and NPCs and headed straight to the Mage Guild.

Cindy: You’ve made it on time.

Icicle: Is everything ready?

Cindy: Of course it is, here you go.

Cindy handed me 2 bags.

[Enchanted storage bag] [Consumable]
Keeps the food from spoiling for 45 days.
Auto-destroys after the time limit.

[Enchanted mage backpack]
Allows you to carry 1000kg of items without hindering your movements.

Icicle: I don’t know what to say, thank you Cindy.

Cindy: Don’t make such a big deal out of it. After that little arena showdown you’ve earned it.

Icicle: I need to visit Vilenne, can you show me where her room is?

Cindy: *giggle* Sure, follow me.

Reaching the supposed room, Cindy said her goodbyes and went on her way.
I decided to knock before entering.

Vilenne: Come in.

Wow this room looks so girly, I didn’t expect that.
These teddybears on the bedside table look so cute.
To think Vilenne would have pink curtains…

Vilenne shoved something that looked like a blade right at my stomach
‘What was that for?”

Icicle: *cough* that hurt. You know that I cannot use non-artifact equipment right?

Vilenne: Are you saying that you won’t accept a gift from me?

Icicle: Of course I will! Wait, that sword is an artifact!

Vilenne: Who do you take your Master for? This sword belonged to my family’s ancestors, Ice Mages, we, Frostshields, have been keeping it as a memento, but none of us could draw out its true potential. Maybe you’ll have better luck with it.

Icicle: Thank you Vilenne. I know it might be a bit much, but can I ask you for one more thing?

Vilenne: Sure, what is it?

Icicle: It’s embarassing, can you lean a little closer?

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I’m going to leave her for at least a month.
As she leaned closer, I saw her full lips and ample breasts, with just that my mind went blank.
Overwhelmed by desire, I pulled Vilenne closer and kissed her passionately.
Regaining my bearings, I saw Vilenne shaking.

Vilenne: T-That was my f-first k-kiss. Who gave you permission to take it?!

‘She’s so cute when she’s flustered like that,’

Icicle: Sorry Master, I just had to give it a try.

That was just an excuse, but it worked especially well.

Vilenne: You’re sorry? You will be sorry after I’m done with you!

Woah, woah, woah.
Aren’t you swinging that sword a little too hard?
I dodged every slash, sometimes I had to rely on [Gliding step] but it all worked out.

Descending from the 2nd floor, people got out of my way, as they saw enraged Vilenne.

*bang* *bang* *chink*

As our little bout continued, we flashed through the reception room.

All the students gathered as well as Cindy had confused look on their faces, but instead of helping me out, they all just stared at our exchange of blows.

Our fight continued on the crowded street of Vilen Town, all the passersby moved to the sides.

Seeing Vilenne making an overhead swing, I saw an opening.
Blocking her swing, I pushed her sword to the side and decided to get a goodbye kiss.
With my right hand at her waist I brought her closer once again, and gave a deep, passionate kiss.
Seeing her stunned look, I whispered into her ear.
“That was my first too”

The entire crowd, including the mages, was stunned, but I didn’t have the luxury to mind them. As Vilenne didn’t seem to regain her senses, I left with a hurried steps.


9 thoughts on “Chapter 8 – Preparations

  1. wonder how the enchanting is gonna work.. it wont be his main so highest it can go is advanced.. will he be able to do enchants on artifact tier gear.. since the cost is so high depending on tier of equipment. . im guessing he cant put low level enchants on artifact


  2. The story is making me wonder, is this really VR? its like he is gone to an alternate dimension than a game. Thank you buddy for the translation, a very enjoyable read so far.


    • I’m not translating this, I’ actually the author 😛
      As for the VR thing, honestly I’m more of a one-side of life guy.
      Not mixing VR and real life, that type of thing. However, this is not the story about me, and real life is obscured on purpose.
      There will be a lot of real life interactions later on in the story, it’s all I can say.
      For now, it will be mainly focused on VR (you may think of it as reading a diary).


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