Chapter 14 – Heirloom

Icicle: *So what am I supposed to do here Eshel?*

Eshel: *Go and greet the boss.*

Icicle: *Oh, okay… wait, what?*

Eshel: *Just go and say hello.*

Walking towards the boss, I couldn’t see it that way.
It was a lovely, white furred creature.
Oval shaped, with cute furry animal ears.
If I were to call it, it would probably be a mini-yeti.
Well, if not for the fact that it looked more like a furball.
I couldn’t see much more as I was facing its behind.

When I reached this adorable creature, I couldn’t help but stare at it, as if it was some kind of a teddy bear.

‘Vilenne’s room affected me too much…’

Seeing this white lump of adorableness sleeping, I just couldn’t help myself.
I took it in my arms and stroked its head.

When it awoke, it hasn’t reacted the way I thought it will…

Faceplanting harder than ever before, I felt enormous pressure squashing me.

‘Even Vilenne’s fist didn’t hurt so bad…’

???: Hmph.

Seeing the bright yellow eyes, that were glaring at me menacingly, I knew that this is not the time to be joking around.
I remembered the time when Vilenne insulted my masculinity. It was then, that I broke out of the status effect.
Hearing that adorable creature mocking me only infuriated me further.

I used my advanced [Mana manipulation] to strenghten my body, this time using all the mana I had.
It wasn’t easy, but I could at least stand up.

???: You can only stand up with this miniscule pressure? Pathetic.

Hearing this girly voice, I snapped. Nothing hurts man’s pride more than being insulted by a woman.

I felt the mana leaving my body, starting to revolve around it.
Getting quite relaxed compared to just a moment ago,I looked around me.
What I saw was quite shocking.
This wasn’t a normal mana. It was as if snow particles were revolving around me.
The pressure around me seemed to gradually lessen.

I extended my hand towards that white furball and hugged her.
As if on cue, the pressure around me increased, at least hundredfold.
I used water prison on myself, water around me instantly froze and added to the snow and ice particles, still swirling around me.

Icicle: You’re really cute when you’re angry, you know?

Seeing the glow in her eyes intensify, I felt really proud. To think my taunting would work so well.
The pressure, that was put on me, was becoming unbearable.
To think that even with my new title [Fearless combatant] I could barely stand…
Fearless combatant increased every intimidation and pressure effect by 50%, while decreasing 50% of the enemy’s pressure and intimidation.
Luckily, Eshel stepped in.

Eshel: Icicle, Ice Guardian, enough of your flirt. Cease fightning.

Icicle: Wait, you could talk?

Eshel: What do you mean? Of course I could.

Icicle: Then why didn’t you, back then…

Eshel: To mess with you of course.

Icicle: …

Ice Guardian: So you’re still kicking, huh, Eshel?

Eshel: Good to see you too.

Ice Guardian: What’s the purpose of this “visit”? Have you finally remembered, after 10000 years, that someone like me actually exists?

Eshel: I was asleep for 10000 years as well. Ice Mages seemed to go extinct.

Ice Guardian: What? Are you saying that I was guarding this place for 10000 years for no reason at all?

Eshel: Well, there is one left…

Ice Guardian: Who is it?

‘She seems really frantic…’

Eshel: You had a little showdown with him, couldn’t you feel the ice aura revolving around him?

Ice Guardian: Huh? You mean this guy is an Ice Mage? He’s not even a 1st rank!

Eshel: I know how it sounds, but he’s actually an Ice Lord…

Ice Guardian: …

Why do they look at me like it’s something that unsual. I know I’m weak, but it’s not my fault!
I’ve been here for what? 9 weeks?
One OP enemy after the other shows up, and they call me weak… so unfair.

Eshel: We’re not here just to visit you though. I would like Icicle to enter the “vault”.

Ice Guardian: He doesn’t stand a chance against me, and you want him to have a go against that thing?

Eshel: And what do you care? If he dies, then he dies.

Ice Guardian: Do you even care about his welfare? Oh well, not like I care. He might enter.

I was looking at them confused, I mean, I didn’t really know what they were talking about.

Eshel: Stop daydreaming kid. Go through that transparent membrane to your north.

Icicle: What for?

Eshel: What do you mean what for? Didn’t you want to get a familiar? Hurry up.

So it’s like that. Eshel wanted me to get a familiar. Something, doesn’t seem right.
That little furball was saying that I have no chance against her, so having a go at the being inside that “vault” was a lost cause.
Is Eshel framing me? Well, not like I can complain, if I die, I’ll just respawn.
Still, I need to be cautious.

Walking through the membrane that seemed to be made of the same particles as my newly acquired skill [Frost barrier], I saw a 100m2  hall.
It was empty, if not for the thing that lied curled up in the opposite end of the room.
Sensing my presence, a 3m tall figure stood before me.

???: How did you enter, human?

Seeing this snake lady, or at least I thought she was some kind of a snake… maybe a lamia? No, lamia doesn’t have 6 hands… Anyways, seeing her stand up and tower over me at 3m tall, I was pretty… disturbed.
This female being had 6 arms, each holding a sword.
Her green curly hair reached her shoulders, and blue reptilian eyes glared ominously.
With creamy complexion, huge breasts and violet snake tail, that had some symbols, resembling circles with dots inside them, it seemed glamorous.

‘Who’d want to imprison such a beautiful creature?’

Scales formed some kind of armor on this creature’s body, covering the nether region and her breasts, plus adding some much needed armor to the naked body.
Exuding elegance, this creature looked both beautiful and powerful.

I had no desire to die, so I immediately activated [Frost barrier] and used [Mana manipulation] to strenghten my body, in case fight breaks out.
Trying to sound as calmly as I could, I moved forward at a slow pace.

Icicle: Hello there, I’m Icicle. How I entered you ask… well, I don’t know. It might have something to do with me being an Ice Mage.

???: Another one of your despicable kind. First your kind imprisoned me here for ten thousands years, now you’ve come. What could you possibly want?

Icicle: I don’t know what they did to you, but I’ve come for a very simple reason. I’m looking for a familiar, and I was wondering if you’d like to become mine?

???: Hahahahahaha, become your familiar? So you want me to trade one prison for another, but this time with additional enslavement? You’re one funny kid.

I can’t really refute that…

Icicle: You’re right, that didn’t sound right. I should ask you for your name and race first.

???: You don’t even know what I am? Are you really an Ice Mage, kiddo?

Icicle: *sigh* You see, Ice Mages went missing, probably extinct, around 10000 years ago. I don’t know how long you’re trapped here for, but I thought it would be better if you were to come and travel through the world with me, rather than staying locked up in this hidden chamber.

???: You’re saying that your race went extinct 10000 years ago. How can it be that you’re still kicking then?

Icicle: Why don’t you at least tell me your name and race first. Then I can tell you why.

???: *sigh* Fine. My name’s ###### ########, I’m from an ancient race called Nagas.

Icicle: Could you tell me your name in my tongue please, I don’t know the one ancients used.

???: You’re really a newbie. My name is Siryja Ferngard, of the Naga race. Do you understand now?

Icicle: Yes, thank you. So Siryja, I’ve become an Ice Mage around 5 weeks ago, so I’m still new to this stuff. That’s why I would like to free you. If you want to becomy my familiar, that is.

Siryja: What a cheeky kid. You’re basically freeing me on a condition.

Icicle: I need someone strong to accompany me. You can’t conquer the world alone, after all.

Siryja: Conquer the world? Hahahahaha. Even your ancestors weren’t so stupid.
… wait, you’re serious?

Icicle: Why not? Someone has to rule, might as well be me.

Siryja: That’s the worst resolve I’ve ever heard, kid.

Icicle: So, are you in or not? I don’t have much time to waste, and I can’t really free you to wreak havoc in the Starting Area either.

Siryja: What’s this Starting Area you’re talking about?

Icicle: Right, you were trapped here for who knows how long. I’m not from your world. I’m what you call adventurer or foreigner, sometimes you call me the hero, and the other time the bane of doom. Many adventurers like me came to this world, around 9 weeks ago, it’s destined to undergo a change. The place we came to, is the small area around this chamber, probably not even a fraction of this whole world. I don’t know much about this world, so I can’t tell, but it’s just an average town with few villages around.

Siryja: So that’s why no one has come to free me. I was imprisoned in some kind of a backwater town. Hmph, cheeky bastards, Making this kind of a barrier in the corner of the world… hmph.

Well, she’s definitely not happy…

Icicle: Now that I’ve told you what I know, it’s time for your decision.

Siryja: Hmph, why shouldn’t I just kill you, right here and now? You don’t seem strong, and you said it yourself, you’re an Ice Mage for like 5 weeks.

Icicle: That’s pretty simple. Even if you were to kill me, I’ll simply revive. I’m not from this world after all.

Siryja: I can always turn you into stone.

Icicle: Isn’t this what Medusas do?

Siryja: Hmph, do you think Nagas are so weak? We’ve learned lots of tricks during our lifetime. One of them was Medusa’s petrification.

Icicle: So you can trap me here with you, that’s pretty persuading argument. Let’s see…how about I enclose you in ice?

Siryja: Hmph, like an upstart like you could do that.

Hearing this insult, I remembered what Manik said after the fight with elite monster and what he did in Eurasia.
To think such a scrub did it to me.
I felt rage growing inside me, to the point that I could no longer contain it.

Icicle: Want to have a go?

What came out from my mouth was a deep growl, one I didn’t know I was capable of.
If someone said something like that to me, in that kind of voice I would have probably shat my pants.

My mana was fluctuating wildly in the entire room, lowering the temperature and creating eerie atmosphere.
Saying that I was exuding a killing intent would be an understatement.
It was basically oozing out of me.
My face was fierce and savage.
Siryja’s expression changed. She looked astonished.

Siryja: You… what’s your rank?

Icicle: Ice Lord.

Siryja: Such a young kid, already being an Ice Lord… what has this world come to. Fine, I’ll become your familiar.

I felt my mana stabilizing, my expression changed from fierce to an overjoyed one.

Icicle: Hey Eshel, how do I get Siryja to become my familiar?

Eshel: You’re really stupid, kid. Can’t even receive your heirloom properly.

Siryja: Who’s talking right now?

Icicle: It’s Eshel, my sword.

Siryja: What do you mean, your sword? Swords don’t talk!

Eshel: What a rude naga. An ancient being that doesn’t know any manners, tsk tsk.

I saw a killing intent in Siryja’s eyes, here we go again…

Icicle: Enough, Eshel. Just tell me what to do.

Eshel: Hmph. That depends on what kind of contract do you want to enter.

Icicle: I don’t know what’s available. Explain.

Eshel: There are 3 kind of contracts.
First is just a submission, you beat your opponent till it submits, thus becoming your “slave” for life.
The second one, is where due to some circumstances, or simple beating like in the first one, you make a contract with the being for a certain amount of time.
The last one is the contract you sign with your blood, that’s making you and your equal similar to a family. It makes you feel like you’ve known each other for ages, and allows you to speak telepathically no matter the distance.
With the other two contracts it’s restricted, based on level, abilities of the user, level and grade of the familiar and so on and so forth.

Icicle: This blood contract sounds too good to be true. What’s the downside?

Eshel: You’re clever, kid. The downside is that once your familiar dies, so do you.

Icicle: Do you think it applies to the adventurers like me?

Eshel: I don’t know. It has never happened before, after all. That’s why, it’s your call what kind of contract do you want to get yourself into.

Icicle: It’s not like I would like to lose Siryja anyways. Blood contract it is.

I saw Siryja looking at me funny.

Icicle: Is something wrong?

Siryja: No, it’s just, you don’t enter such a contract unless you’re really sure about the kind of companion you want.

Eshel: Exactly kid. You could get the strongest ice related companion ever to be your…

Icicle: Enough Eshel. I want Siryja to be that companion.  I won’t change my mind.

Eshel: *sigh* You’re really stubborn. Use your [Mana manipulation] to create a sheet of paper. Imagine that it has written the following:
“I, Icicle, enter the blood contract for life with Siryja Ferngard of the Naga race. I’m doing it willfully, without any kind of coercion.”
When you’re done, both of you need to drop some of your blood on it.

After doing as Eshel told me, we’ve dropped some of our blood on the contract.
Message appeared before me right after.

[You’ve entered the blood contract with Siryja Ferngard.
Please choose the name for your familiar.]

Icicle: “Sixxy”

[Is “Sixxy” correct?]

I pressed yes.

Congratulations, you’ve acquired a new companion: Sixxy.
Treat it well.

Only after Siryja moved closer to me, I saw some symbols on the wall, where she previously lay.

Icicle: Eshel what do these symbols mean?

Eshel: It says: “Beware of the being sealed down here. It is devious and powerful. Powerful enough to destroy the whole continent.”

Icicle: Hahahha, come on Eshel, Sixxy isn’t that scary.

Sixxy: You haven’t seen me mad yet.

Icicle: Guess I would rather not then. Or at least not at me…

Sixxy: ….

Icicle: Okay let’s leave this place.

Moving out of the vault, I saw white furball waiting in front of the entrance.
Seeing its cuteness once again I hugged her, completely forgetting about the pressure.

Eshel: What are you doing kid? Let her down and let’s get out of here.

Icicle: Like I could leave her here. I’m gonna keep her.

Eshel: You’re gonna get an Ice Guardian as your companion? That’s hilarious.

Ice Guardian: Who told you I want to become your companion, huh kid?

Icicle: I’m not gonna leave you here to rot. If you want to do something about it you can always try me.

Ice Guardian: Hmph, cheeky kid.

I felt the pressure increasing once again, but oh well. At least she didn’t complain.

Icicle: So what’s your name? Or do you want me to call you furball?

Ice Guardian: Hmph. My name’s Nyuva, you shameless youngster.

Icicle: Well then, Nyu. Nice to meet you.

After shortening her name like that, I felt the pressure increasing once more.
These upcoming days are gonna be rough…

Moving towards the exit, I decided to visit my favorite master…

Author’s note: Next chapter will shed some light on the previous fight, skills, and the status of Icicle and his new companions/familiars.


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  1. So he has two ancient powerful creatures as companions and a legendary talking sword as his weapon and also is a fabled ice lord. Sounds like a good start. Also no typos I can spot this time.


  2. So what’s the difference between a familiar and a companion or is there a difference at all? Also how many companions can a player have?


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