Chapter 23 – Rigged [+18]

Making my way through the tournament, there were only 16 participants left.
I don’t know why some of them simply forfeited, maybe they didn’t want to face me, or just something else.
Either way, I was close to recovering Vanessa’s daughter.

Instead of making all of us fight at once, this time, when there was only 16 of us left, organizers decided that we will be fighting 1 vs 1 battles.
As participants, we definitely didn’t need the whole arena, but oh well, I guess this way is a lot more entertaining for the spectators.

My next opponent seemed like a an experienced swordsman.
His armor was all shiny, but it wasn’t a metal I could recognize.

‘Finally someone decent.’

Was what crossed my mind. These last skirmishes didn’t require much effort after all.

‘Maybe I’m just too op…’

I guess you can’t always hope to challenge everyone and have fun.
Still, it’s better to be strong than weak…

Tournament’s official: Only 16 participants left! Every single one of them has earned the right to participate in the Advanced Level Tournament, that will be hosted in exactly one month, in the Raren City! If someone catches your interest, be sure to watch him there! One more thing! There has been a change of rules. Apart from the previously stated rules, we’re making this competition based solely on strength! In other words, from here on out, magic is banned! To compensate the mages, everyone can now use their familiars and companions to aid them in battle! I hope you’ve come prepared! That’s all. Enjoy the rest of the tournament.

‘Hmph, these rules are placed to drive me into a corner. This damn princess really wants to eliminate me.’

Like hell I’ll give you this satisfaction. It’s a good thing that I didn’t draw my sword during the tournament.
Hahaha, I can’t wait to see your surprised face when you’re done for!

I heard boos coming from the crowd, I guess they must have taken a liking to me.

‘Or bet their money on me…’

Looking at my opponent, he bowed curtly.

Haxus: It’s an honor to fight you, lord. My name is Haxus. Let’s have a good match.

Icicle: Yeah… let’s have a good one,

‘To think he would dare to show such a vicious smile openly. You damn brat, I’ll make sure you won’t underestimate me ever again.’

Taking a glance at the balcony, I saw Saress. She had the same vicious smile this Haxus guy had just now.
Feeling my rage increasing, I stepped into the arena.

Commentator: Here comes the crowd’s favorite, Icicle Whitesnow! His opponent is none other than renowned swordsman, Haxus! How will Icicle fare with the new rules put in place?! Let’s find out!

Tournament’s official: Ready? Fight!

Haxus immediately summoned his companion.

Commentator: Look at that! It’s the One-Eyed Black Bear! Rank 7 Magical beast! Who would’ve thought that we’ll see such a powerful companion in this stage of the tournament!

Haxus: Hahaha, let’s see what you can do to me now, pitiful mage!

‘As I thought, he was only pretending to be courteous.’

My pride took a hit now.

‘Pitiful mage?’

I’ll show you goddamn brat, that I’m no mage, I’m a battle mage!

That goddamn 3m long bear before me, Haxus’s companion, dared to mock me too.

One-Eyed Black Bear: You summoned me just to squash this insect? I could do that in my sleep!

Hearing gasps from the crowd, some went even as far as making pitiful moans, probably thinking that their money is lost.

Now I was furious. An overgrown, one-eyed black bear, dared to call me an insect!

Icicle: Show yourself, SIXXY.

Sixxy: Hahahah, finally someone worth fightning. Let’s have some fun, kiddo.

Icicle: Fun? You’re calling this having fun? I WANT THIS FUCKING BEAR DEAD!

Sixxy: Hahahaha, now that’s what I call an interesting order! I’ll gladly obey it.

Seeing Sixxy lick the corners of her mouth with her snake tongue, as if she was looking at a large piece of grilled meat, I felt great, knowing that I have such a reliable companion.
I made sure not to activate [Realm of frost], it would be too disastrous.

People on the stands were completely silent.
After a few seconds, I heard some whispers.

“What is this monster? Is it a magical beast?”

“It has 6 hands, I’ve never heard of one like that!”

Commentator: N-Naga Queen! Elite boss ranked magical beast, Naga Queen, has showed herself up as Icicle Whitesnow’s familiar! This is absolutely unheard of! Even Master Level Tournaments can’t hope to see such a show!

“E-Elite boss ranked companion? Jesus, this guy is too incredible.”

“My money is safe! I’m so sorry for ever doubting you, lord Icicle!”

As the crowd once again entered ecstatic state, I was planning what to do with that “pitiful” swordsman.
However, I have to deal with the bear first.

Icicle: *Sixxy, while you are killing that annoying bear, make sure not to poison him. We’ll eat him tonight.*

Sixxy: *Don’t worry kid, I’ll be careful. Make sure he’s tender and crispy.*

Icicle: *That’s what I wanted to hear. Go.*

Looking at the astonished face of Haxus, I was sure that my face looked like that of a total sadist.
I wanted to cut him up so badly…

‘This is just a game, so it’s okay.’

At least that’s what I was trying to force myself to believe in.

Walking towards Haxus, I unsheathed Eshel.
With the look of a total psychopath, I dashed towards him.



‘I guess Sixxy’s getting serious. Poor bear…’

Poor bear, yeah right. I hope he dies in the worst way possible. Condescending prick.
I had my part to play though.

Hacking and slashing at Haxus, he was dropping to the 30% health range.
Seeing the relieve on his face, as if he was saying “It’s finally over.” made me want to torture him even more.

I cast [Purified water] on him, and started hacking and slashing once again.
The pain he felt was making me indulge in that behaviour even further.
I wanted to enjoy it to the fullest, but Eshel’s 10% chance passive froze him, instantly eliminating him.
Fuck! Well, maybe it’s for the better, I’ve calmed down a little because of it.

Checking up on Sixxy, she seemed to be done.
I don’t know for how long she was watching me, but she had a scared look on her face.

Sixxy: I guess I shouldn’t piss you off anymore, kiddo.

Icicle: Yeah, pissing me off to this degree requires some… skill. You had better not cross that line.

Sixxy: I’ll remember that.

Now, how do I go about preparing that bear?
I have only few pieces of wood left from my training with Vilenne.
This won’t be enough.
Looking at the entrance to the arena, I saw 3 Fire Mages that I defeated in the first round.

Icicle: Hey guys, come over here, I need your help.

I told them to make a campfire.
Withdrawing one of the cauldrons from my bag, that previously had some delicious vegetable soup in it, I placed it over the fire.
Per Vilenne’s recipe, I made bear stew.

Icicle: If anyone wants a plate, come. It’s free.

Some of the participants came forward. Vanessa came from the stands, walking somewhat cautiously. There were some of the spectators that were bold enough to come down as well.

Icicle: No need to be so scared, Vanessa. Here you go, eat some.

Giving some of the bear stew to Nyu, she was happily eating.

Sixxy; Come on boy, I want to eat a grilled bear.

Icicle: Sorry guys, can you make one more campfire? I would like to make some bear skewers.

I didn’t know why they did it so hastily. I could wait a little…
Maybe it tasted so good that they wanted more…?
I guess that little showdown of mine might have something to do with it as well…

Preparing the meat, once again using Vilenne’s recipe, I made sure that it was tender and crispy, just how Sixxy wanted.
Giving her a huge piece of grilled bear meat, that would satisfy her hunger, I saw her chomping on it with bliss on her face.
Nyu and Vanessa were nibbling it slowly, but just like with Sixxy, you could tell that it is to their liking.

Sixxy: Thish ish really ghood kid.

Icicle: Don’t talk with your mouth full, Sixxy. I’m glad you enjoy it though.

Tournament’s official: I apologize for interrupting your celebrations, but could you move that someplace else? We need to conduct the rest of the tournament.

Icicle: I’m sorry, I got too caught up in the moment. Let’s wrap it up guys.

There was nothing left of this bear anyways, except his cut up black hide, that I put into my inventory.
Leaving with around 20 people, I was feeling refreshed.
Calling Sixxy off, I returned to the underground area.

The rest of the tournament was uneventful, players either forfeited before the fight, or surrendered right when I entered the arena.
*sigh* I was kind of dissapointed. I guess I hoped for more.
They said there will be the Advanced Level Tournament in Raren City, but that’s in a month.
I have no other choice but to wait.

Commentator: The winner of this grand Intermediary Level Tournament is none other than adventurer Icicle Whitesnow. Let’s reward him with some cheering!

Hearing the crowd’s applause, I have to admit, it felt good.

“Thanks man, I made so much bank thanks to you!”

“Me too, if you’re gonna fight in the Advanced Level Tournament I’ll make sure to bet on you!”

‘These guys, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.’

Tournament’s official: Here comes the grand prize of our tournament, a rare magical beast of 9th rank, Griffon!

‘Huh?! A Griffon? It’s cool to have a flying magical beast and all, but where the fuck is Vanessa’s daughter?!’

Feeling rigged, I looked towards the balcony.
Saress was having the time of her life.
Clutching her stomach from laughing, she was openly mocking me.

Taking my rewards, I headed towards the stands to comfort Vanessa.

Princess Saress’s POV

I was so happy when I saw Haxus summon the magical beast I provided him with.
This One-Eyed Black Bear was really strong.
There’s no way that a mage who doesn’t have a strong companion can fight against it.
Not mentioning these rules I told the organizers to enforce.

‘You’re done for, pest!’

I was laughing happily, when one of my attendants nudged me.
As I was about to scold him, I saw the creature beside Icicle.
Queen Naga, was happily brandishing her 6 swords around.
Feeling complete terror, I once again had to acknowledge this man’s status!

‘Damn you!’

When he was cutting up Haxus, I have to admit that I felt nauseous.
Then he even dared to heal him and continue his torture game.
I don’t know what made Haxus freeze, but he’s fortunate it ended with that.
That psychopath might have tortured him for who knows how long otherwise.

Remembering that no matter what happens, I was still victorious, I had a joyous grin plastered on my face.
When Icicle was rewarded with a Griffon, his face was priceless.
It didn’t take him long to realize what has transpired.

Despite some inconveniences, I left the coliseum in a triumphant mood.

Later that evening, one of my attendants told me that lord Icicle Whitesnow request a visit.
I was wondering what could he want, so I agreed.

Seeing him in my chambers, I was surprised at his behaviour.

Icicle: Thank you for agreeing to meet me at such a late time, princess Saress.

This guy was on one knee! Why is he acting so humble?! Did he finally realize how powerful I am?

Princess Saress: That’s not a problem. What’s the reason of your sudden visit?

Icicle: I’ve come to apologize for not taking your… request. It was stupid of me to reject such a lucrative offer from you, oh powerful princess.

Hahaha, he’s my lapdog now!

Princess Saress: So you’ve finally realized it. That’s okay, I accept your apology.

Icicle: There’s one more matter that I would like to discuss with you in private.

Princess Saress: Very well. You may leave.

I gestured my attendants to leave.

After they left, I was curious as to what he had to say. Don’t tell me he fell in love with me?!

How could I be so foolish. Seeing his vicious grin, it was already too late.
I was hit in the back of my head and lost consciousness.

Waking up, I saw a letter on my night table.

Opening it, I read as follows.

Dear princess Saress,

You might be wondering what has happened. For that, you should check your bed sheets.


Seeing my sheets stained with red and white near my nether region, I was fearing the worst.

‘He wouldn’t dare…’

You see, I don’t like being ridiculed. Getting cheated like that, I admit that your ploy has taken me by surprise.
To exact my revenge, I decided that I’ll leave you with a small gift that should appear in 9 months.
To be honest, I had my doubts. I mean, raping a girl who’s not even concious, that’s no fun at all.
Fightning my conscience, I realized that it made me hard.
You’re a beautiful red haired woman, you can’t blame me.
Those beautiful blue eyes of yours made me even harder.
After entering you, I thought that you’ll be as used as a street prostitute, but I was pleasantly surprised.
To think you were actually a virgin!
I thought that getting it off with you once will be enough, but after discovering that I’m your first, I can’t even count how many times I came inside you.
No wonder you have so many suitors, your figure is simply way too sexy.
Whether it’s your ample breast, or firm ass, I have to rate them both as 10/10.
I hope you enjoy this little present of mine. I had great fun dealing with you.

Until another time,

with love, your favorite XXX

P.S. It was kind of easy to find Vanessa’s daughter, don’t worry though, I’ll take good care of her.

Reading this, I felt complete helplessness, not only was I deprived of my virginity and forcibly raped, he even came inside me multiple times!
How am I even going to face my father now… What if he arranges a marriage for me!
And he even dared to steal the girl!!!

‘You motherfucker, I’ll have my revenge… just you wait, you’ll beg me to spare you!’

As I was having these thoughts, the door to my room opened.

Guard: Princess, one of your slaves has been kidnapped. We don’t know who was the kidnapper!

Dismissing the guard, I was so mad that I couldn’t sleep at all.
Imagining Icicle Whitesnow dying in a million ways, I felt my heart calming down, only to be filled with boundless rage once again.

Author’s note: Hope you enjoyed the read. For those that are complaining about the lack of details, I expect this story to last for at least 200 chapters. (unless I fuck something up) There will be many more characters, which will show more details on certain aspects, so have some patience.


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  1. Come now gents … most probably that’s just the blood from the grilled bear. I am pretty sure that our protag isn’t a rapist cuz that would be bad.

    But keeping up the joke for a few months till she realizes does sound hilarious.

    I imagine that she’ll be like a hypochondriac, only with pregnancy instead of a malady.

    Well lets just sit back and watch it unfold. XD


  2. This was so funny and I am surprised he had the guts to do that to a computer program and I bet the deities/workers and their boss took bets on what he would do to her…


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