Chapter 24 – Resound

Gaming related forum, after the tournament

user1: Hey guys, check this video out. It shows a player single-handedly winning the Intermediary Level Tournament in Minaeryth Kingdom. I stumbled upon that after seeing some ruckus in front of the coliseum. Thinking that it’s some kind of an event, I bought a ticket and stayed for the actual tourney. What surprised me is that after all the person in question did, he was called an “adventurer”, which as we all know means PLAYER. He had a freaking awesome elite boss ranked tier pet, I can’t even fathom how someone could get so strong so fast!

user2: If this isn’t fake, then he’s really op. Even the top players won’t stand a chance.

user3: He’s a noble?! Dear lord, what has he done to receive all of this.

user4: I better don’t get in his way, he’s a psychopath!

user5: The way he handled that Haxus guy… I’m speechless.

user6: Does he have a girlfriend? He doesn’t, right?!

user7: Wow, you’re really thirsty, girl.

Loiterous, Starting Area

Vanessa: Thanks for the ride. I really appreciate what you did for us, Icicle.

Icicle: It was my pleasure. Come Haruno, I’ll show you and your mother around.

After showing them this small town, I guided them to the Mage Guild, where they’ll stay for the time being,

Cindy: Welcome to the Mage Guild… Icicle? You brought companions this time!

Icicle: Hello Cindy. I would like these two to stay with you in the Mage Guild until I get a name for myself and establish some kind of a base.

Cindy: Is there any specific reason?

Icicle: I may have incurred wrath of some pretty powerful people.

Cindy: What did you do this time?

Icicle: Nothing much, just had some fun with the princess.

Cindy: If Vilenne heard that, you would be dead meat, you know that, right?

Icicle: Well, I had a reason. Anyways, can they stay? I gave them 500 gold coins, you won’t have to pay for them and these girls can cook and do all other housechores, so your workload will decrease.

Cindy: Of course they can. They are your friends, meaning that they’re mine friends. Wait a second, where are you going so soon? You have literally just come back!

Icicle: I need to tell Marcus to keep them safe.

Cindy: Sounds like you’re good friends with Marcus.

Icicle: You may call it that.

Leaving the Mage Guild, I headed towards the town hall.
It was getting late, I hope he didn’t go to bed yet.

Guard: Good evening lord Icicle, it’s a pleasure to have you in Vilen Town, how may we be of service?

Icicle: Could you tell Marcus that I’m here to visit him?

Guard: Ceirtanly lord. Why don’t you wait inside?

Icicle: Thank you.

It took only two minutes for Marcus Vilen to come out of his chambers to greet me.

‘That was fast, I thought I’ll have to wait for like half an hour.’

Marcus Vilen: Icicle, it’s always good to see you. What brings you here in this fine evening?

Icicle: I left two girls, called Vanessa and Haruno in the Mage Guild’s care. I hope they stay safe there. They’re a part of my house now, make sure no harm befalls them.

Marcus Vilen: I can keep them safe, sure, is there any reason though?

Icicle: I might’ve pissed off some important people. I’ll fix it in the nearby future, but I can’t really take of them now. I simply don’t want to put them in any unnecessary danger, They’ve been through hell already, I don’t want that to happen again. Not to them.

Marcus Vilen: Don’t worry, as I said, I’ll make sure nothing happens to them.

Icicle: Thanks for that, Marcus. I’ll contact you about that business deal I told you about, when I’m done with my mansion and other necessary preparations.

Marcus Vilen: Is there anything else?

Icicle: Give my best regards to Ivir, fufu.

Marcus Vilen: Poking the lion, huh? Sure, I’ll tell her.

Icicle: See you soon.

Marcus Vilen: Safe travels, Icicle.

Leaving the premises, I headed to the Mage Guild once again.

Icicle: So, how are your rooms?

Haruno: Thank you Icicle, they’re really comfortable!

I couldn’t help but ruffle Haruno’s hair.
She looked just like her mother, blue hair and green eyes, she was simply adorable.
No wonder that princess Saress wanted her, even if she didn’t have any special characteristics, many nobles would kill to have a slave like that.

Icicle: I guess this is our goodbye. At least for the time being. Take care.

Vanessa: Thanks once again for doing this for us. I know that it must have been hard getting Haruno out.

Icicle: Don’t worry about that. It’s all in the past. I’ll try to visit you if I have some time. One more thing. There’s another member of the house in the Mage Guild. She’s called Vilenne. If you need anything just ask her or Cindy.

Haruno: Who’s this Vilenne you’re talking about?

Icicle: My ex master, she’s a Water Mage. She will become one hell of a strong Ice Mage in the future.

Haruno: Can we meet her?

Icicle: Sure, come with me.

Walking towards my new blood familiar, Griffon, that I called Zetra, I made sure that the girls were sat safely.

Zetra: Where to this time, master?

Icicle: Mountains in the north west.

Zetra: Roger.

I have to admit, flying on a huge 3m Griffon like Zetra, who had 5m wingspan was really exhilarating.
Zetra was completely black. His talons were orange, but that’s about it.
Calling him an overgrown crow wouldn’t be too far-fetched.
I like him that way, but I’ll make sure he evolves anyways.
My familiar can’t be just a simple Griffon.
I’ll see to it that Zetra becomes one of the strongest flying Magical beasts!

Seeing Vilenne and her group practice near the waterfall, I told Zetra to land.
I just love these nosedives!

Landing safely, I saw shocked expression on both Vilenne and her students.

Vilenne: You have a Griffon now? Geez, kid, you’re outdoing yourself every time. Oh, who’s with you?

Icicle: Haruno, Vanessa, this is Vilenne, Vilenne, this is Haruno and Vanessa.

After exhanging their greetings, I was bombarded with questions.

Vilenne: So who are they?

Icicle: What do you mean? They are a part of our house of course.

Vilenne: And what are they doing here?

Icicle: I’m leaving them in your and Cindy’s care, before I establish a base. There are some people after them, so I want you to keep them safe.

Vilenne: Why can’t YOU keep them safe?

Icicle: I’m way too weak for an Ice Lord right now. I may have nobility, but I need power to back it up. Vanessa and Haruno cook really well, so stop trying to act so harsh and greet them properly. They’re part of your family now.

Vilenne: You somehow seem more mature. Come Haruno, Vanessa, let’s talk.

Icicle: I’ll leave you to it. Make sure they go back safe.

Vilenne: Yeah, yeah just go.

Icicle: Where’s my goodbye kiss?

Vilenne: You can get the stick.

Seeing Vilenne brandish her wooden sword menacingly, I remembered the training.

Icicle: Fine I’ll let it go. Ushia, you seem stronger, how’s Vilenne’s training?

Ushia: It’s good, master is really… harsh.

Icicle: Hahaha, don’t worry, her training will help you out in the future. Okay, I’m off. Goodbye girls.

Three in game days have passed since I placed the items in the auction house.
Let’s see if I made some cash.

I didn’t need Jio to assist me this time, I walked straight past him, and checked the back account balance.
All the items were sold for a round 500$.

‘Not bad, I could probably squeeze out a little more, but oh well. Can’t have everything.’

I wanted to sell the gold itself, but I needed it for my future plans. There’s no way I can become rich without spending some money first.

Icicle: Zetra, head straight to the Labyrinth.

Zetra: Why there?

Icicle: That’s where the minotaurs live, isn’t it? I may have Sixxy, you and Nyu, but we need someone to actually tank the damage.

Zetra: You want to tame a minotaur, master? I haven’t heard of anything like that happening in my lifetime!

Icicle: There’s always the first time.

Arriving near the supposed location, I saw no players, not even an NPC nearby.

‘That’s weird, there were a lot of players near the [Desolated Catacombs].’

Nothing I can do about it, calling Zetra off, he turned into a nice black eagle mark on my right forearm.
I entered through the portal that teleported me to the dungeon itself.

Welcome to the [Forsaken Labyrinth].
PvP restriction: off
Equipment level required: none
Owner: None
Taxes: None

There was no message about the monsters. Doesn’t look like this dungeon has any either.
Hmph. If I came here in vain I’ll be really pissed.

Walking through the maze, I spotted 5 man party.

Icicle: Hello there, did you spot any monsters?

Their leader spoke up with a weak voice.

Party leader: There’re no monsters, just endless traps. Is the exit near? We want to get the hell out of this shithole as soon as possible.

Icicle: Yeah, it’s that way.

Showing them the way I came from, I thanked them for the information.
I had to see it for myself though.
If they couldn’t meet a minotaur, guess I won’t as well.
What if I actually tried to lure him to me?

I took out the exquisitely made duck that had a really strong fragrance and put it in front of me.
I was in the square shaped room in the middle of nowhere, I don’t even remember where I came from.
This goddamn endless maze of stone and dusty walls is annoying the shit out of me.
I never had a sense of direction, and now this happens. *sigh*
Getting lost frustrated me even further.

Waiting for 3 hours, I was really bored.
I took out more food, and gave it to Zetra, Nyu and Sixxy.
Eating our breakfast as if it was lunch, I felt pretty happy and relaxed.
Nyu looks so cute nibbling on her portion, I can’t help but stroke her head every now and then.


‘What was that? It sounded like a metal hitting the stone floor.’

Seeing the creature before me, I have to say, I was really impressed.

2,5m tall, dark brown skin color, red eyes, and here’s the surprise.
I thought minotaurs always carry their 2 handed axes.
Well, this one was different.
He was carrying a chain with a spiked metal ball. You couldn’t call it a flail.
There was no handle, and the chain was really long.


[Minotaur Warden: Tyxx] [Lvl 60] [Boss monster]
Species: [Minotaur] [Magical beast]
Description: Forced to live in this long forgotten labyrinth, minotaur warden Tyxx wanders the maze in search of food and the way out.
Health: 1 200 000
Defense: 400
Attack: 1000-1250
Skills: [Hardened skin] [Provocative stance] [Entangle] [Two handed smash]

‘This attack damage isn’t even funny. 2 hits and I’m dead. Well, with frost barrier I can probably take up to 15. How am I supposed to get rid of such a powerful creature in such a short amount of time…’

Tyxx: Who are you, human?

Icicle: Just a wanderer looking for a minotaur. You look like one to me.

Tyxx: Hmph, what could a human want from me?

Icicle: I’m looking for someone who’s not afraid to take a hit. I was thinking of making a minotaur like you my companion, what do you say?

Tyxx: You should know that beings like me don’t follow those, who are weak. If you want me to follow you, you must prove your worth in combat.

Icicle: As I thought.

‘Guess it can’t be helped. Might as well see how far can I go.’

Icicle: Sixxy, Zetra, go back. Nyu, you can stand on the side. Don’t interfere.

Looking the minotaur straight into his red eyes, I decided to at least introduce myself.

Icicle: My name is Icicle Whitesnow, it’s an honor to fight against you, Tyxx, the Minotaur Warden.

Tyxx: Likewise. Are you ready, youngster? Here I come!

I was expecting a charge, but the metal spiked ball came swinging straight at my head.
Barely dodging it with a duck, I saw that the wall to my right had w large hole in it.

‘Sweet Jesus, Tyxx hits like a truck!’

As I was trying to think of a strategy, the second attack came seemingly out of nowhere…


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