Chapter 30 – Fool me once, shame on you…

I can’t believe a deity can be this dumb…
I mean, who forgets to set a time limit on the quest?
Whatever, I’ll take what I’ve got and use it to the fullest extent.

Icicle: *Oi Eshel, I’ve got the holy element. We’re good to go.*

Eshel: *Deities don’t just hand out their elements. What did you promise to do in return?*

Icicle: *The thing we were already doing in the first place, clearing this godforsaken dungeon.*

Eshel: *Seems too easy, don’t you think?*

Icicle: *Yeah, but I can’t figure out what’s the catch. at least for now. I’ll definitely enjoy leveling up with the help of the light element though…*

Eshel: *Keep your eyes open kid. I haven’t heard of a deity that gave something for basically nothing.*

Icicle: *Yeah, I’ll stay vigilant.*

Sixxy, Tyxx and Zetra seemed curious as to what happened, so I told them what transpired.

Icicle: That’s all.  Now we can battle these undead ahead of us.

Tyxx was the one who spoke up.

Tyxx: I’m concerned boss. What if this is all nothing more but a trap?

Sixxy: We don’t have enough healing too. Have you figured that out?

Zetra just looked at me worriedly.

Icicle: In the event of it actually being a trap, we’ll do what we always do, Tyxx. We’ll crush that goddess. I know it’s not possible at the moment, but if it’s just Likaan’s way to make fun of me, I swear that I’ll take revenge. Even if it takes me my whole life, I’ll do what it takes. We have to focus on here and now though. Getting stronger is our number one priority. When I gain levels, Sixxy and Zetra will become exponentially stronger. As for the healing, Sixxy, I have figured out a spell that should cut it. Without holy element this spell was taking a lot of mana, but right now, it provides a really good sustain for its mana usage. You’ll see in combat.
That’s enough of talking. Are you ready to take on these 30 undead?

Sixxy: Do you even need to ask?

Tyxx: You know I don’t shun from a fight boss!

Zetra: I’m still irked about my plumage, I’ll gladly dish out some damage to these undead.

Icicle: Very well. We’ll worry about the consequences later, there’s nothing we can do anyways. For now, let’s enjoy this battle!

And as such we pulled the group of 30 undead, consisting of 23 [Skeleton Warriors] and 7 [Dark Undead Priests].

Realm of Summons, Acquare’s palace.

Acquare’s POV

What is that stupid follower of mine doing?
I told him that I’ll give him the task when the time comes, and yet he entangles himself with another deity…
You think I’m jealous? Hmph!
All the other deities seemed to pick their champions as well…
*sigh* This incoming tournament will be so hard…

The thing that worries me the most are the rewards Likaan actually promised that kid.
Who in their right mind would make such a juicy deal for casual dungeon clearing?
There has to be something behind it, otherwise she wouldn’t so readily trick him.
I can’t afford to look for another Water Mage right now, it will take way too much time and the other deities are growing stronger and stronger.
How am I supposed to achieve my goals when I’m so far behind?! Arghh!

That goddamn Icicle kid gives me such a headache…
*sigh* Can I even help this dumbass out?
As I was pondering about this, an unexpected visitor appeared.

Likaan: Hello Acquare.

Acquare: What are you doing here, Likaan?

Likaan: Oh come on, don’t be like that. I helped your boy out, didn’t I?

Acquare: That’s true. What is the purpose of your visit?

Likaan: I just wanted to chat a little, that’s all.

‘That’s definitely suspicious. She’s not the one who likes to chit-chat…

Likaan: You should forget about that kid. If he fails to fulfill my task, he’s done for. If he somehow manages to, he’ll be forced to become my lapdog. In any way, he’s finished.

‘So it was a trap all along. *sigh* That stupid kid doesn’t even realize what deep shit he’s in…’

Acquare: Is that all? You personally came to my palace just to tell me this?

I saw the look in her eye changing.

Likaan: Hmph, of course not. That kid of yours called me oppresive, I have to punish him for that…

‘Haha, so he actually did something to anger her. Anyways, oppresive is an understatement, seems like Icicle was somehow able to stay respectful.’

Giggling inwardly, I heard Likaan continue…

Likaan: He didn’t even hide that, but that’s not the case. I sarcastically asked him if he would like to call me anything else and then…

‘There’s more? Now I’m really curious!’

Acquare: And then what?

Likaan: He called me an oppresive, annoying bitch! Can you imagine that, a mere human acting like that towards a deity!

I couldn’t help myself…

Acquare: Buahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha.

As the loud laughter escaped my lips, Likaan was growing more and more furious.
Right on cue, Ferran appeared at my doorstep.

Ferran: What the hell? Why are you making so much noise, Acquare?

Acquare: *laugh* Farren, li-listen … *laugh*.

Ferran: Hahahahaha.

With Ferran’s thunderous laughter, all the other deities arrived, storming my palace.

Eknos: What are you laughing that loud for, Ferran?

Ferran: Listen *laugh, Acquare’s kid came to ask Likaan for the holy element, after which he called her an oppresive, annoying bitch. When she tried to punish him, he basically told her to shut up and answer his question. *laugh*

Faione: Can someone explain that in more detail?

Likaan was so enraged, that I was surprised she managed hold it in.

Every single deity laughed at her, some went as far as adding to the fire, mocking her.

Ferran: *laugh* I-I have to admit, Acquare. *laugh* That kid of yours is going places. not far, but places… *laugh*

Likaan: ARGHHH! I’m done! I’ll enjoy every single moment of torturing this kid!

After saying that, she was gone.

‘Hahaha, guess she couldn’t take it anymore!’

Acquare: *laugh* So, how are your champions faring? *laugh*

Ferran: Pretty well, thank you. Not as well as your kid though, hahahahaha.

Eknos: Next year will definitely be interesting. I enjoyed this little gathering, but it’s time for me to leave. See you guys.

After saying their goodbyes, all the other deities left in a merry mood.

Acquare: *Hey kid, did you really call Likaan a bitch?*

Icicle: *Yeah, what of it?*

Acquare: *No, nothing. Just checking.*

‘Hahahaha, I hit a jackpot on this one! This kid is too unbelievable!’

Whether he’s stupid or brave, only time can tell, but actually standing up to a deity, he’s definitely daring.
Fufufu, guess I placed my fate in the right hands after all.

Icicle’s POV

Charging against the undead, I was hit by one of the [Dark Undead Priest]’s [Purge the righteous].

-1900 hp

‘Jesus, that almost one-shot me… It didn’t deal so much damage earlier, what happened? Did something change?’

Realizing that the light element I’ve been given made me vulnerable against the dark element, which as it happens, all undead have, I was about to audibly curse that Likaan bitch again.
Calling her names in my mind, I activated the new spell I invented – [Fountain of youth].

[Fountain of youth] was an AoE spell that filled my allies with enhanced water magic. thus restoring their health.
Without light element it was too strenuous too use.
I mean, it was simply draining too much mana for constant usage.
With the holy water instead of a normal water magic, I was able to use less water magic and so reducing the mana cost.
Light element was doing wonders with the sheer healing amount.
Water could never compare to light in that regard, unless someone was using superior equipment and had an ultimate healing spell or something, light was a prevalent element used for healing.
That’s what prompted players to choose Priest over Water Mage class.

That’s enough of the talking, let’s focus on the battle.
After one of the [Dark Undead Priests] hit me with his AoE shockwave, I had to be cautious.

Icicle: Zetra, Tyxx, we’re killing all of these priests in one go, get ready!

Casting my multi-targeted [Water prison], that was enhanced with holy water, all I could hear was screams of agony.
With the priests’ health rapidly decreasing, ice streaks made of holy water pierced their vitals, shaving off another huge amount of their health.
When the immobilizing effect of the [Water prison] was about to end, I signaled Tyxx to use his [Entangle] for the permament crowd control.

Tyxx pulled [Dark Undead Priests] towards us, setting them up in a horizontal line.
The next one to act was Zetra.
Positioning himself perpendicularly to the priests, Zetra cast [Wind flurry], completely obliterating the remainder of their health…
Well, except for that one fanatic, that somehow managed to survive…

Dark Undead Priest: Damn heretics! Fight, men! Don’t let them desecrate our holy temple! [Corrupted encourage]!

‘Great, these damn warriors are buffed again…’

I resignedly cast [Ice spear], finishing the remaining priest.

*sigh* Finally done with their healers. Time for the melee group now.
Seeing Tyxx tank 18 of the [Skeleton Warriors], I must say I was really impressed.
You may ask how do I know the exact number in this fervor of battle…
Well, Sixxy is battling three, Zetra is taking on two, that gives us five.
From the 30 undead, 7 priests were already dead, leaving 23 skeleton warriors.
Now all that’s left is a simple math, 23-5=18.

Moving on, I took 3 of [Skeleton Warriors] off Tyxx, to help him out, even if only a little.
Seeing him fight barehanded was an amazing sight.
This minotaur of mine was grabbing the undead by their heads and smashing them against each other.

‘Damn, he’s so cool!’

I decided to tease Tyxx a little.

Icicle: Oi Tyxx, if you only take a beating like this, you won’t be able to land any minotaur females.

Tyxx: HUH!? What are you talking about, boss?

Icicle: I overheard your talk with Sixxy. If you just stand there and take a beating like that, you won’t be able to overpower those females of yours. You need agility to outmanouver them. That’s what a smart bull would do.

Tyxx: I am no bull. However, I think you are right boss. *MOOOOOOOOO*

A feeling similar to killing intent was oozing out of Tyxx. I guess this is the manifest of his determination.
Aside from his rising spirit, there was something else that has risen…

‘Can’t be unseen…’

I took a glance at Tyxx trying to dodge with all his might, as if his life depended on it and left the minotaur to his own devices.

‘Good, no need to take the hit if you can dodge it.’

Using the cheat method I’ve devised, I had a nice view on what my familiars and companions were doing.
You may ask what cheat method…
Well, I imagined a lot of holy water falling on the three undead before me.
When they started burning from it, I froze them.
Three [Skeleton warriors] in front of me were enclosed in ice formed off holy water.

This was a slow and painful death, but I had to check how my overpowered, overgrown pets are faring.
Checking Sixxy’s side, I could only call her devious.
Before the fight, she asked me for an enchantment on her weapons.
They weren’t of any special grade, nor were they any kind of an equipment, so it was pretty easy.

Using holy water enchantment on Sixxy’s six swords, she was able to inflict holy damage with every hit.
I’ve got to hand it to her, this holy damage was completely negating the undeads’ physical damage resistance.

‘I’m calling her devious when I’m the one cheating the most…’

Zetra was in his own world. Grabbing the undead warriors with his talons and smashing them against the ground with his high speed nosedive or simply squashing them with his huge wings… That’s the definition of a brute.

‘Well, as long as he enjoys it…’

Skeleton Warriors’ numbers were decreasing. Seeing that I had a blissful smile on my face.
My happiness couldn’t last long…

This pattern tires me. Why do bad things always happen to me?
Barely dodging a huge arrow shot from afar, I saw that Rapid Fire and his 5 archers were aggroed…

‘I didn’t even use [Realm of frost], what could possibly aggro them?’

Rapid Fire: This was a warning shot, the next one won’t miss.

‘It seems that I was allowed to dodge… Great, this makes it even worse…’


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