Chapter 37 – Close relative


The tournament was in 10 days, so I had to focus on training.
Now that I think about it, Ganis could easily block my attacks.
If not for his pride and honor, without playing dirty I would be able to land maybe every tenth hit…
That’s way too low!

Icicle: *Hey Eshel, did Farren Frostshield have any sword related combat skills? I mean, he was using you as his weapon, he had to be a swordsman or at least be proficient with the swords.*

Eshel: *You’re mistaken, kid. Farren was no swordsman, He was a pure Ice Mage.*

Icicle: *Huh? Then why was he using you? No offense, but wouldn’t a staff be better?*

Eshel: *Let’s see… You’ve broke through 600 wisdom point, haven’t you? You should be able to see it for yourself.*

‘Huh, what is he talking about?’

Icicle: *See what exactly?*

Eshel: *Just check my updated description kid.*

‘Show [Eshel]’
Description: A bloodbound sword of once the strongest Battle Mage, Farren Frostshield.
Attack: 57-62
Your sword attacks have 10% chance of freezing the enemy for 2 seconds.
Self-repair: Lost durability can be restored with mana.
Special effects:
Killing your enemy with single-targeted ice magic restores 50% of the mana cost.
Mana storage: Allows you to store infinite amount of mana.


These two words were echoing through my mind, leaving me completely dazed.

Icicle: *Holy fuck, Eshel! No wonder even Nyu called you one of the strongest weapons ever made. This mana storage thing is severely overpowered! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?*

Eshel: *You wouldn’t be so ecstatic and surprised if I did, would you?*

Icicle: *Hahaha, I never imagined you being this overpowered, Eshel. To be honest, I thought your overall stats were pretty bad, but I would still use you, because you’re an awesome wingman. Helping me out so much along the way, thank you for that Eshel. You’re one of the main reasons I was able to get so far.*

Eshel: *Hahaha, it’s good that you understand that, kid. Feel free to ask this old man whatever you wish in the future too.*

Icicle: *Really?! Thank you! Well, speaking of which, I do have a question.*

I was so fired up I couldn’t restrain my emotions anymore.

Eshel: *Fire away!*

Icicle: *That infinite mana storage, can I use the stored mana whenever I want? Or are there any conditions?*

Eshel: *Conditions? I wouldn’t be overpowered if there were any… you have access whenever you want, wherever you are. Anything else?*

‘Is that so? No wonder Farren Frostshield was regarded as the strongest. With such a weapon even a wuss can cast a god-rank spell.’

Looking at Eshel with boundless greed, I realized that getting ahead of myself doesn’t do me any good.

Icicle: *Whenever my mana bar’s above 80%, drain it. Absorbing just the mana regen works too. If you can constantly do it, I’d appreciate it.*

Eshel: *That’s not a problem kiddo. I’ll do as you wish.*

Icicle: *How can I check how much mana is stored?*

Eshel: *You just need to ask me, it’s that easy.*

Icicle: *That works way too well. Are you sure you’re not hiding anything, Eshel?*

Eshel: *You have to be my master to use the mana storage. You are my current master, so every requirement is met. Don’t worry over things that may happen. You should worry about the ones that will happen…*

Icicle: *I see. Now I feel reassured. Thanks Eshel.*

Now that I think about it, when I store enough mana, I’ll be able to kill an overpowered being in one shot.
How long will it take though? 10k mana hit dealt 250k damage as critical strike. And that’s with all my multipliers.
It was like x5 the damage, so I did like 50 000 base damage right?
These goddamn elite monsters have like 2 million health points, I would have to use a combination attack of 80 thousand mana, and it would have to be a critical strike to take one of these elites down.
That’s simply sad, but oh well, it’s better than nothing.

I definitely won’t go the intelligence route.
Some players already see me as overpowered, if I dealt ridiculous damage they would make a petition to ban me or something…
Anyways, being god just from way too high stats is boring, I want to experience actual gameplay, winning using my own in game skills.
What’s the fun if I’m given everything by the system?

Thinking along these lines, I decided to invent another control spell.
What I had in mind was water forming streaks, revolving around someone, then strangling him.
Not only would it immobilize the target, it would deal damage, possibly suffocating or crushing one’s organs.
It may sound heartless, but that’s how magic is.
Do the Fire Mages think when they cast Armageddon like skill?

‘Wait, Armageddon?’

If this can be done, dear lord…
Consulting with Eshel, I’ve been given the following answer.

Eshel: *Kid, what you want to do is ceirtainly doable. However, the damage can’t be compared to Fire Mage’s. Mana usage will be much higher, and the effects, well, probably twice as devastating. There won’t be much magic damage behind it, but just the brute force will be enough to squash most beings. The overall cost for the area you described would range between 3 million and 5 million mana. I’m actually impressed that you wanted to use such a spell, just on a different scale, against a necromancer.*

*sigh* So my Icemageddon is that costly…
I wanted to cast Armageddon, but instead of fire meteorites I wanted ice ones.
You can always extinguish the fire, right?
What if it was supreme ice magic? The ground would stay frozen, soil would become completely unusable.
Such a spell would be so devastating that every single kingdom, no matter how strong, would fear me.

‘Is this why the Ice Mages were feared? Casting something similar would ceirtainly be possible for them.’

But 3 million mana? Or even 5 million! Jesus, why would I waste so much on a single spell.
It’s easier to make a gigantic snowball and simply smash it against the town, leaving squashed buildings and people in its wake.

I was kind of disappointed, but oh well, that’s what I get for getting overhyped.
I need to keep it simple, at least for now.
It’s the start of the game, I can’t be thinking of the late game content right now.

‘If grandfather heard me spouting such bullshit, I would already get smacked a few times…’

Calming down, I decided to take one step at a time.
Mana storage thing should be used only in an absolute emergency.
It doesn’t have a substantial amount of mana stored yet anyways….

Casting [Aqua strangle], as I called my future skill, over and over, I realized that it’s yet another single-targeted spell.
It was good to have those, because Eshel’s 50% mana reduction in case of killing someone with a single-targeted spell effect would apply, but I needed more crowd control.

‘They can’t say no when they’re stunned…’

Maybe this is an exaggeration, but keeping your enemies permamently under control is basically winning the fight.
I told Valter that outliving his opponent means their win, in my case, it’s having complete control of my enemies.
So what if I can immobilize them for 2 seconds. They’ll just kill me right after.
[Entomb] has a long cooldown of 4 minutes and its effect varies depending on the being.
[Ice Breath]’s freezing effect lasts only for a few seconds too… It won’t be enough.

Well, there are two ways to fix that.
One is actually getting more spells to immobilize my enemies, which will be a torture to get, and what’s more to constantly cast them is a pain in the ass…
The other one seems more reasonable.
It requires me to create a spell that makes me invulnerable, well not in exact words.
All I need to do is become invisible, create illusion or some sort of a barrier.
Basically anything related to defense.

Thinking on what I can do, I realized that there’s one more aspect of water that I haven’t even used yet.
Steam! What can I do with it though?

‘Make me invulnerable, create a barrier or illusion… wait illusion?!’

Mirage! That’s it. All I need to do is create a mirage.
It will work only in the open areas with the Sun present, but who cares, it’s a start.
I can’t practice it here though.
Maybe during the tournament? Yeah, I’ll definitely try it there.

*sigh* What can I do now?
Using steam was a good idea, what else is there?
Mist! No, just mist won’t be enough.
I need fog, dense fog that will be able to hide me.

‘Fufufu, Icicle you’re such a genius! No one will be able to prove that it was just a coincidence that you thought of it…’

Concentrating on creating water droplets, a thin fog appeared.

‘I did it!’

It won’t be enough, but it’s something. I decided to focus on it, when another thought crossed my mind.

‘Weren’t clouds made of water droplets and ice crystals?’

Fog and clouds, huh?
This definitely sounds like an awesome combo.
If I can somehow create a skill using these two, it will be similar to using illusion magic.

As I was continuing my training throughout the week, I’ve become able to cast around 50% of what I was wishing for.
Sure, it was a fog, but one you could easily see through.
It still had its use, I could freeze the water droplets to attack the potential unaware adventurers, but its main purpose, that was hiding me, was still far away.

Sixxy’s POV

After master left me offended, I picked up the pace.
Training the undead became more than just relieving myself.
It wasn’t about getting rid of my frustration anymore, I was really trying.
With the [Skeleton Warriors] getting better, I left them to do some sparring, while I thought of ways to better myself.

Icicle was indeed right. If I don’t advance while he’s constantly getting stronger, I’ll soon become useless for him.
He probably wouldn’t mind taking me along, but I would simply feel bad being the useless one, especially when I started as such a strong companion.

I heard master yelling at Ganis to fight dirty, otherwise he won’t stand a chance.
Until this day, I’ve been restraining myself, trying to fight fairly.
I guess I just have to give in to my true nature. Icicle will understand, right?
He’s a naughty boy as well, he has to understand!

Giving in to my urges, I became much faster, fiercer and stronger.
With my true nature of a beast, I was finally able to fight like I used to.
Careless, bravely and dirty!
Oh, how happy I was. Well, not for long…

Icicle: What are you doing, Sixxy? I’ve stopped watching you for a second and you became so careless. Use your brain during the fight, you’re not just a snake. You’re a magical beast, act like one.

Being rebuked time after time pricked my pride once again.
Well, at least I hoped it was my pride…
In reality, it was my instinct, one that was in a deep slumber for over 10000 years.
Craving for my new master, I lashed out at him, in full intent to mate with him.

Icicle: Hmph, another blind charge full of rage and madness. Poor magical beast acting up on an instinct. I’ll show you why you should use your brain during the fight! [Water domain]!

Strange feeling, as if a godly being was before me, enveloped me.
In a split second, Icicle seemed to teleport behind me.
I have no idea how could his speed increase so much in a matter of what, 2 weeks?
That’s simply way too unbelievable!

Getting hit by his bare hand, I faceplanted on the ground.

‘How did this kid become so strong, so fast?’

Icicle: Who’s dominating who now, snake lady?

My clothes were torn off, thrown aside as if there were useless rags.

‘Shit, these scales are actually expensive!’

When his thing entered me, I was astonished!

‘Weren’t humans supposed to have miniscule penises compared to magical beasts?!’

I was starting to doubt his human race, when my eyes met his.
Icicle’s look was resolute, full of pure lust, that was as fierce as a bloodlust, but focused solely on pleasure of the flesh.
I have no idea why the undead around us didn’t even react, we were basically having sex in public!
They didn’t even budge!
As Icicle was vigorously moving his hips, a wide grin appeared on my face.

‘Are you trying to dominate me, kid? Dream on, this old lady’s sex drive is unrivaled!’

Using my tail to coil around his tiny body, I smacked him on the ground, taking the cowgirl position.
Seeing the surprised look in his eyes, I felt overjoyed.

‘It’s 1000 years too early for you to have your way with me, kid. Especially, when it comes to sex.’

Thinking that, I was the one who got slammed into the ground, back to missionary position.

‘Where the hell is that kid taking his strength from?!’

When I looked into his eyes, I saw resolute, firm look. This time it was something else. Except for lust, there was another deep, profound feeling engraved in his eyes.
Is it that famous [Willpower] I heard humans possess?
Even if it is, how was he able to simply slam me?!
I know my weight, it should be impossible for such a scrawny shrimp.
As I was musing that, I stopped restraining myself and a moan escaped my lips.

Icicle’s face became overjoyed, and with renewed vigor he continued having his way between my thighs.

‘Oh fuck it, I’ll just give in to my instincts, if it breaks his manhood, so be it. Master shouldn’t make this old lady so horny.’

Losing the leftover of my sanity, I engrossed myself in a long forgotten pleasure of the flesh that is sex.
I don’t remember what happened after my instincts took over, but I had these weird memories…
It was a concert, I was a drummer, and then I sucked Icicle dry…

‘What the hell? Did such a thing happen?’

Realizing that I passed out, I saw Icicle walking away, muttering something along the lines “…damn naga, leaving me unsatisfied…”.

Could these flashbacks I have be his memories? No, impossible, we’re still in the dungeon.
Some sort of a dream then? How can I explain it otherwise? There definitely wasn’t such an episode…
That resolute look he had would make so much sense. He was trying to prove his manhood and get rid of the trauma at the same time.
Hahaha, using me like this, you’re really daring, kiddo.

I’m surprised that your manhood wasn’t crushed. You really held up well, master.
Fufufu. You wanted me to find a goal.
At first, I wanted to impress you, prove that I’m useful.
Now it has changed. I’ll definitely crush you in bed, whatever it takes.
You better prepare, it’s just the beginning, fufufu.

Licking the corners of my lips with my snake tongue, I started imagining all the positions I’ll make him do me in…
This will be one hell of a ride!

Icicle’s POV

Getting rid of my stress and trauma at the same time left a really good aftertaste.
The time before the tournament was almost up, I had around 10 hours real time to get some sleep and prepare for the next arduous day.

Logging off, I heard my phone ringing.
Without checking the number, I picked up.

???: Hello there, brother.


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    • I don’t think there can ever be a legit harem. unless you’re a king or something. Well, even then, there is no legit harem. Mistresses just try to kill each other to gain more power… You’ll see though, there will be lots of sex scenes.


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