Chapter 38 – Encounter

???: Hello there, brother.

‘Huh, did she really call me?’

I can’t be surprised now, that little rascal will use it against me… Try sounding unfazed, calm and collected.
Let’s do this!

Icicle: H-Hello, Clare. Finally remembered that I actually exist, huh?

‘Fuck, I still stuttered…’

Clare: Hmph, don’t act so condescending. You haven’t tried to stay in touch with me either.

Icicle: You’re as bad with phones as you were back in the day, huh? Can’t you even check the missed calls and your voice mail? I tried calling you countless times!

Clare: Really? Well, it’s not like it matters now. How are you doing, J? Still playing the MMO games?

‘Why is she asking me that? She knows me quite well… suspicious, the way she’s acting right now is definitely suspicious.’

Icicle: Not really. I’m currently playing Loiterous, a Virtual Reality that came out like 3 months ago. Why are you asking though?

Clare: Oh, you do? That’s perfect then. It’s time for me to beat your ass. Remember saying that I’m useless? You always made me play healing class! This time I’ll show you what your older sister is capable of!

‘She’s playing, huh. Fufufu, that older sister of mine, I wonder if she became powerful for once…’

Icicle: So you’re playing, huh? As much as I would like to meet up with you, I have a tournament going in Raren City soon. I have to attend it.

‘Well, I don’t have to attend it, I just want to because it’s a way to get players’ attention. I can’t have my dungeon stay empty after all this effort, can I?’

Clare: Raren City, huh? So you’re only that far up? Minaeryth Kingdom, hmm… I’m on a forefront with my party, but I guess I can come over there. I need to beat your ass, after all.

‘As cheeky as ever, huh… I guess it’s in the blood.’

Icicle: This tourny is happening in 10 hours real time. If we are to meet there, I need to know your in game name. What is it?

Clare: Fufufu, it’s Sylph, what’s yours?

‘Sylph, huh… It fits this mischievous girl.’

Icicle: Don’t worry about that, Sylph. I’ll find you.

Clare: And how will I know that it’s actually you, and not some kind of an imposter?

‘I guess her being a birdbrain didn’t change…’

Icicle: *sigh* We look exactly the same as in real life, Clare. Well, maybe you made some adjustments, but I didn’t. Don’t worry, you’ll know it’s me when you see me coming. I need to get some sleep, so I’m hanging up. Make sure to check your missed calls next time, you ungrateful sister.

Clare: W-Who are you calling ungrateful, hu-

*beep* *beep*

Ending the call, I took a shower, ate some quickly made sandwiches, checked my email and then made my way to bed.
As I was trying to get some sleep, events from Loiterous entered my mind…

I was trying to get rid of the trauma I had after that unpleasant dream.
To my surprise, after ripping Sixxy’s clothes off, her nether area looked… human.

‘Well, that was definitely a shock…’

My [Water domain] seemed to cover the 3x3m entirely, leaving no chance for anyone to peek through.

‘Feels like having a sex dungeon…’

Entering Sixxy remorselessly, I must admit, it was better than I could have ever imagined,
Sixxy may be old, but I don’t know her race’s lifespan.
Her outward appearance is that of a young, beautiful woman, who wouldn’t dig that?
Trying to get rid of my trauma was completely forgotten during the intercourse.

It was simply too good, every thrust sent shivers down my spine.
What an exhilarating feeling…
As I was starting to have my way with Sixxy, her eyes seemed to have a dangerous glint flash through them.
Getting caught in her snake tail, I was coiled so tight, that it left me completely immobilized, without even a shred of chance to break free.
After she slammed me against the ground, my naga took the mounting position.

I felt so embarassed, getting ridden like a wuss.
Maybe I wouldn’t, because it was actually feeling really good, if not for that clearly satisfied countenance of hers…

[System message]
[Willpower activated]

With 110% of my full power and without feeling any pressure, or weight in that case, I lifted my naga up and then slammed her against the ground, getting back to the missionary position.
I felt my inner desires letting our a “purr” sound.

‘Even my consciousness agrees. Wait… am I an unconscious rapist?’

Disregarding the last thought, I continued having my fun, with visible, wide grin on my face.
That quickly changed, as Sixxy seemed to lose herself.
Her walls suddenly tightened, leaving me with the experience from that random dream.

‘Could that dream be a divination? I am no clairvoyant to get one…’

My penis was getting clamped on so hard, that I could only compare it to getting squeezed by carpenter’s vise.
With [Mana manipulation] supporting my poor little guy, I tried holding on.
You probably want to ask why…
Well, it was the worst and the best feeling ever at the same time.
The pleasure was so intense that I decided to suffer for it.
Yes, that is probably weird, you may call me a masochist, but the suffering made the pleasure amplify.

As I was getting a feeling of being between heaven and hell, I came twice in a short period of time.
I wanted this to continue, but there was no way my lower partner could hold on for even a moment longer.
Cumming inside Sixxy for the third time, I used Eshel’s hilt to knock her out.
Getting up and zipping my fly as if nothing ever happened, I realized that elite boss monster ranked beings like Sixxy take far less time to recover.
With Sixxy waking up, I had to find an excuse!

Hurrying up, I left muttering under my nose.

Icicle: That damn naga, leaving me unsatisfied like that, hmph!

[System message]
[Willpower deactivated]

I saw that my health dropped by 25%, probably from overexertion.
Sixxy is not a featherweight Naga. She definitely weighs few hundred kilograms.
At least, this time, my limbs didn’t break.

After casting [Purified water] on myself, I left the game.
I don’t even know if I can call it getting rid of that shameful experience.
If we were to go for even a while longer, it would be my loss…

‘How am I going to deal with this beautiful creature from now on?’

To make matters worse, my older sister that showed up after a year of complete silence, wants to beat me up…
I wonder if she’s still salty about that Manik thing…
Why is she mad at me though? I killed the guy right after…
It’s not my fault that she went through different area than I told her!
*sigh* Clare’s really too stubborn. We have the same genes, but she’s even more short-tempered than I am.
I hope she’s not getting into any trouble…

‘Not getting into any trouble, yeah right. I would actually be surprised if she didn’t…’

My body was reacting to my state of mind, that could be summarized in one word – anxious.
After countless rolling about, turning from side to side to find comfort in my sheets, I fell asleep from exhaustion.

Waking up, I ate breakfast, then dressed myself up and went outside.
Taking a glance at the building I’m living in, I must say that it was looking quite modern.
I don’t really care that much about the modern thingy, but having all these bulletproof and soundproof windows really made me feel comfortable and safe.

Patches of grass were covering both sides of the building, leaving space for the stone pavement in the middle.
Between us, tenants, there was an agreement.
Once a week, gardener was coming to take care of the plants, mainly flowers, and to keep the lawn mowed.
The fee was miniscule, it was once a week after all, but we still shared it.
To top things off, there were two janitors, keeping us safe 24/7.
Paying two janitors and the gardener cost me around 200$.
It wasn’t a sum that was mind-boggling, but for a poor guy like me it was still a lot.

I couldn’t complain though. I lived in a small, peaceful town.
Having these people was necessary, otherwise we would have to do it ourselves.
Well, we could ditch that too and just hope no one will come to rob us…
Whatever, it’s better as it is.

Getting ready for some jogging, I stretched right in front of the entrance.

Janitor: Morning jogging, huh? It’s good to be young, isn’t it, Jeremy?

Icicle: Haha, don’t say that, Mr.Peng. You’re still in your prime.

Janitor: Hohoho. In my prime you say… *yawn* Take some water with you and don’t overexert yourself. In today’s forecast they said that it’s going to be scorching hot.

Catching the bottle of water, I was both grateful and surprised.

‘Why is this bottle made of glass? Well, I can’t refuse it, it was a heartfelt gift after all.’

Icicle: Thank you, Mr. Peng. You take it easy too, sir.

Saying our goodbyes, I ran through the pavement, turning right.
The direction I was heading into was that of a forest, that littered this entire area in the past.
With part of the forest cut down, the town I live in was founded.
What it meant, was that both sides of the town were literally surrounded by trees of all kinds.

I headed towards the end of the town, where a forest path started.
This path led from south-eastern end of the city towards the north-west outskirts.
It was my routine, to run for at least 10 km, to make up for the lack of physical exertion.
Picking up the pace, I enjoyed the fresh air.

Compared to the air in the Zaryoux Temple, that fortunately didn’t smell of death and decaying remains, this invigorating, forest air was doing wonders for me.
Feeling energized, I run with bliss plastered on my face, completely opposite of my usual calm, ice-like behaviour.
Mixed forests are awesome.
Even in the autumn, where fallen leaves litter the path, when you look at the pines and other coniferous trees, you get a feeling that the forest is still alive.

Exquisite orange and yellow leaves were giving me an impresion one could only see in anime, where the sakura trees bloom.
I guess this is my kind of a scenery, where instead of pink, I have orange and yellow colors, mixing with each other, creating a breathtaking view.

In such environment, I felt exhilarated.
Speeding up even more, I run with joy, as if being a horse that was finally let loose.

After 5 minutes of such joyous running, I saw a silhouette far ahead.
It took me two minutes to catch up to it.
The runner before me was a female, with blonde hair and what can I say, greatly shaped ass.
This woman’s black tracksuit accentuated her curves even more.

‘Damn, she looks hot. I have a feeling that I’ve seen her before…’

???: Aren’t you the boy I always meet during my running?

What faced me was a blond goddess.
I’m used to seeing pretty faces inside the game, but seeing it in real life is definitely something else.
As a man you can’t expect me to put her beauty in words, however, I might as well give it a go…

This girl’s hair was tied into a ponytail that almost reached the waist.
Blue, sapphire like eyes, that nearly sparkled, covered by black, long eyelashes, that made them look ever more majestic.
Small nose that made this runner’s face look innocent and full lips, that gave her the enticing sex appeal.
Top it all off with no make up and B or C cup, I can’t say because firstly, I’m no specialist, and secondly, she’s wearing tracksuit….yeah, she was definitely 10/10.
I may talk with women casually in the game, but in real life, getting started with a girl is really awkward for me…

Icicle: O-Ohh, so it was you! My apologies, I’m being rude. My name’s Jeremy. It’s a pleasure to meet you, um…?

Trying to respond properly, I stuttered. *sigh*

‘That’s what you get for advancing with Sixxy so quickly… The naga curse…’

Sara: Aren’t you a smooth talker? Getting my name casually like that… Fufufu, don’t look so surprised. I’m just joking, just joking, tee-hee. My name’s Sara, it’s nice to meet you too, Jeremy.

‘Sara, huh? What a lovely name… Wait, what the fuck? Am I enamored or something? Few words from a beauty and I’m acting like her servant… jesus. Well, her voice sounds so nice though… it makes me feel fuzzy inside. Is this what they call infatuation?’

Getting lost in thoughts like that, I saw Sara giggling, probably from the expression I was making.

Icicle: S-Sorry, I dozed off a little.

Making a serious face, Sara stopped for a second.
As if on cue, my body stopped as well.

Sara: Come on, am I really that boring?

I didn’t know what to say, staying in place, completely stunned, I watched Sara break into laugh.

Sara: You’re so easy to tease, hahahaha.

Hmph, making fun of me.
Dashing off like a total wuss, I didn’t even want to look behind me.
If there was a being inside me, it would probably disown me, throw me out of my body and leave whatever has come out of it in the sewers.

The temptation to turn my head around won. With a quick look, I saw the blond girl following me.
Sara was catching up, still clutching her stomach.

Sara: Oi, oi. It’s not nice to leave a girl hanging. Act like a gentleman! *giggle*

Bursting into laughter, I replied sharply.

Icicle: Why don’t you act like a lady then? You little tomboy. *laugh*

Seeing her expression change from joyous to pouting, I started laughing even louder.

Sara: A tomboy, you say? Come here, you little! I’ll teach you a lesson!

“Goddess in black” increased her running speed and so did I.
After a while of running at full speed, my lack of physical training was showing.
Sara was still at the same distance as before, but I didn’t know if I can last till the finish line.
By finish line, I mean the crossing that leads straight to the northern part of the town.

Sara: Running out of breath, huh? Don’t you worry, I’ll get you soon!

‘Am I really going to get caught by this playful girl?’

Running on fumes, for some weird reason, I was having fun.
It was the feeling you get when you’re a kid. One that makes you feel completely free, unbound.
Being carefree like that… *sigh* it was such a long time.
This feeling, it is probably what I looked for in games… to think I can still experience it in the real life.

Turning my head to once again see Sara, I showed her a joyous smile, that for some reason seemed to annoy her.

Sara: Enjoying yourself, aren’t you? Hmph, I’ll show you!

There were around 100m till the finish line, that was basically a road leading inside the town.
After that, all it took was to turn right and run for about 50m to enter the city’s outskirts.

I was about 15m away from the road, when Sara flashed past me.

‘Damn, she could run that fast?!’

Slowing down and standing on top of the road, she turned around, having a triumphant smile plastered on her face.
Pointing at me, she started her rambling…

Sara: Tee-hee, you can’t top that speed, huh ki-

*honk* *honk*

There was no time to listen to her bragging.
On my left side, there was a turning.
With the velocity this out of the blue car was going, there was no way it could break in time.
Grabbing Sara’s right hand, I pulled her towards myself.


‘Phew, barely in time.’

The car left, without even stopping.
Sara seemed surprised, but she looked around and understood the situation.

Sara: T-Thank you.

Now she’s acting shy…
After my “heroic” act, I had to lead the conversation.

Icicle: There’s a bench over there, let’s sit.

Walking towards the bench, I heard Sara breathing heavily.
Well, my breathing was even more rugged, I was out of shape and even lost to a girl…

Icicle: Here, drink.

Giving Sara my glass water bottle, I watched her taking it reluctantly.
Taking a sip, she started chugging it down.
With around a half of the water left, she took it out of her mouth, returning the bottle to me.

Sara: What are you waiting for? Take it and drink!

‘She sure recovers quickly…’

Icicle: It’s okay, you can take it. I’ll buy one for myself in the store nearby.

I pointed to the shop that was no more than 100m away.
With a playful glint in her eyes, Sara started teasing me again…

Sara: Ohh, I see!  What, do you think that you’ll indirectly kiss me or something? Drink up!

*sigh* How did I get entangled with this forceful girl?

Icicle: It’s fine, I don’t really need to-

Getting all snuggly with me, Sara nearly touched my face with hers.

Sara: Don’t tell me… you’re a homosexual?

*smash* *shatter* *clink*

Hearing the word homosexual made me lose myself for a second.
My right hand gripped the glass bottle tightly on an instinct, making it shatter in the process.

Sara’s expression was that of a person that’s completely stunned.

I didn’t even check my own injuries, for some strange reason I was more concerned about her  wellbeing than about my own.

Icicle: I’m sorry, are you hurt? Does it ache anywhere?

Sara: N-No.

Icicle: I see. Well then, it’s time for me to get going. Take care.

After saying that, I dashed off.

10 minutes later, I arrived at my condo.
Feeling parched, I tried to reach for a mug.
Noticing the broken glass sticking out of my right hand, I took it out.
Pouring hydrogen peroxide over the shallow wound, I felt the sting.
Bandaging the wound carefully, I calmed down.

‘It’s good that I’m not using my hands to play anymore, it could be somewhat limiting for the time being.

Finally taking the mug, I drank four glasses of cold water.
My thirst was quenched.

Taking my sweaty clothes off, I took a shower.

I’m such an idiot, leaving such a beauty behind…
She pissed me off ,sure, but which woman doesn’t?
*sigh* Oh well, it’s not like I can do anything now…
Maybe fate will have us meet again in the future…

Drying myself up, I was preparing to once again enter the Virtual Reality, Loiterous.


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  1. Woohoo~! This is great! I mean it’s so interesting.. amusing~? kukuku….
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