Chapter 43 – Peaceful moment

Icicle:  Wow, that’s so harsh…

Sylph: Hmph, stop pretending, you like getting teased.

Icicle: Well, you got me. Can’t hide anything from my sister, huh?

Kiyu: I don’t want to interrupt your family reunion, but you’re getting a lot of attention.

Icicle: Huh?

Getting caught up in the moment, I didn’t realize that the entire crowd was still staring at me.

Icicle: When’s the tournament starting, Frizz?

Frizz: The elimination round starts in 2 hours. You should already be there, so keep that in mind.

Icicle: Yeah, yeah, why would I let you lose your bets, huh…

Seeing the wry smile on Frizz’s face, was enough to confirm that he has already bet some amount on me.

Icicle: Do you girls know of a place where we could talk? I’ve just arrived here.

Nete: There’s an inn nearby, if we rent a room there, we shouldn’t be disturbed.

Icicle: I see. We’ll head there then. Ganis, take your unit and go back. I’ve got to tell you, our unit looked magnificient together. When you get to the dungeon, practice sword fighting on horseback. I’ll come back when I’m done with the tournament. Take my fine stallion as well.

Ganis: Understood, lord. Let’s go guys!

With the undead storming off, leaving us in the dust, the crowd’s attention shifted to the riders.
Using that brief moment, I took off with the girls.

Traveling through a well-made stone paved road, we reached the medieval-looking inn.

‘This world really is weird. Some things are modern and others are kept like in medieval era…’

Entering this a little run-down wooden tavern, we were greeted by the barkeeper.

Barkeeper: Welcome, dear guests. how may I serve you?

I thought it was male’s turn to shine, so I took a step forward, only to see Rene getting in front and talking to the barkeeper.
Few winks, some hair brushing, a little sweet-talk and this woman managed to even get us a 30% discount…

‘Women are scary…

Moving upstairs. I noticed that the wooden stairs have definitely had their better days.
Why can these things be made to look old, while the buckets and all the cleaning equipment in the dungeon isn’t?
*sigh* Why the hell am I even complaining, it let me save some money…

Opening the doors into the room, we were welcomed by quite a view.

It was as if we entered a log cabin.
Everything was made out of wood, there was even a fireplace, that completely took me off guard.
Brown couch on the left, five beds on the right side and three rocking chairs in the middle.
There were a few cupboards here and there and some kind of painting that as absurd as it sounds, really fit the overall atmosphere of this room.
I don’t know who made the design of this tavern, but he or she deserves a standing ovation.

Feeling cosy, just as if I was entering my own house, I sat in the rocking chair.

‘I missed that feeling, what a way to relax.’

It took me a while, but I realized that the girls were intently staring at me.
They were just calling dibs on their beds, and now they glare daggers at me.

‘What do they want?’

Icicle: Why are you looking at me like I’ve raped someone?

Sylph: You stupid brother, you have just entered the room with 4 girls, what can we possibly think, huh?

Icicle: Who knows, you’re women after all…

I really had no clue. What could be wrong?

Sylph: You don’t even know how much I want to smack you right now! It’s a tavern and we have rented the room for the night, do you get it now, twerp?

Ohh, so that’s what they were worrying about…
Well, now, that we’ve gotten this far, I might as well play dumb to the end.

Icicle: So you want me to sleep with you girls? I know that you’re older and all, but isn’t this a little bold coming from you?

Clare seemed to get enraged, she was thrashing around, her arms were flailing in all directions.
Rene and Nete were holding her.

Sylph: Let me go Rene, Nete. I’ll kill this little brother of mine!

Laughing out loud, I really enjoyed this scene unfolding before me.

Kiyu: Your little brother seems to be in a really good mood.

Sylph: Let me go. Don’t look at me like that, I’ve calmed down.

Taking a sit on a rocking chair next to mine, Clare seemed composed.

Sylph: So, getting back to the question, are you staying here or not?

Icicle: As much as I enjoy your company, Sylph, I don’t play Loiterous just for fun. I have to make money off this to earn a living. I don’t have a luxury of sleeping insde the game. That’s why my answer is no, I won’t be staying here with you girls. After the tournament I’m returning to the dungeon. I still have a lot to do.

Sylph: I see. Was it so hard to just answer honestly?

Icicle: We both know that we enjoy teasing each other, stop acting up.

Sylph: Can’t even let me pout, what a bad brother you are, fufu~.

Icicle: Says the one who wasn’t giving any signs of life…

Sylph: Hmph, trying to get at me when you know I’m bad with electronics!

Rene: I thought you adored each other, but it looks like you hate each other’s guts.

I broke off into laughter and so did Sylph. It was almost simultaneous.

Rene: D-Did I say something wrong?

Sylph: Y-You see *laugh* we really like each other as siblings, but we were never *laugh* able to express it, so we tried teasing instead. It worked quite well, so it stuck with us.

Rene: You’re definitely… unique.

Icicle: You heard that, Clare? Rene even tried using polite words not to insult us, hahaha!

Sylph: Yeah, I’ve got good friends, don’t I? *laugh*

Icicle: You sure do. On another note, you have to visit me sometime, I miss your cooking T__T

Kiyu: She’s a great cook, isn’t she? I really do enjoy her cooking too!

So this little rascal cooks even while attending university, huh. No foodie for ther brother though!

Icicle: I guess you are roommates then?

Kiyu: Yeah, all four of us. Can we visit you too? I always wanted to know where Clare lives!

Icicle: I don’t live with my parents anymore, so I don’t know if you’ll see what you wanted to see, but you can visit me anytime.

I’ve seen Rene and Kiyu taking a seat on the couch to my left, but there was something off…
Glancing to the front, I saw Nete, sitting on the rocking chair, watching me intently.

Icicle: Is there something on my face?

Nete: N-No, I was just meaning to ask…

Icicle: No need to be shy. I’ll catch up with Clare later. It’s not like we can do easily do so in 2 hours anyways. You don’t mind, do you, Clare?

Sylph: Fufu, of course not.

Showing me a happy smile, I wondered if she was that happy that I praised her cooking or if she was angry and wanted to kill me…

Nete: W-Well then, I wanted to ask you about your dungeon. How is it possible, that lvl 45 player like you has command over elite monster with level 125? That’s ridiculous!

Icicle: Well, Ganis is one of the elite beings in my dungeon, but after beating him up, he became quite obedient.

Nete: B-Beating him up? We’re around level 115 and we would have to 8 man him! How can a low level player like you do so?

Sylph: Fufufu, you shouldn’t be so surprised, Nete. My brother was an outstanding figure in Eurasia, no wonder he can do just this much.

I don’t know if she’s praising me or elevating her own social status…

Rene: We all know that being a good gamer doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll do amazing in Loiterous. You may be good at clicking on the keyboard and mouse, but here, you have to actually use your own body to perform skills and other actions, for example dodging. Sure, skill assist system helps out somehow, but there are many moves that require your body to be honed. Otherwise, by simply memorizing them your technique will be subpar.

So that’s how it works. Wait, skill assist?

Icicle: What’s that skill assist system thing you were talking about, Rene?

Rene: Huh? What do you mean what is it? All the adventurers are using it. At least most of them. It’s a thing that helps you cast the spells and perform ceitain actions. For example rogue class’s [Assassination]. After you perform a dodge, that is not avoiding the damage by the way, you can basically teleport behind your target to deal additional damage.

Huh? Such a thing really exists? I was doing it own by imagining stuff… weird.

Icicle: Hmm, that sounds convenient. I guess I was using my skills the old school way.

Sylph: What do you mean, brother?

Nete: Yeah, what do you mean, Icicle?

Huh, they don’t know?

Icicle: I was just imagining stuff. Let’s see, maybe I should just show you.

Imagining droplets of water above us, I froze them, turning these little things into little ice shards.
It was as if seeing a show in the theatre, where the particles of ice and snow were dropping from the ceiling.

Rene: Wow, that’s so cool. You have even turned it into ice!

Icicle: You’re an Earth Mage, aren’t you, Nete? Try molding something by using your imagination.

Nete: Umm, I’ll give it a try.

Mana started gathering above Nete and a book made out of mud formed.
I think she doesn’t know how to dry the soil though…

Nete: Did I do it right?

As soon as she said that, her spell fizzled, and the mud from the book basically poured on top of her head.

Sylph: Buahahahhaahaha, that was such a fail!

Rene couldn’t contain her laughter and burst out too.

Kiyu: I guess instead of a snowman we’ll build a mudman!

I tried to smother my laughter, but to no avail.
Laughing heartily, I thought Nete will kill us all for that, but instead, she started laughing too.

Icicle: *laugh* You have to practice a little. If you do, you should be able to dry it too. Now, let me clean you up.

Nete: N-No, you don’t need to,  I’ll go and take a shower by myself!

‘What is this girl even imagining?’

Casting [Water prison] on Nete, I imagined a lot of water swirling around her body, washing her.
I knew that I can’t just let her out wet like that, so I used steam to dry her up a little.
I have no idea if she was content, because I couldn’t see Nete before she walked out of the ball of water, but I thought that it’s actually a good way of using makeshift shower!

Nete: Uwaaaah! I feel so refreshed.

Apart from her hair that seemed to be still a little wet, Nete was completely dry.

Nete: Thanks for that shower, Icicle! It was really enjoyable!

Sylph: Not fair! I want one too, brother!

Rene: Me too!

Kiyu: Wahaha, let’s do this! Come on, let us experience that shower of yours too, young man~.

They are supposed to be older, but they are acting like children wanting attention…
*sigh* Oh well, I’m no less of a kid than they are, might as well indulge them.

Casting a triple [Water prison] all at once, I focused on getting the proper amount of water for the girls to clean themselves.
After a while, I once again used steam, this time a little more than before, to let the girls’ hair dry properly.
Getting out of the [Water prison], all three of them looked satisfied.

‘Maybe I should call this skill [Sauna] …’

Icicle: Did you enjoy it?

Sylph: Yeah, it was awesome, there’s just one thing lacking…

Why do women always complain? *sigh*

Icicle: Oh, and what is it?

Sylph: My bathing robe! It just doesn’t feel right to not have one!

‘Wow, that was your lacking item?!’

Kiyu: That was superb. I feel so exhilarated now!

Rene: It was like a real shower, wasn’t it? No, it was even better, we didn’t have to do anything!

Kiyu: Haha, exactly!

Hearing the girls talk like that, a smile appeared on my lips.
There wa ssomeone in the room who didn’t smile though, and once again intently watched me.

Icicle: What is it this time, Nete?

Nete: You have used steam, didn’t you?

Icicle: I did, why are you asking?

Nete: What class are you?

Icicle: Can’t you see in the window above me? Water Mage of course.

This is getting weird…

Sylph: Why are you asking my brother so suspiciously, Nete? He hasn’t done anything wrong!

Nete: You see, Water Mages can use water, not steam. Nor have I heard of one using ice. Except your brother, of course.

Hahahah, she thinks I’m a hacker!
I’ll let her believe it. I just love teasing such people!

Icicle: So, you want to buy whatver I’m using, is that correct?

Nete: See! He is a hacker!

As if on cue, Clare and I laughed, even highfiving ourselves.

Sylph: That doesn’t count as a point, brother *laugh* Nete is simply too gullible!

Icicle: Fufu, you’re such a silly child, Nete. I’ve showed you how I can control water, then you could control the earth in almost exactly the same way, and yet you’re questioning me. Aren’t you a hacker for making a book out of mud?

Poor girl seemed to go beet red. Hahaha, I just couldn’tstop myself from laughing.

Rene: Now, now, enough of teasing Nete. She’s always serious about what she does, but, well, Nete’s slow on picking things up…

Kiyu: Fufu. Icicle,  my dear young man, are you telling us that every Water Mage can do what you have done just now?

Showing her a wry smile, I didn’t even have to answer.

Kiyu: So you do have a hidden class. I didn’t really believe it when I heard you saying that in the video, but it’s actually true…

Getting hugged from behind by Sylph, I started a little.

Sylph: Spill it all out! Your big sis needs to know about everything!

Icicle: Fufufu, you’re such a funny bunch. I’ll tell you, but first, why don’t you tell me about yourselves? All I know is your in game name, level and basic class. What happened to you since the start of the game, spill it all!

Sylph: You’re such a cheater, brother! Forcing four innocent girls to tell you everything! Don’t you know that all women have their secrets?

Icicle: No need to act so girly all of a sudden, Clare. Sit down and start telling. Your little brother is interested~.

Trying to imitate the face little brother makes when asking his older sibling for something, my puppy eyes probably didn’t even look convincing…

Sylph: Enough of that badly made puppy eyes. *sigh* Fine, we’ll tell you about us first, then it’s your turn!

Icicle: Fair enough.

Fufufu, I will tell you under certain conditions though….


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