Chapter 47 – Much needed rest

Princess Saress: What are you spacing out for? Get going.

First this red hair is showing me ruthlessness like that, and now she’s asking why I’m spacing out?!
I’m concerned, that’s why!

*sigh* I need to calm down, judges are still here.
Dropping on one knee, I tried sounding solemn.

Icicle: Thank you for all that you have done, princess.

Getting a little flustered, Saress answered as if nothing ever happened.

Princess Saress: You seem to get the wrong idea, Icicle. I didn’t do it for you, but for myself. Remember what we talked about? I’m not going to stay the same spoiled girl. Even if it’s the church, I won’t let them undermine my authority. If that’s clear for you then get out. I’ve got a mess to clean up.

Turning on her heel, Saress left towards the east entrance, probably heading to the staff room.

Can’t this girl understand I’m worried?
She has just killed the bishop, even if she decided to change, it doesn’t happen in just few hours!
Is there a way I can comfort her?
Fuck, I can’t get close to her, what can I do?

Looking around, I glanced towards the judges.
Hylzar won’t do, he’s a man and an old one at that.
Uryuu? No, he’s way too rowdy, can’t expect him to comfort a woman.
Sarya? Hmm, I don’t know if she’s capable of doing that, but I don’t have another candidate.

Willing myself once again, I started walking towards the judges.
They seemed to talk about something, but I was out of the earshot.

Uryuu: Hahaha, this was a really interesting day! I thought it was going to be another boring tournament, but who would’ve thought, our little girl has just wiped the floor with the bishop!

Hylzar: If not for her action, that bishop would die from Icicle’s hands. I suspect that’s what he was thanking her for over there.

Sarya: …

Uryuu: Speak of the devil and he’s sure to appear. Look who’s coming.

Bowing with my right hand placed on my heart, I stated my business.

Icicle: Excuse me, dear judges, I would like to ask for a favor.

Hylzar: Ohh? And what would that be, child?

Wow, I didn’t expect this grandpa to be so friendly.

Icicle: I would like to ask miss Sarya to talk with the princess. I’m sure she’s shaken up after today’s events.

Nyu: *yawn* Hey human, are you done? I’m hungry!

Why did this sugar addict have to wake up now…

Icicle: Shh Nyu, I’m asking for a favor now!

Nyu: Nyaa? Why would I care about that!

Sarya: I understand your concern, but why would I do that? Are you sure you have found the right person for the task?

It’s not like I can offer her anything, the only thing I can do is beg.
Dropping on my knees to show humbleness, I tried to get my point across once more.

Icicle: Please, I beg you. I don’t have anything to offer high class people like you.

Nyu: Human, I told you I’m hungry! Why are you kneeling like that? Get up and feed me!

Icicle: *Hold your hunger in for a second, Nyu! I’m busy!*

Sarya: I’m sorry, but there’s no wa-

Hylzar: We’ll gladly adhere to your request, lord Icicle. Please stand up.

Icicle: I’m sorry sir Hylzar, but I need miss Sarya to do it.

Staying on my knees, I looked up.
Sarya was definitely confused.

Sarya: What are you-

Hylzar: *Shut up and confirm it, Sarya!*

Sarya: W-Well, after reconsidering, I’ll do it. Don’t kneel like that, you’re free to go.

Wow, she changed her mind fast.
I wonder if my beginner begging technique worked…

Icicle: Thank you, I’ll be in your debt.

Bowing once again, I left the arena.

Sarya: What the hell did you do, Hylzar? First taking the offer for me, then talking to me telepathically to accept it!

Uryuu: Yeah, why did you accept his request?

Hylzar: First of all, this young man wasn’t doing anything for himself. It was for the princess. Secondly, you may not believe it, Sarya, but I’ve probably just saved your life.

Uryuu: Saved her life? Aren’t you exaggerating, old man?

Sarya: Exactly, what could an uneducated mage like him do to me!

Hylzar: *sigh* Are you really that blind? When this man, Icicle, walked into the arena, you tried to assess him, what did you see back then?

Sarya: Well, he was a Water Mage, had an ancient orb, but he was at most advanced level. Compared to the other adventurers I saw, he was definitely a tad bit stronger. I think that’s all.

Uryuu: I thought he was just another Water Mage, how could I know that he’s something special? Water Mages aren’t what you see daily…

Hylzar: That’s understandable for you, Uryuu, but Sarya here is a scouting class of an archer. She’s supposed to see the her enemies through with her insight or sixth sense if you prefer calling it that. Anyways, that was not the point I was trying to make. That being that suddenly appeared on his shoulder, did you see it before?

Sarya: N-No, but what does it matter, I could’ve overlooked it!

Hylzar: You didn’t overlook it, Sarya. You were just not able to see it. That’s the difference. I’ve seen many mages in my life, but this one has this beast-like, ancient feeling to him. What’s more, he’s carrying an artifact orb and sword…

Uryuu: What do you mean beast-like? That Icicle is a mage, not a berserker! Sure, he had this resolute look in his eyes, like he was ready to fight at the utmost of his abilities, but that can’t be called instinct!

Hylzar: I’m telling you what I saw, it’s not my fault that you’re blind, Uryuu.

Sarya: Arghhh! Stop getting off the subject, why would my life be in danger, huh? I agreed out of respect for you, Hylzar, but you still haven’t told me what prompted you to do what you did!

Hylzar: *sigh* That white, furry being on his shoulder… if you were to come to blows with it, you wouldn’t be able to even take one. Same goes for Uryuu and me.

Sarya: What the hell? Are you still thinking of me like of that little girl that you knew in the past? I’ve grown, Hylzar, I became strong enough to lead this kingdom’s Archer Guild, how would some furry whelp be able to kill me in one hit?!

Hylzar: If my guess is correct, then that being on Icicle’s shoulder is an Ice Guardian.

Uryuu: What is an Ice Guardian? I’ve met a lot of magical beast, but I’ve never heard of a one like that.

Sarya: Same here, I traveled the world far and wide, never heard of it!

Hylzar: That’s understandable. Even in the kingdom’s library, there’s only one book that mentions such a being. It was what Ice Mages from 10000 years ago created to protect their burial tombs and important areas. The weakest of the Ice Guardian was supposed to be a level 3000 boss monster.

Uryuu: Are you serious, Hylzar? Level 3000 is untouchable! It would require like half of the kingdom’s army to take it down!

Sarya: So you’ve stopped me just because this guy had a strong being on his side? What would he do, use it to kill me?

Hylzar: Even though he could simply force you, that man dropped on his knees and begged you. Don’t you think that deserves some recognition?

Sarya: Hmph, you’ve always been like that. When the weak asked for something, you would show benevolence and indulge them.

Hylzar: Hohoho, didn’t you grow into such a fine lady because of that, Sar?

Sarya: I told you many times to stop calling me that!

Hylzar: Hoho, okay, I’ll stop right away, Sar~.

Sarya: I swear, someday I’ll kill you for this…

Uryuu: Come on now, don’t get so restless, S-a-r~.

*thwish*  *woosh* *thwish* *woosh* *thunk* *thunk*

Uryuu: Are you out of your mind, stop shooting at me, Sarya!

Sarya: Finally learned to spell my name properly, huh?

Uryuu: You’re such a party pooper…

Sarya: HUH? Did you say something, Uri?

Uryuu: ‘Uri? I so want to smack her…!’ No, nothing madame…

Sarya: Just like I thought.

Hylzar: Now, now, kids, don’t fight. This old man here will treat you to dinner, hohoho.

Sarya: …

Uryuu: …

Walking out of the coliseum, a little lighter on my suppressed conscience,  I saw my sister waiting with her friends.
Nyu was already fed during my way out, after getting to eat her favorite thing – sugar filled chocolate, she fell asleep like a rock.

Closing the distance to my sister and her friends, I tried sounding apologetic.

Icicle: I know I promised that we’ll talk after the tournament, but I’m really tired, Clare. I’m going to log out and get some sleep. See you guys in 16 hours real time.

Almost too happy to see me gone, Sylph smiled as innocently as she could have.

Sylph: It’s okay brother, see you later.

Waving to me before I logged out, I couldn’t help showing her a faint smile.

Waking up in my apartment, I took the VR headset down.
Shaking my head a little, I recovered from the tardiness.
Lazily heading to the bathroom, I switched the lights on.
Chandelier illuminated the room, showing its wonders.

By “wonders”, I mean the dark brown floor tiles, that had some carvings on them, I could never recognize what it was, all I saw was a head of the dinosaur and the slime thing that looked like a pokemon.
On the sides, there were green tiles made from a stone with, what a surprise, various wavy carvings, that made no sense to me.
Anyways, they looked good, that’s all it matters.
The ceiling was also green, making the room look “eco friendly”.

To my left, there was the white washbasin.
Nothing luxurious, just a tap to wash my hands and face.

Right in front of me, there was the bathtub, just like with the washbasin, really casual one, no need to spend money on something that you don’t really need or use much.

‘Wow, that sounded like I’m a dirty caveman…’

What I meant, is that I prefer taking a shower.
My shower cabin is located on the right side of the bathroom.

Moving on from this “Admire the wonders of my bathroom” tale, I opened the cabin and took a quick shower.
Getting a towel to dry my hair and putting the bathrobe on, I headed to the kitchen.

Just as the bathroom, my kitchen was nothing fancy.
The entrance was located on the right side.
Right wall was the host for a small kitchen table next to it, able to host three people tops, unless I moved it.

To the left there was the metallic oven, kitchen cupboards here and there, marble countertop with the sink in it, then there was the fridge with refrigerator and lastly, the microwave on top of the fridge.

North-west of the entrance there was the window, letting some light in.
As it was nighttime, the only thing that came in was moonlight.
Countertop adjacent to the window was littered with various fruits, some visibly rotten…

‘I need to throw these out…’

I always called that part of the kitchen the north side.

Lastly, the wall linear with the entrance, the “south wall” was empty, I often used it to place some jars with pickles and other home-made preserves, such as jam and marmolade next to it.

The entire kitchen was painted white, the floor tiles were white as well. having a little bit of greyish blue, beige and pink patterns inside them.
Around 3/4 of the side walls was adorned with light blue tiles, with the same wavy patterns as the ones in the bathroom.
Entire apartment had the ceiling set at three meters high.

Walking into the kitchen, I made sure not to hit the chandelier that was hanging low.
I never had the heart or incentive, if you wish to call it that, to change it.
It was barely aboce my head, but oh well, I’m too lazy to fix it.

Rummaging through the cupboards that hanged above the sink, I found the toaster.
Spreading the butter over four pieces of bread, I put ham and cheese on them, put it together and placed in the toaster.
With the kettle on the oven, I waited for the water for the tea and the toast to get ready.
I was really tired and not paying attention, so I was the happiest man alive when the toasts came out properly cooked…

‘Praise the Lord!’

After gobbling down the toasts, I gulped down the tea, as fast as I could, making sure to constantly remind myself that it’s hot.
That slaked my thirst, but what about the hunger?
It simply wasn’t enough! I haven’t eaten the whole day!
Taking the yoghurt off the fridge to sate my hunger, I felt it going down a little.

My thoughts were focused on some nice, well done steak, but that had to wait until tomorrow.
It’s too late to eat so much…
With thoughts of the best steak I’ll ever eat, I headed to the bedroom, fell flat onto my bed and drifted into the world of dreams.

At the same time, Loiterous, Raren City, near the coliseum

Clare’s POV

Nete: What do we do now?

Rene: I don’t know…

There were four girls walking towards us.

Quan: We wanted to test your brother in the tournament, but then this happens! You didn’t tell us he’s a goddamn duo-elemental mage! A monster like that, to add!

Sylph: How could have I known that he’s so strong?! I told you that he was always good in games, didn’t you listen, huh?!

Rene: Calm down, we won’t get anywhere by fighting.

Wenn: I think he’s pretty interesting. Not only was he able to calmly assess the situation, when the bishop threatened his family, that Icicle guy emitted such a killing aura, I could feel his bloodlust even from the other side of the arena…

Pou: He’s definitely not lacking combat experience. At least for this level of competition. I wonder how did he get it, he’s a level 45 after all…

Sylph: Brie, what do you think?

Brie: What do I think? I was thinking that…

Kiyu: Thinking what?

Brie: That Princess Saress is so cool! Did you see her move? I mean… your brother’s was cool too, Clare, don’t get me wrong, but princess’s… *kyaaa* It was so epic!

She had her eyes sparkling when saying that, not to mention she was imitating the move…
Typical of Brie, she’s a total airhead…

Sylph: *sigh* You were supposed to do the recon for my duel with him, but the tournament got postponed. All in all, we were able to see his abilities, my brother’s definitely strong. I told you what Icicle expects of us. Are you in or not?

Pou: Hmm, although your plan to see his abilities unfolded differently than we have thought, the goal has been achieved, that’s definitely correct. However, I still want to test your brother if I am to trust his leadership.

Wenn: I’m in on this one. We don’t know if that was Icicle’s full power or if he was hiding something else.

Quan: We’ll see how “his lordship” fares against an assassin, fufu~.

Brie: I want to see the princess in action again so I’m in!

Do I even need to make a comment?
*sigh* Whatever, I’ll let them do as they please.

Kiyu: I can assure you that this man is stronger than you think. I’m only a rank 4th Mercenary, yet he was able to overwhelm rank 8th one. Be careful!

Pou: Don’t be such a worrywart, Kiyu, we’ll do just fine.

Sylph: Thank you for doing this, girls.

Wenn: Now, now, no need to be so formal. The tournament is going to start in two days, we’re off to get some sleep and freshen up a bit. See you girls in two days.

Saying our goodbyes, Rene, Nete, Kiyu and I logged off too.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day…


17 thoughts on “Chapter 47 – Much needed rest

  1. Nyu is a badass level 3000 BOSS monster minimum ….. thats awesome….. and i have a feeling she isnt your weak/average variant of her kind


  2. My friends and I check for updates everyday. No pressure, we just love this story and, by extension you 🙂 Thanks so much for and other great chapter!


    • Like I said earlier, I’ll try releasing 4-5 capters a week when the month ends and my workload decreases. I’m glad that you and your friends enjoy the series.


  3. This story is like freaking crack, dude. The agonizing doom of reaching the update hits strong with this one. You rock, man.


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