Chapter 59 – Dirty little secrets part 2

Author’s note: Here you guys go, part 2. Sorry for the delay. The next chapter should show up within 2 days.

Bob: I brought our special medkit, sir. Will we be using it?

Icicle: No need to go to such lengths. It’s not like they’ve raped my sister or anything. These substances were made for worst kind of criminals. We’ll do it differently this time.

Bob: Understood. I’ll put it back then.

Hmm… now that I think about it, we can really use it later.

Icicle: Leave it here. We can use it to scare these guys. Or not, go put it back.

Bob: You really like to change your mind, don’t you boss?


Icicle: That’s the human nature. Alright, leave it for later. Let’s go get a next one.

Four people who tortured me for 3 days tied up and cuffed next to each other. What a lovely sight.

Icicle: So, who’s next? …no one volunteers? That’s too bad. How about you, what was your name… Terrence. You were talking about consequences, so I’m willing to see what exactly did you mean, fufufu.

Terrence: You’re a psycho! How can you be so cruel to another human being?

Oh, that’s really deep.

Icicle: I wonder… who made me go 3 days without food, water and toilet breaks? Not to mention that whenever I tried to get a wink of sleep, I was kicked around and beaten awake. What I’m doing to you seems only right, don’t you agree?

Andy: Don’t let him provoke you, Terrence.

What a good leader…

Harry: I’ve heard shots twice! What do you mean don’t let him provoke you! He’s going to kill us all!

Icicle: Oh come on guys, I won’t let you die… That would be too merciful for you~. I’ll have you enjoy what you did to me…

Harry: Y-You’re going to keep us here for 3 straight days?!

Icicle: Three days? That wouldn’t be vengeance then. It’s a retribution, H-a-r-r-y. Not even Harry Potter can save you now, so don’t even think about being let off the hook easily, fufu~.

*wiggle* *tremble*

Hmm, only one of them is constantly calm, Paul Laur, huh.
Andy seems to be in a good shape, but there are signs of fear in him.
Let’s get this Paul guy.
Take the strongest link instead of the weakest.

Icicle: I’ve changed my mind, enjoy the rest of your time, Terrence. Bob get this Paul guy over there.

Walking off into the “torture room”, I started humming.
I wonder what these three tied up men feel right now.
Fear? Terror? Consternation?

Is this what Likaan inside Loiterous enjoys doing? Hmm, that’s definitely enjoyable in some fucked up way, but I couldn’t go on forever like this…

While Bob was sitting Paul up on a wooden chair, I perused his file.
That’s when the silent man finally spoke up.

Paul: If you wanted to divide us by taking the weaklings first, you should have gotten Terrence here.

Even giving me advice, what a nice guy.

Icicle: Paul Laur, ex-veteran that took part in many classified missions, two of which were in Afghanistan and Iraq. At least that’s what your file in the police department says. Let’s look at the real one. Paul Laur is an alias, huh. Your true name is Marco Garez. Former military expert who took part in quite a lot of covert operations. Imprisoned by Iraqi forces for 3 years. After regaining freedom, released from the military due to suspicions of being a potential spy. Hmm, pretty interesting. I’m guessing what happened next is you being hired by your friend, Nikolaj Sanders, the chief of police, huh.

Marco: H-How could you know all of that?

Icicle: Well, compared to you, who’s just a lapdog, I’m the one at the top of the food chain. Not many know about me, so let’s keep it that way. As a former military expert, you’ve definitely been trained to endure pain and all of that crap. So I won’t torture you. You’ve hit me especially well, it hurt like hell and left no marks. For that, I need to reward you with something special.

Marco: That’s not really possible, but can it be that you’re from that black ops organization that was supposed to rival the CIA? I’ve heard that these guys have gone rogue, but…

Icicle: How amusing, you’ve heard of us.

Marco: Who in the underground hasn’t… there’s one guy who is especially known, Spectrum. No one knows what role does he have in your organization, yet he seems to control everyone and rules with an iron fist.

That guy really evokes my interest! Fufufu.

Icicle: So that’s what people say, huh. Yeah, that was two years ago…

Marco: Y-You? Impossible!

Icicle: Hmm? Did I say too much? Oh well, you guys made me rise from the dead… Don’t blame me for what happens…

Marco: Is it true, the thing that people say happened in Vegas few years ago? That school bus trip… did you really kill of these innocent kids?

Icicle: I did… It didn’t go like what you could read in newspapers though. As a covert agent you should know that the best. The truth is always hidden when it comes to covert operations like these. There was one crazy motherfucker I’ve been chasing around for quite a few days. I was about to catch him, but somehow he got the wind of it and run away. Few days later, that idiot hijacked the bus you’re talking about and let loose a dog with rabies inside… It was reported as a school bus trip, but in fact they were african kids who were supposed to be trained by government. I don’t know the exact details, that subject never interested me much, all I know is that it was some kind of “Let’s not be racist” project. None of these african kids were vaccinated against rabies… Instead of letting them die from suffocation in two weeks or less, I’ve decided to relieve their suffering.

Marco: So that’s how you see it, huh, relieve the suffering. Pretty convenient excuse, I would say. Do you realize how many lives were lost that day?

Icicle: Hahaha, excuse, you say… I have to live with that genocide every day. Whenever you kill someone, whether you perceive it as right or wrong, it’s still murder. People think that having power is “super cool”, they’re able to earn lots of money and gain so much respect, not to mention being called sir and whatnot. What they don’t realize, is that it’s more of a responsibility for people working under you than having fun “being a boss”. I’m sure you’ve had to kill on the job, so you probably know the feeling.

Marco: Hmph, I’ve never killed children!

‘Please, Jason, you don’t have to do this! I can survive this rabies, I swear! *bang* *bang bang*’

Shit, why did I have to recall that…

Icicle: Now you’ve done it, Marco. You’ve put me in a REALLY bad mood. You know, I didn’t want to do that, but there’s a very peculiar line in your file. It’s classified, of course, but I have access to it. It says “Family”. I wonder what should I do with it… how about…

*whisper* *whisper*

Marco: Hmph, that’s so lame. Are you sure you’re one of the top dogs?

*whisper* *whisper*



Swaying from side to side, Marco landed on the ground.

Icicle: Oi, you’ve broken the wooden chair. I really liked that one… *bang*

Marco: I’ll kill you! Don’t you fucking dare do anything to her…!

Icicle: Just go to sleep already, will you?


Marco: I’ll get you for this! You motherf-


*sigh* This guy actually needed two tranquilizer shots to fall asleep…

Icicle: Get him to the underground Bob.

Bob: As you wish.

Larry: Is it my turn again sir?

Icicle: Yeah it is. I really can’t stop thinking of calling you Chuck… Get Terrence in here and call the rookies.

Larry: Hahaha, it’s just for this operation, sir. We’ll go back to normal names once it’s done.

Icicle: Yeah… go.

Gesturing with my hand to get Chuck or as he’s called now, Larry, going, I started pondering.

Did I really have to kill that bus driver…?
He was my friend, one of the very few I have… or should  say… had.
Am I even allowed to live happily ever again after what I’ve done?

These useless thoughts that I had for years came back.
I learned that some people try using religion to cleanse their souls and redeem themselves, but that’s not for me.
There’s just no way I can suddenly turn into a believer.
What’s the point of pretending…

Here I was, enjoying Loiterous just a few days ago, only to get plunged again into the world of darkness once again.
Life’s just not fair…

Wait… was it the reason I had so much trouble killing these NPCs in Loiterous…?
Because of what happened in my real life?
Struggling to get into battle mode, thinking that it’s reality… going easy on them.

*sigh* This is becoming more and more screwed up.

What would normal guys my age do?
Play games?
Screw their girlfriends whenever they can?
Look for a well-paid job? Study at university?

Everyone is different, that’s what life is, but… why is mine cross heavier than others’?
Am I supposed to be some kind of savior of humanity?
I don’t think so, I’ve done so many inhumane things that it’s out of the question.

Martyr Icicle, that sounds so bad…

That’s when it hit me, that these 3 days in prison were enough to turn me back.
Enough to revert me to my former behavior.
Ruthless, merciless tyrant.
*sigh* I guess there always has to be one.

Larry: We’re set up and ready sir.

Terrence: Let me go, bastards!

I didn’t even notice when all of these guys walked in.
That’s what three days of sleep deprivation do to me.

Even my favorite wooden chair got destroyed and we had to use a new one… what a day.

Icicle: Everyone’s here, huh? Good, good. You know, Terrence, you haven’t been that bad to me. Sure you’ve hit me, but it wasn’t as bad as with the others. That’s why I’ll let you off quite easily. Rookies, go beat him up.

Terrence: Whoever you are, I’ll make sure you pay me back for this!

Rookies: We don’t know you, sir. That’s why we can’t follow the order.

Icicle: You’re not supposed to know about me. Even most of the higher-ups don’t, so get your ass moving before I check your combat abilities myself.

Rookies: As we said earlier, we can’t comply. Please introduce yourself.

*sigh* This is driving me nuts.

Icicle: Listen up, I’ll ask you a question and you better answer. Otherwise I’ll have you locked up with insecure, restless Terrence over here.  The question is: Describe a bodyguard in one word.

Terrence: W-W-Who’s insecure?

Rookie 1: Active.

Rookie 2: Strong.

Rookie 3: Active.

Two at intermediary level and one at basic level? What the hell?
Did a guy after a basic training really get hired?
These old fools in the organization have gone crazy…

Icicle: Alright. Now I know what I can expect from you. Rough this guy up.

Rookies: We can’t follow that ord-

Larry: Don’t get so impatient, boss. They’ll follow your order right away.

Rookies: B-Boss? Y-You’re that rumored…? W-We’re so sorry sir. Please don’t fire us.

Now they’re kneeling down, huh…

Icicle: What a bunch of imbeciles. Instead of kneeling down, get to work. Look at Mr.Hunt, he’s pissing himself already. That’s because you haven’t beaten him up yet. The suspense is killing him. Come on, don’t torture him any longer. Make sure there are no marks.

Terrence: I-I’ll kill all of you for this embarassment!

Bob: What’s going on here?

Icicle: Nothing much, just training rookies. Come on Bob, let’s get the next one.

In the middle of screaming and hitting sounds, I left the small office.

Icicle: So, my two favourite people are left. Gold tooth and you, Andy. Your friends had a quick session, but for you it will be far more painful.

Showing them a vicious smile, I watched as the two squirm in terror.
Andy was trying to hide it, but his eyes couldn’t lie.
He was terrified!

Icicle: Let’s see, Who should I pick,.. Andy who has hit me the most or Harry, dirty little Harry, who annoyed me to the point of snapping. What a tough decision.

Harry: P-Please, I’ll do whatever you wish, just don’t torture me.

Did he just break?
That’s not really possible, all the policemen should undergo psychological tests…
Would they really take in such a wuss?
There’s a guy after basic training in my organization, maybe one lucked one and got into the police force…

Icicle: That’s not very comrade-like, you know. You should always stay true to your friends. Isn’t that what they taught you during your training? Even if they didn’t, you should’ve read enough books to know that…

Harry: F-Friends? My life is on the line here, why should I worry about them?!

Icicle: Okay, okay. I understand. Bob take them both in.

Harry: N-No, please! Sir, I’ll do anything you ask of me!

Icicle: I don’t need you do to anything. Your two comrades, Will and Paul have already told me everything I needed to know.

Andy: You’re lying! Paul would never fess up, he’s a…

Icicle: A military expert, right? I know that. But you see, he has a family… Everyone cares about someone, even an insensitive person like me. Remember hearing Will and Paul scream so much? You can check their conditions later, they’re not harmed in any way.

Walking into the room, I saw Terrence being quite… bloodied.
Seems like some stray punches landed on his ugly face.
Instead of rebuking the rookies, I actually felt quite satisfied.

Icicle: That’s not what I expected, but it will do.


Picking up the tranquilizer gun, I shot Terrence.

Icicle: To the underground with him. Larry go with them. Make sure he’s patched up.

Larry: Roger that.

I wonder if it was Chuck’s idea. Maybe he wanted these rookies to suck up a little…
*sigh* Somehow I want to call him Larry. Sounds better than Chuck…
Maybe he should just keep that identity…

Bob was waiting at the door with two tied up policemen.

Icicle: Contact Shawn. Ask if he has pincers in the toolbox.

Bob: Pincers…? Understood boss.

Harry: W-What do you need pincers for?!

Andy: You’re the boss, huh? You’re like a twenty something year old. How is that remotely possible?

Icicle: Let’s see… there was a need for someone ruthless, vicious and ready to do anything for the sake of the organization. There were many candidates, but in the end…only one remained.

Andy: So you’ve killed everyone else? That’s how you got your hands on power?

Icicle: Are you really that dumb…? I just killed the last guy and took his place. Why would I bother with others? Unnecessary trouble.

Hahaha, it’s so enjoyable watching these two believe everything that leaves my mouth.

Andy: Y-You’re as devious as one can be! There’s no way you’d be chosen!

Icicle: I seriously doubt you understand English properly. I wasn’t chosen. The place I’m in was taken by force. Coup d’etat. Do you get it now, birdbrain?

Bob: Sir, we’ve got the pincers ready.

Icicle: *yawn* So we had one? Good. I’m really tired, so I’ll leave the job to you. Get the rookies some training. Make sure Harry loses his gold tooth in the process.

Harry: N-No, please! Sir, I’ll do anything! I beg you, spare me!

I wonder why you were not so humble when punching me inside this smelly cell…

Icicle: Additional round for Harry, he’s annoying.

Bob: Roger that, boss.

Albatros Company’s studio

Jack: Hahaha, look at that, Lisa! Your boy hasn’t played since the update came out! What a coincidence!

Lisa: That’s pretty rich coming from a guy who lost the bet. I’m sure he’ll show up sooner or later.

Carl: I don’t get your obsession with that boy, boss. Why is he better than others? Just because of his class? Anyone can luck out. Look at the other deities’ champions. They’re way stronger than him.

Lisa: Hahaha, I don’t like Icicle for his gameplay. I don’t think of him highly just because he has gotten the Ice Lord class either. Sure, he was lucky as hell, but everyone can stumble upon something and take it. There’s no merit in that. What I like about this guy, is his ability to take stress. Icicle’s not affected by the enormous mental pressure, not even in the slightest. Out of all the complains we’re getting, what’s the 15%?

Jack: Let’s see… money back, lack of discern between the two worlds, addiction, various health issues!

Lisa: Exactly, health issues. What they mean by that is that either the person has changed or was unable to take the stress and shut himself or herself out completely. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that these people suffer from something similar to autism.

Carl: So what if he’s able to handle stress well? That won’t matter if he’s paired up with a stronger opponent…

Lisa: You’re really funny, Carl! Seems like you’ve forgotten what happened to you during the beta tests!

Carl: …

Jack: That’s still wishful thinking, Lisa. After the update, he definitely won’t be as useful as he was until now.

Lisa: Haha, of course he won’t. Most mages will have to relearn their skills from the ground up. That’s why I think he’s so strong. Remember that [Light baptism] Icicle performed? To this day we don’t know why exactly wasn’t he disconnected. Even with a [Willpower] skill, that kind of pain should force him out. Yet he persevered. Don’t you think that mysteriousness is pretty interesting?

Carl: …are you suggesting military training?

Lisa: Who knows, that’s why it is so fun to watch. Mental capabilities can be trained, it’s just that not everyone can reach the same level of mental fortitude, Some people break and never regain their former self. Playing with your brain is a dangerous game…

Icicle: *yawn* Bob, is the car ready?

Bob: Of course sir.

Icicle: Then let’s go.

Telling Shawn where we’re supposed to go, I was left with Bob inside.

Icicle: Did you cover up the “kidnapping policemen” incident?

Bob: Not yet, sir. I’m not sure how should I get my head around it…

Icicle: Just call the PR team. That’s what they’re for. Make a public statement from some official in the local news. Announce they’re going for a training camp. While PR team is working on that, we’ll visit their families and tell them personally.

Bob: T-That’s really brilliant. As expected of you sir.

Icicle: I’m not your boss for nothing, Bob…

Bob was making some calls.
Feeling tired, I decided to take a short nap before we get to our destination.


Shawn: Sir, we’re here.

I saw the tinted window sliding down.

Icicle: I see. Thank you Shawn.

Walking on a stone pavement, I’ve reached the doorstep of a pretty decent looking household.

*ding dong*

???: I’m coming.


???: Excuse me, who are you gentlemen?

Cute blond woman opened up.

Icicle: Mrs. Laur? We’re here to talk about your husband, Mr. Paul Laur. Can we come in?


34 thoughts on “Chapter 59 – Dirty little secrets part 2

  1. Really enjoying the story so far, great quality overall. Can see you took some time to think this one through and now I don’t mind waiting a few more days for the next one.


    • I did think it through, but the problem is that the original concept was far subpar to this one. Now I need to make substantial changes, that overall come for the better.

      So yeah, a lot of work ahead of me.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Then I am even more glad you took extra time. Always love a well fleshed out character so thank you for one of the more interesting MC’s that I can think of.


  2. reminds me of the boring part of a novel like the filer of an anime it was all good at like chapter 20 when things that were interesting was happening but after chapter 40-50 it was like you were making another story and a different type of plot from the beginning except that the mc has the same class and skills plus your making him op but making the other people in the story broken to the point were the mc is weak as fuck and cant do shit like useing skills take 80% of the mp when earlier it was like he could use it all he wanted


    • I’m not doing that, lol. Just bear me with and you’ll see the concept. I don’t like making gods in novels, sure someone can be strong but not unbeatable in every aspect.

      If your MC can get it, so can other people. That’s a rule some of the authors forget.

      As for the real life, I’m not trying to make it a different story. People at power could play the game as well, I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t.

      This story is supposed to be a mix of four things.

      Real life, VR, character development and in game mechanics.

      I won’t force anyone to read, so if you feel like the story has become boring or not the kind you’d like to read, you know what to do.


  3. This whole new sudden RL development doesn’t sit quite right with me. I think that going in this direction is fine with him having this whole strong and mysterious background however i feel that the execution and wording of the conversations got a little out of hand. The whole thing for lack of a better word did flow well.


    • Yeah, I have the same feeling. It definitely could have been executed better. I can’t blame the heat for lack of skills.
      As I said in the description, this is my first time writing a story so there are obvious flaws.
      Sometimes it’s because I don’t want to prolong the scenes and they seem… off.

      I’ll try to step up, we’ll see how it pans out.


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