Chapter 74 – The more, the merrier…?

Author’s note: As I said in the post earlier, I’m sick right now, and it will probably take around a week (yup my immunity is really low), so expect the next chapter, that is 75, in no less than 4 days. That’s all, enjoy the read.

Icicle’s POV

Faura: So this is where it starts, huh? Our adventure.

Icicle: Most likely. I don’t think you’re ready, but we don’t have enough time to prepare you either. It will be faster to just get you guys right into it.

Faura: Into what exactly?

Icicle: Fufufu, you shall see.

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Chapter 73 – Power show

Icicle: Mind telling me what that backhand slap was for, dear sister?

Sylph: *tickle* *tickle* Aren’t you adorable, you pink little thing? Mmm. What? Were you saying something, brother? Oh right, how about those women you’ve brought instead of meeting with your cute older sister, hm?

Whoever that goddamn snitch was, he’s dead!

Glancing to the right, I’ve seen a lot more people than before.
What the hell are all three parties doing here?
Great, I’ve been humiliated in front of them.

Whatever, let’s move to the matter at hand first, getting even with the snitch!

Icicle: And how do you know about my private matters?

Sylph: Quan told me. Who does this adorable bunny belong to? *snuggle*

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Chapter 72 – Crouching tiger, hidden… women

I was on my way back from [Desolated Catacombs], when I encountered a party fighting with the [Goblin Deserters].
This brought back the memories of me and Faura’s party struggling against these, back in the day, quite dangerous creatures.

Looking at this 5 man party blankly, I realized they were about to be finished with the greenish monster.

Daryl: Hey, do you want to join us?

Is he talking to me…?

Icicle: Umm, are you talking to me?

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Chapter 71 – Karma

Author’s note: I’ve appointed belthor as a proofreader (give him some *clap clap*), so if you read a day after the release, all the mistakes should be corrected. I’ll think of increasing my pace and sending him the chapters earlier, but that’s not possible for a while. Anyways, here you go with yet another chapter, enjoy the read.

*drip* *drip*

It has been a long time since I indulged myself in such a bloody whirlwind of death.
Bodies of NPCs littered the floor in front of the underground cave entrance.
Many white beams of light appeared in the horizon.

[System message]

You’ve become a serial murderer!
Entrance to most towns has been restricted.
NPCs you are not familiar with won’t trade with you.
You can now engage in shady business…


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Chapter 70 – Progress part 2

Author’s note: Here it is, part two. Tell me if there are any mistakes, I’m not taking offense, hell, I’ll be grateful if you point them out so I can improve. Thanks.
Enjoy the read.

Inside Albatros Company, Lisa’s POV

Lisa: … so, call me back or text me if you’re willing to come! Bye bye♥!

*step* *step*

Peter: Hey Lisa. Oh, I’m sorry were you talking with someone?

Jesus, not that old prick again…

Lisa: Hello Peter, yes I was, but I’m done. What do you need?

Peter: Hehe, what could I need, the same as always, I want to ask you out for a dinner~.

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Chapter 69 – Progress part 1

Author’s note: Alright guys, I promised 5k words, and I’ll deliver tomorrow (or rather today, as it is 40 minutes after midnight). There’s just so much to write that I prefer shifting it over, rather than releasing super late.
Enjoy the read.

Inside the police precinct

Mrs. Brown: Are you really going to do this, honey?

Police chief: What choice do I have? Can’t you guess how encompassing this man’s power is? He has us cornered. Our bank accounts are frozen, we’re under scrutiny, not to mention he does even know where our secret locations are…

Mrs. Brown: But these terms…! Aren’t they excessive?!

Police chief: Listen up, dear. We have no choice. This man, supposedly called Jeremy Grand, it’s probably not even his real identity… he has us dancing to his tune, right in the palm of his hand. Whatever he says is like Decalogue. It doesn’t matter if we agree with them, we have to follow these instructions as if our lives depended on it!

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Chapter 68 – Troublesome, angry women and unexpected revelation

Author’s note: I apologize for the day of delay, I want to release every three days, but I’ve been so engrossed in reading that it just couldn’t happen.
Enjoy the read.

Albatros’s Company Studio, Lisa’s POV

Just look at Icicle, struggling to do anything!
That’s so much different from his usual behavior, although that interaction between him and princess’s attendant was ceirtainly fun to watch.


Jack: Isn’t someone up and early! Hey boss, give me some of your coffee!

Lisa: In your dreams Jack.

Carl: Have you seen the recent interaction of your “chosen one” boss?

Lisa: Don’t give me that smothered laugh, Carl. Play the video.

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