Chapter 70 – Progress part 2

Author’s note: Here it is, part two. Tell me if there are any mistakes, I’m not taking offense, hell, I’ll be grateful if you point them out so I can improve. Thanks.
Enjoy the read.

Inside Albatros Company, Lisa’s POV

Lisa: … so, call me back or text me if you’re willing to come! Bye bye♥!

*step* *step*

Peter: Hey Lisa. Oh, I’m sorry were you talking with someone?

Jesus, not that old prick again…

Lisa: Hello Peter, yes I was, but I’m done. What do you need?

Peter: Hehe, what could I need, the same as always, I want to ask you out for a dinner~.

*sigh* Can’t this guy understand I don’t want to date him?
He’s at least 15 year older, he’s creepy, and only looks at my exterior!
Why would I even try to enter into a relationship with such a creep?
I don’t think what he wants is relationship, but to take off my panties anyways…

God grant me strength so I can refuse politely…

Lisa: I’m not interested, Peter. Thanks for your invitation, but I’m busy. Find someone else to accompany you, I am certain many prominent, outstanding beauties wouldn’t mind such a gentleman. So much work to do… Oh yeah, goodbye.

After this awkward goodbye I left with hurried steps.

Who would have thought that I would enjoy going back to work so much.
Stalkers… the worst enemies of beautiful women.

Peter’s POV

Peter: Castro, come over here.

Castro: What is it sir?

Peter: I want that bitch to be mine, follow her and check if she’s dating someone. If she does, I want to know who it is. Am I clear?

Castro: Of course sir, right away.

Fufufu, don’t you worry blond princess, I’ll have you whether you want it or not!

Inside Zaryoux Temple, Icicle’s POV

After Acquare’s divine intervention, the atmosphere in the dungeon became livelier.
If these undead can be even considered alive…

Anyways, with all of them so happy, I went to get my bag from Sixxy and Tyxx who, I hope, didn’t eat everything.

Sixxy: Master, you’re back! Fufufu~, *hiss* this Naga lady here was anxiously~ awaiting your glorious arrival~.*hiss*

Geez, you don’t need to accentuate it so much, Sixxy…
I realize that sex appeal is necessary and all, but isn’t this too much?

Icicle: Aren’t you invigorated Sixxy? I wonder how your battle related skills have been improving~.

Sixxy: Come on, let’s not talk about that, and make our own nuptial chamber. I need to blow off some steam before I can give it my best~!


I deem my little fellow dares to disagree…

Icicle: Not now, Sixxy, I have a lot of things to do before I can return for even half a day.

Leaning forward, Sixxy hissed into my ear.

Sixxy: *How about a quickie then~♥?*

I was flabbergasted.
But, there was no reason to lose my pride as an alpha male!

Icicle: Come here.

Pulling Sixxy’s head closer with my right hand, I started playing with her green, emerald-like hair, at the same time kissing her.
My Naga’s blue reptilian eyes widened, then turned into a mild look of pleasant surprise.

A moment of pleasure, that was all I needed to transmit.
Something fleeting, that she has to hold on and cherish.

Icicle: [Ice breath]

It’s hard to describe it, but I’ll nonetheless try.
Seconds after I thought of that incantation of sorts, Sixxy’s mouth started to freeze, she withdrew, quickly slithering backwards and letting out an ear piercing shriek.

Sixxy: *ARGHHHHHHH* Y-You little devil, w-what have you done?!

Icicle: What? Can’t you withstand a little bit of pain for the intense pleasure you’re getting?!

Sixxy: Little bit of pain?! My whole mouth is sore!

Icicle: So was my little guy after you almost wrenched it to death…

Sixxy: H-Huh? What are you saying under your nose?

Icicle: Nah, nothing. I need to see Tyxx, where is he?

Sixxy: That bulky bull should be somewhere to my left. Wait, what the hell? Where do you think you’re going? You need to pay for embarrassing me like that, you little rascal!

Charging Naga appears before you.
What do you do?
I, for one, would like to choose option “Pin her down”.
But… there’s really no time, we’re in a public place, and I don’t want to have a face like lord Vilen.

Speaking of him, where are the girls…?

*swish* *swoosh*
*thunk* *block* *whoosh*

Icicle: Jesus, stop attacking with all of your swords, do you realize how hard it is to dodge or block all six of them?

Sixxy: Hmph, you shouldn’t have provoked me, pitiable human!


Sixxy: Hoh? Look at you, finally getting in the mood. Come on and ravage me boy~. This old lady needs some fun~.

Haruno: I feel like we’ve been forgotten about…

Vanessa: Certainly seems so. Do you want to change it?

Haruno: Fufu, of course.

*whoosh* *whoosh*

Two figures cloaked in a veil of darkness suddenly appeared between me and Sixxy.

Sixxy: Who are you…?

Dark, black veil disappeared, revealing Haruno and Vanessa.

Vanessa: We’ve just come by to say hello.

Haruno: Thanks for saving me back then, snake lady!

Say hello my ass, I felt that killing intent oozing out…

Sixxy: Aren’t you a polite child, come here! Aunt Sixxy will teach you some techniques!

Wow, Haruno gets a hug, and all I got was a horny ass snake…

Haruno: Really?! Thank you, snake auntie!

Why do kids always get what they want…? *sniffle*

Icicle: Haruno and Vanessa are here to help out the cleaning crew, but they have been naughty and learned some assassin skills, so don’t take them lightly. Play safe girls, okay?

Sixxy: Look at it, Haruno, now he cares about us! Hmph!

Haruno: Such a crude man… *wink*

Vanessa: Fufufu, let me join in the fun.

Seriously, I should have let this playful child stay as a slave.
Insulting me just to get on Sixxy’s good side…
Now all I have is a troublesome silver tongue.

It was time I left these three mischievous women and head over to Tyxx.
Finding him wasn’t difficult, after all he’s huge, 2,5m tall.

Icicle: Hello Tyxx, how’s it going? Were you able to teach the mummies some taunt skills?

Tyxx: Welcome back Master! Umm, no, not really…

Icicle: Oi Numarak, throw your bandage at me.

Numarak: Sure Master.

Gluey white bandage wrapped once around my shoulders.

Icicle: That’s not enough, make it wrap my entire body!

Numarak: O-Of course, right away, esteemed leader.

It took some time, but after a while, I was tightly wrapped and unable to leave.

Icicle: Good, perfect this skill, then consult Valter, ask him to inscribe some blood draining or life draining magic on your bandages. That way you won’t need a taunt, every single person will attack you for having this kind of an ability. Not to mention your curses, you’ll definitely be a great assets to our Undead Army.

Numarak: Thank you, leader. We’ll work really hard to please you. Now, if you’ll excuse me, we need some seclusion to train.

Nodding my head, I turned to Tyxx.

Icicle: Did YOU at least become stronger?

Tyxx: Umm, I didn’t know why their bandages weren’t working as my spiked chain ball… But after constantly practicing, it seems I can entangle up to 100 people now.

Are you fucking serious?
Hundred people AoE crowd control skill?
That’s ridiculous!

Icicle: Listen Tyxx, I need to talk to you about the Labiryn- Hm?

From: Sylph

Fufufu, I just heard you’re bringing some girls over to your secret dungeon…

So it’s too much to see your lovely sister, but girls are fine HUH?!
Just you wait, I’ll be there shortly, and trust me, your bones might not survive this encounter!

Mayday! Mayday! We have a rat!
Who the heck was the snitch?!
Was I followed?
Whoever you are, you sneaky little bitch, I’ll cut your head off!

Eshel: *You seem upset, something happened?*

Icicle: *Some sneaky bitch just ratted me out to my sister, who in turn wants to drag my corpse behind a war chariot!*

Eshel: *Hahaha, well then, I can’t wait to see what you’ll do to the snitch~.*

Icicle: *What, you want to tell me something?*

Eshel: *I’m not certain, I simply don’t know if you’re ready. You need to convince me first. Until then, partner~.*

What the hell was Eshel so happy about?
It’s not possible for him to inform on me…
Weird, definitely weird.

Tyxx: Master…? Master, hello?

Icicle: Uhh, sorry Tyxx, I’ll talk to you later. I need to go.

Tyxx: Umm, sure, have a good one, Master.

Icicle: Yeah you too.

Inside Zaryoux Temple, Loiterous, Varaag’s POV

*knock* *knock*

Varaag: What is it?

Dark Undead Priest: No need to hide, leader, Master is gone. You can continue.

Varaag: Really? Alright then, let’s proceed with the research.

Dark Undead Priest: Certainly, I’ll call the others immediately. *bow*

It’s finally starting to take shape!
This grand invention of mine!
Master definitely won’t approve it, but…fufufu, with this I’ll be able to shake the world!

Inside Zaryoux Temple, Loiterous, Icicle’s POV

Grabbing the bag with the food, I rushed towards the exit.
Zetra was waiting there, saliva dropping from his beak.

Icicle: Here you go, get something to eat and then I’ll feed you on the way. We can’t dally around, my vengeful sister wants to leave my body in the sewer, without proper burial.

Zetra: Hahaha, you’re a colorful figure, aren’t you, Master? And I was under illusion that you’re strict and callous…

Icicle: Don’t judge the book by its cover, now, go, go, go! As I said, there’s no time to waste. Full speed towards [Desolated Catacombs]!

Zetra: Roger that Master. Top speed initiating…

One more militaristic or robot joke and I’m seriously going to plant a C4 under these “funny” devs’ asses.

Twenty minutes of pleasurable, not taxed nor disrupted air travel.
I forgot that this dungeon isn’t closed and arrived directly next to the underground cave leading to it.

There were a lot of people outside, mostly newbies, waiting for their party members, buying equipment from adventurers, or just polishing their weapons and armors to grant them some additional stats.
When my Griffon descended, they were all looking at me with wide eyes, as if I was a Game Master.

Hmm, I probably would as well… I mean if someone landed on a huge overgrown crow next to me, at this stage of the game, I would feel overwhelmed.

“I-Isn’t that Icicle Whitesnow, the owner of [Desolated Catacombs]?”

“Y-Yeah, I don’t know of anyone else who owns a Griffon.”

“What is he doing here?”

“Don’t tell me this dungeon will get closed just like Zaryoux Temple…”

“Umm, Mister, don’t close the dungeon please, my Papa is there, I don’t want him to get trapped *sniffle*”

Little NPC girl came over and said that.
These idiots make the children scared…
Yup, pixel, 3D children.

Icicle: Don’t worry, I’m not here to close anything, I’m just checking if everything’s okay.

I saw her giving me a faint smile and hurrying over to a person she called “Uncle”.

“You heard that? It’s a control!”

“Hmph, now it’s supervising? What else, maybe taking our loot? Just like those 50 people he has already killed…”

“How can a vicious person like that even own a dungeon?”

“We should just kill him and take over!”

“Haha, that’s a great idea! I’ll be the leader, who wants to party up and get this shithead down? Come, don’t be shy, it’s alrigh-”

Bunch of fucking ungrateful bastards!
Here I was lenient on you, and yet you dare to cause a ruckus, riot even?!
Great, now my mood is ruined.

It’s time for a clean up…

“What are you standing next to me for? Do you wanna say something, you shitty owner? Can a measly Water Mage like you, who has been stripped of most of his power even do anything to me? Not to mention in the open, in a public area? Come and test me if you wish~”

Icicle: Guards!

Guards: Yes sir, what is it?

“Look at that idiot, calling NPCs over to help him out, I haven’t seen such a wuss in a long time!”


Loud laughter that erupted only infuriated me further.
Fine, bastards, I wanted to just rough you up a little, but now, whether you want it or not, you’ll resurrect in my least favorite place, the church!

Icicle: Whatever I or these idiots do, don’t interfere. Otherwise I’ll have you hanged.

Guards: U-U-Understood lord.

“Hahaha, have you heard that? He’s a little lord of the hill! What a tras- *krghhhhhh* *gurgle*”

Icicle: What, can’t you speak with your throat pierced by a sword? What a pity. I wonder if twisting it a little will help you regain your hoarse voice.

This idiot’s berserker-like posture thrashed around until he disappeared, turning into dust, and forming a white pillar, signifying his resurrection in the distant Starting Area.

Icicle: So, anyone else has claims to MY DUNGEON?

“You little cunt, how dare you attack someone sneakily! We’ll cut your throat!”

“Get him boys!”

“Let’s show this frail mage what it means to be a true warrior!”

Albatros Company’s studio, Lisa’s POV

After getting rid of Peter, I went to the bathroom to freshen myself up a little.
Washing my face let me calm down slightly, at least enough to go out of the bathroom, so without hurrying I returned to the Staff Room.

Jack: Damn, did you see that?! Icicle just used [Water step] five times in a row, to cut off this guy’s hands, then legs, and when his body was dropping down, Icicle even cut his head off! DAMN THAT’S SO SAVAGE!

Carl: Look at that, did you see that overhead swing? I can’t even fathom how he can deal so much damage without [Sword Mastery]…!

Jack: WOOOOOOOOOOOW! This guy’s dick was chopped in half! DAYUM!

Carl: Ughh, that throat slicing was unnecessary, look how much blood is splattering…

Jack; Hahaha, Icicle’s Griffon is just looking, as if nothing of value was happening!

Carl: Instead of being enthralled like that, why won’t you explain it to me? How can Icicle deal so much damage? We were beta testers yet I have no idea! Not to mention that our company has absolved him! We can’t even call him a hacker now, we would lose face!

I thought they were just making things up, but that’s when I looked at the monitor.
There were at least 25 people charging over at Icicle from every direction.
Not a single slash was able to connect.
Occasional dull sounds of his [Frost barrier] absorbing the hit rang out, but that’s it.
Flawless black robe, without a drop of blood on it.

Not a shred of excess movement, every step, pierce and slash was meticulous, without any sort of counterplay to it.
Well, there was counterplay, but not for these beginners.
*sigh* How can a young person have such a peaceful expression while killing people?!
I know it’s a game, but still, isn’t it too much?
Where did you get that terrifying killing aura?!

Calm down Lisa, you can’t startle your subordinates.
That’s not a big deal… just an experienced person versus weaklings… An expert slaughtering newbies like lambs.
Breathe in, breathe out.


Lisa: You little twerps, you’re so dumb.

Jack: Huh? Boss?

Lisa: Listen up, the reason why Icicle’s doing so much damage to these individuals is because he’s only hitting their weak points. Thus, every hit results in a critical strike. Not to mention bleeding effects, freezing and so on.

Carl: Okay boss, that’s reasonable, but what about the damage? Even if it’s a critical strike, he shouldn’t be able to dispose of people in three hits as a mage! Not to mention there were people who died in one strike!

Lisa: *sigh* Did you really study the new mechanics implemented in the game? Ambush increases his damage by 200%, then there’s his strength and weapon mastery. Icicle doesn’t have any weapon mastery so it’s out of the equation. But! He’s using something to make up for that…

Carl: What is it?

Lisa: To me, it looks like martial arts.

Carl: H-Huh? Martial arts?

Lisa: I can’t gauge Icicle’s level, but it’s definitely not above advanced. However, considering this man’s hip movements, which make every single one of his strikes carry his weight behind it, he had some training. There’s the speed of his skill amplifying the damage done too.

Jack: WOOOOOOO! Look at him go! Just 5 to go! Slash to the left, slash to the right, what a wonderful diagonal cross attack! Sidestep, then a pivot and boom, heads are flying! Man, I start to fall in love with this guy’s playstyle! From now on, I’m a fan!

God, please heed my call. Grant me patience, otherwise, I presume this idiotic subordinate of mine, Jack, may lose not only his job, but his life today.
Thank you for your consideration, your humble servant, Lisa!

Lisa: I sometimes wish Jack’s mom had undergone abortion… or bought condoms.

Carl; No need to tell me…

Jack: *whoosh* *swoosh* Damn, he’s like a Jedi wielding his light saber! Blood splattered everywhere, only one man standing, with several people in the back, watching with their mouths agape!

Carl: I suppose we don’t have to hire a commentator once we need to host an event…

Lisa: Yeah…What a bright side.

This will be a long, exhausting day…


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  1. I can’t handle the wait for each chapter. Every time a new one comes out I read it in 2 minutes, and then cant sit still until the next one comes out. I literally checked this webpage 30 times today to see how much longer till the update. This has become my favorite book.


    • I wish I could write so fast, the plot itself isn’t that much of an issue, the order of things happening is though.

      I have to make it so it’s not too much of “head jumping” between characters, set up future events and so on… yeah, this takes a while.

      However, I’m glad you enjoy it.


    • update a few chapters ago, mages were too op so they were completely screwed over. I think its something like he has to level up to were he could actually use a power before it unlocks. I feel like its going to be something ridiculous like he has to level up a few hundred times before he can unlock them. Plus, at the beginning he was told that even the weakest ice mages were in the thousands in their wisdom stat. MAybe he needs more wisdom to unlock them, like with everything he has unlocked with wisdom.


  2. Oh man I love your story… Lisa fallen for icicle ? Or maybe Lisa and Jeremy know each other from the past, cause from your “pov” on Lisa (and her team) we can suppose they are becoming important, well we are giving informations on her private life….


  3. Thanks!
    Ah, i missed this update, or i’d have commented earlier—!
    Urgh, really don’t like that lecher…-secretly brandishes knife to kill him- ahem, well, this is insurance in case Icicle doesn’t kill, um, torture, him, but i sure hope he will!
    Anywah, cool chapter! Lol the girls bonding togeher and ignoring the head of the house!
    Also, woo Icicle, nice massacre! Very nice—-!


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