Chapter 72 – Crouching tiger, hidden… women

I was on my way back from [Desolated Catacombs], when I encountered a party fighting with the [Goblin Deserters].
This brought back the memories of me and Faura’s party struggling against these, back in the day, quite dangerous creatures.

Looking at this 5 man party blankly, I realized they were about to be finished with the greenish monster.

Daryl: Hey, do you want to join us?

Is he talking to me…?

Icicle: Umm, are you talking to me?

Daryl: Yeah, who else? How about it?

Icicle: Mm, I’m kind of too high leveled for this…

Daryl: Level 45, huh?

Seems like I’ve forgotten to hide my level and class.
*sigh* I’ve been too busy after the update, everyone wants to either kill me or get my attention… damn it.

Daryl: Now that I think about it, aren’t you the owner? Why are you a PK?

Icicle: Some of the guys before the entrance wanted to take away my ownership, so I made the first move and took their… freedom, so to speak.

Daryl: Hahahaha! Good, that’s how men should act. Well then, we’ll get going, there’s still a lot of experience to be had.

Icicle: Happy hunting.

Daryl: Heheh, thank you.

Just a minute, I can use these guys!
Someone needs to spread the word about the upcoming event.

Icicle; Wait a second. There is going to be an event here, in 12 days and 4 hours to be exact. Make sure to take your friends and drop by. Orcs that are going to appear will be strong, but with Goblins’ help, there’s a chance of repelling them. Last time I had an elite item drop from their leader… Maybe this time we will get even luckier…?

Daryl: Elite level items, huh? Sure, I’ll get quite a few people, armed to the teeth.

Icicle: Tell the other adventurers too, we can’t make it ourselves. Well, I could have my household take care of all of them, but that would be no fun for you guys. That’s why I would like to burden you with organizing a “raid” of sorts. Goblins are dumb and will be in need of a lot of help. On my part, I’ll update the dungeon announcement in a jiffy.

Daryl: We wanted to keep it to ourselves to get better spoils of war, but if what you’re saying is true, then we really can’t make it with only 6 people. Very well, I’ll help you out, but…

There’s always a but…

Icicle: What do you need?

Daryl: 500 gold coins. We’re lacking proper equipment, this would ease our predicament.

Icicle: Fine, but I expect you to get the job done… otherwise you may think of creating new characters.

Dropping 500 gold coins on the floor, I made my way out.

Daryl: Thank you boss, you’re very generous.

Desolated Catacombs, Loiterous, Daryl’s POV

Kryie: Why didn’t you try to extort more? We could have killed this guy!

Daryl: Kill him? Pffft! Are you retarded, Kryie? He could dispatch all those guys in front of the entrance, who, by the way, were higher leveled than us! What do you think five of us could do to him?!

Kryie: …

Lelo: Whatever, we’ve gotten 500 gold coins for free. We can finally get somewhat decent gear.

Daryl: That’s true. We need to think of a way to get a lot of people in here, then, when we get this Icicle guy’s favor, we’ll be rich and powerful!

Kryie: Being a toady doesn’t really suit us…

Daryl: Shut up and take it like a man. We can act all important when we become formidable. There’s already a huge gap between us and renowned players, who started playing more than 3 months ago! Without any outside help we won’t ever make it to the top!

Kryie: Fine, fine. Do whatever you want.

My eyes turn into dollars, as if there was a propitious event right before me.
If this is this so-called “once in a lifetime chance”, then I’m definitely going to snatch it!

Outside Desolated Catacombs, Icicle’s POV

From: Icicle Whitesnow (owner)
To: Desolated Catacombs’ visitors

There’s going to be an event, in 12 days and 4 hours from me announcing this.
To not make it complicated, I’ll leave the timer down below.

What does it involve?
From what I was able to gather, large wave of Orcs will try to threaten human settlements, but in their way stands the Goblin Village, you know, this wooden encampment in the hardest corridor of [Desolated Catacombs]. Bring your friends over, because this one will definitely be one hell of a slaughter! Last time Orcs were of level 28-40. I expect that this time, their level range will be at least ten to thirty level higher, making it 50-70. Take that into account and train hard before this greenish deluge comes into our continent!

~ That’s all, owner, Icicle Whitesnow

Phew, with that done, I can at last get going.

Zetra: Are you done, Master?

Icicle: Yup, let’s return to the [Zaryoux Temple] before the girls decide to crucify me.

Zetra: Aren’t you a scaredy-cat recently? That’s not the master I chose…

Icicle: You didn’t choose me, I made you choose me. Don’t mix up the two.

Zetra: It seems you’re not denying being scared…

Icicle: You’re mixing stuff up again. Look at it like that, Zetra. I was powerful, capable of killing any adventurer without breaking a sweat. Why? Because the ancient Ice Mages’ spells were available to me. I could manipulate the mana however I wanted, not to mention I had a shit ton of it to use! Compared to now, when these spells are disabled, I’m nothing more than a shell of my former self! So, before this predicament changes, that is my situation improves, I need to be extremely cautious! Acting all proud and aloof can wait until I regain at least half of my lost power. Or get some other skills to back me up. To put it in simple words, it’s like you trying to become Storm Griffon. Right now you’re nothing more than a chick, who’s ambitious. Once you get experience and enough power to back it up, this transformation may become possible. Do you understand?

Zetra: Wow, I didn’t know you were such a sage, Master. Should I call you Gramps?

Icicle: Just fly along, you overgrown crow. I’ve had enough unpleasant surprises for the day.

Less than half an hour later, we’ve arrived at the [Zaryoux Temple].
I told Zetra to go inside, while I wait for the girls to arrive.

During the flight, I’ve concealed everything about my class and level, leaving visible only the name.
Leaning on the wall of the ancient temple, I’ve waited patiently.

My guard was almost down, I mean, who would have thought of attacking me here, in the open?


Barely sidestepping a throwing knife, I moved towards the road.

My cheek was dripping blood.
The force behind the throw seemed to be quite strong.


Something appeared behind me.
Moving my left leg in a semicircular motion to the left, I made a 90 degree turn.
Two daggers glinted ominously, right next to me, nearly slashing my handsome face.
If I hadn’t moved, I would become a pork chop.

Checking the person who was so daring, I realized it’s one of my acquaintances…

Icicle: That’s not a nice greeting, Mika…

Mika: Hmph, you little shit, when I asked where the hell you were and when will you arrive, you were audacious enough to tell me, that I should wait with my tail wagging like a dog! If it weren’t for Faura, who I became friends with earlier, when YOU were supposed to BE here, I would have tried to kill you even sooner! It’s only thanks to her letting me know when Your Majesty will arrive, that I was able to endure it!


Once again, Mika tried to cut my throat.
When do these guys ever learn…

Icicle: Listen, Mika, I’m really in a bad mood. Stop playing a pouting girl and calm down. I had to dispatch a few dozen people, adding one more to the list doesn’t make much of a difference.

Mika: Hahaha. You think that a weak Water Mage can do anything to me? Maybe you would be able to overpower me if it was the Icicle I met earlier, but the current you? Don’t make me laugh!

Icicle: Hmph, and who told you that I am a Water Mage? I’ve respec’d!

Mika: You may hide your information all you want, one look at the [Friends list] is enough to confirm that you’re still a weakling! Erjie is a Fire Mage, of course I am aware of what happened to all of you! Erjie’s spells were measly, yet he had to train for three whole days to be able to use them! I wonder how long will it take for you to regain control over your powers, especially, since you have just logged in!

Two slashes were approaching me.
I really am in a bad mood, yet this girl just tries to show me who’s the boss.
How can I, who at least tries to act like an ALPHA, suddenly lose his accumulated dignity and respect?!

[Water step] to the right side, made me look at Mika from her left side.

Mika: Is dodging all you can do? Come on, entertain me a little!

Once again, assassin girl turned and tried to slash my veins open.

My right eye caught a glance of Mika’s party observing her endeavors.
However, all I could see was that they were laughing, mocking me!

Deciding to stop this “run from a little girl” game, I used [Water step] to dash forward, grabbing her by the throat and slamming against the cold ground.

Mika: What, did you become horny agai- *krghlhlllll*

She couldn’t even finish.
Holding Eshel in my right hand, I pierced her throat, then twisted the sword.
Call me a sadist if you want, but I am seriously not in a mood for upheavals.
Mika’s tantrum can wait, she’ll be able to vent her anger in the dungeon if need be.

White beam of light appeared above the Zaryoux Temple, reviving wannabe assassin.

Mika: You son of a bitch, you actually dared to kill me!

Liun: Step down, Mika, it’s time for me to have a go!

Mika: Hmph, like you can do anything to him!

Liun: You’re doubting me? You couldn’t do shit, stop acting up!

Mika: HUH? What did you say, you little mongrel? I’ll deal with you when you come back!

Liun: *F-Fuck.*

Mika: What, did you want to add anything?

Liun: N-No.

… what the fuck are they doing?

Liun walked towards me, stood at the length of two to three meters and spoke.

Liun: Now that I’ve made a fool out of myself, I need to at least win. Brace yourself!

Heavy armor appeared all around him, making him look like a medieval knight in silver breastplate and armet.
Who wears such armor as a warrior?!
Is he a fucking hybrid?!

That was a nice surprise, but with surprises comes interest, and right now, I am interested in his damage output.
Overhead swing of Liun’s was about to hit me, when it deflected off the [Frost barrier].

[System message]

You’ve been hit!
-1200 mana

Ok, I officially call Warrior class bullshit.
Is it that I don’t have any armor…?
This retarded class of mine and its fucking Artifacts!
How am I supposed to have them now?!

Taking a deep breath, I managed to calm down.

Not waiting for my mana to deplete, I used [Water step] continuously to dance around Liun, hoping that at least his movements would be lacking.
Making slashes with Eshel didn’t even do any damage, all I could see was

Just how high is this guy’s defense!?

[Liun] [Lvl. 98]
Class: Squire

Wait, Squire?
This fucker is going to be a Knight!
No wonder he looks like that!

Icicle: You little, you’re actually a Knight wannabe!

Liun: He he he, I don’t know how did you learn of this, but yes, I am. After getting drilled by Mika to defeat you, we went to one of the dungeons, where, after hellish struggle, we’ve managed to defeat an Elite monster. It dropped a spellbook, but it wasn’t a normal one. This spellbook was a manual to change classes, available for Warrior class only! My party decided to let me use it, upon which I became tankier, not to mention stronger! Even my agility didn’t take much of a hit! Now that you know, I need to become serious! [Righteous beheading]!

Liun’s sword moved, making a circular motion with some sort of translucent glow behind it.
Using [Water step], I dodged the brunt of the blow.

[System message]

You’ve been hit!

-1400 mana

For fucks sake, just how strong are these spells?
I was hit only with the tip of his sword, not to mention he’s not even a proper Knight yet!
Will he even become a Knight?
Didn’t these guys use spears?
I guess fuck ups become something else…

Although I can’t judge Liun’s stamina, which was his “mana pool”, I danced around him, this time stabbing, instead of slashing, unceasingly.

Liun: What are you even hitting me for? This is useless, you can’t bypass my defense! [Mighty chop]!

Another overhead swing, good, this is my chance!
[Water step] to the left, then next one behind Liun.
This sort of a combo let me stab him in the back 5 times before he turned.
Finally, after over 30 hits, I got “lucky” and Eshel’s 10% chance to freeze procced!

Liun: W-What the hell, why can’t I move?!

Fufufufu, it fucking works!
Thanks devs, now I definitely love you, no homo♥ !

Icicle: I hope you enjoy staying an ice statue for a while, kekeke.

Mad laughter erupted from me, one that I didn’t know I was capable of.
It was such a windfall to see this idiot, who underestimated me, frozen and unable to do anything.
At least until I release him.

Once again, thank you devs, you didn’t put any time limit on Eshel’s freeze after the update, what a kind and unexpected gift!

Mika: You’re so useless…

Mika turned into a black blur and then, for God knows what reason, Liun died, and revived next to the entrance of [Zaryoux Temple].

Liun: You didn’t have to kill me, you know…

Mika: You think Icicle would just let you go? Dream on.

Am I watching TV or something?
Two clowns are trying to beat me. *sigh*

Icicle: Are you guys done, or will all of you come at me and try your chances?

Erjie: I don’t want any trouble…

Hyuto: Nor do I, not after what happened last time…

Kohure: I do not see the need to do anything, Mika and Liun want to fight with you, I came to see something fun. You’re the owner of a dungeon, who wouldn’t like to see what’s really inside?

Refen: I think Mika is frustrated… poor girl, didn’t have any entertainment for the past month or so.

Everyone started laughing, making Mika embarrassed.
They are a weird bunch, that’s certain.

Mika: Refen, you don’t even know how much I want to kill you from time to time… You’re one sarcastic, snide girl, who doesn’t even realize it!

Refen: I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mika, but you sure seem happy.

Mika: …

Mika flushed sanguine red, looking like a ripe strawberry.

Mika: Liun, move your ass, summon your familiar as well! We’re going to duo Icicle!

Liun: Fine, I can comply with that.

Black, furry wolf with blue eyes and two shining white fangs appeared, different than the weak ones I’ve seen before.
Somehow, it seemed stronger.
One look at it confirmed my suspicions.

[Black Ferocious Wolf] [Lvl 98] [Evolved] [Rare+]
Description: Rare variant of an evolved wolf, its attacks are swift and deadly.
The speed of the Black Ferocious Wolf is really high, making it an excellent companion for Tanks, who lack damage, and Assassins who could definitely use a hand when they slay their victims.

Agility type, huh?
I think Sixxy would like to fight against it, but, well, she’s not here.

What’s the other one?

[Biri] [Ethereal summon] [???] [???]

I can’t even see what it is!

Icicle: *Oi Nyu, what’s this pink semi-translucent floating thing, looking like a crossbreed of a cat and bunny?*

Nyu: *Instead of talking to me, you should brace for impact. I’ll talk while you’re fending off these hot-blooded brats.*

Mika: Let’s go, Biri, Liun!

Dark green mist enveloped Mika.
It seemed more black then green, but it doesn’t matter.
What came out of it, was a figure of an assassin, quickly moving towards me.

Barely dodging one slash of a dagger, I heard Nyu’s voice resounding in my head.

Nyu: *You humans can become artisans, can you not? I’ll just assume you can. There’s one profession called Enchanter. [Magical beasts] like me, Siryja, Tyxx or Zetra do not have such a subclass. Instead, some of us are divided into groups. Attack, defense, support, control, flight, illusion… there are many of them, but one of the rarest is Enhancer. Its purpose is similar to the one you guys call Enchanter. It enhances your capabilities. The reason why it is so rare, is that [Magical Beasts] need to be capable of fighting on its own… which one would try to become an Enhancer that, generally, can only support others? Do you understand, brat?*

Great, you haven’t been watching my progress at all, I am an Enchanter myself!

Whatever, she’s still cute.
This explanation is enough for me to know, that these two categories with question marks were [Enhancer] and [Special].
Seems like I am no longer such a special child I thought I was.

How lucky did those six have to be to get such a familiar?
I don’t even want to think what will happen once it evolves…

My body was dodging on instinct, while I was in the middle of digesting Nyu’s words.
Seeing three figures before me, I tried to assess the situation.
[Black Ferocious Wolf] let out a howl and sped up.
Mika and Liun increased their speed as well, releasing their killing aura at the same time.
Various glows appeared, dark energy roiled around black wolf, dark green around Mika, and translucent one around Liun.

You’re finally in range, bastards!
Casting [Ice breath] at the wolf on my left side, who was the closest to me, I swept my head to the right engulfing Mika and Liun in the effect as well.

I was in dire straits, the freezing effect would last at most three seconds, I didn’t know if the other four wouldn’t suddenly help out their party members.
Yes, they said they didn’t want to fight, however these are only words!

Consecutively using [Water step] I moved towards Biri at top speed.
Snatching it from the air, I took a piece of chocolate and shoved it down its mouth.

Nyu: *What are you doing with my treasure, you goddamn human?!*

Icicle: *Sheesh, I’ll buy you some more later.*

Nyu: *Hmph, if you say so…*

That faint smile on your tiny face was noticed, you adorable furball!

Biri smiled happily, but I didn’t try to steal it from Mika.
This little… thing, was my hostage!
Don’t judge me, I don’t know what gender it is…

Icicle: Now then, you can either step down, or I’ll have to crush that adorable little thing…

Mika: So what? It’s just a companion, I can resummon it.

Icicle: That’s why your brow wrinkled? You can’t deceive me, girl, I know it’s a blood contracted familiar. Who would be so stupid as to not let it reach favorable evolution? With that said, you’ll either fall in line, or I’ll have to dispose of this cute thing. What’s your decision?

Tense and awkward, that doesn’t even cut the atmosphere that emerged from our little exchange.
I was getting impatient, looking at Mika who was deep in thought.
When I was about to ask what the hell is making it so hard to decide…

*rumble* *rumble* *rumble*


Sylph: Get out of the way, you stupid brother!

Flashing through the dirt road, was my sister, Clare, who left afterimages.
I couldn’t fathom her speed, but then…


My poor face was hit with the back of my sister’s soft hand…
I flew over 2 meters, dropping on the floor like a kite with its string loose.

Sylph: What a cute pink thing! Aren’t you adorable?! Come here *snuggle*.

Shit, I hate being so powerless against women…
*sigh* Maybe it’s because Clare’s family.
Oh well, I’ll let it slide.
It’s time to get things up and running.

After what I saw today, the future of Whitesnow household looks bright, not to mention the guys who will come here to face the dangers of [Zaryoux Temple]…
I can only wonder what surprising familiars and items they will bring.


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  1. Thanks!
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    Also, i quote ‘ Whatever, she’s still cute’….lol, cuteness always wins! Usually only applies to creatures!


  2. i hope he wont turn out to be another one who cant do anything about annoying womans?
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