Chapter 73 – Power show

Icicle: Mind telling me what that backhand slap was for, dear sister?

Sylph: *tickle* *tickle* Aren’t you adorable, you pink little thing? Mmm. What? Were you saying something, brother? Oh right, how about those women you’ve brought instead of meeting with your cute older sister, hm?

Whoever that goddamn snitch was, he’s dead!

Glancing to the right, I’ve seen a lot more people than before.
What the hell are all three parties doing here?
Great, I’ve been humiliated in front of them.

Whatever, let’s move to the matter at hand first, getting even with the snitch!

Icicle: And how do you know about my private matters?

Sylph: Quan told me. Who does this adorable bunny belong to? *snuggle*

Mika: It’s mine. Biri, come here.

Sylph: Such a shame, I would like to have a cute creature like that… *pout*

Wasn’t it the assassin girl who poisoned me during the tourney?
You’re so dead, little girl~!

Mika: Alright, seems like we have unfinished business, don’t we, mister Icicle~?

Liun: Let’s get him now that he has no hostage!

Okay, now I’ve had enough.

Icicle: *Nyu, can you get your pressure off me for a while? I need to show some people who’s the boss here, otherwise I will look weak and powerless.*

Nyu: *You’re such a bother, brat. It’s not like I want to exert this pressure on you… it’s a leakage of my energy. But, if you insist, I can give you 30 seconds.*

Icicle: *This will be more than enough, thank you, Nyuva.*

Nyu: *Aren’t you a toady? Using my full, glorious name only when in need…*

Suddenly, I felt light.
It was a feeling hard to describe, as if I was wearing a 200kg on my back the entire time, and now it was disposed of.
This refreshing sensation made me want to see full power of my current, unrestrained self.

Exerting a lot of power on my right leg, I dashed off.
To say that the speed exceeded my expectations was an understatement.

Mika, who was at least 5m away, couldn’t even blink.
Her head fell off, just like that, with one slash of the sword.

[System message]

You’ve dealt a fatal blow!
+384% attack speed damage.
+200% damage from ambush!

Hahaha, no wonder Mika’s head dropped down to the floor a second or so after, not to mention her body dematerialized two seconds after the deed.
But this wasn’t all I did.
Turning around I cut Liun’s right leg off for starters, then his left leg to be fancy, and while he was dropping, I moved backwards, after which I accelerated with my top speed and lobbed his head off for a glorious finish!

All of that happened in a mere 2,5 seconds.

Critical strike!


Critical strike!



+384% attack speed damage.
+200% damage for exceptional determination and deciseveness.
+100% damage for attacking from blind spot.

Your [Willpower] skill’s efficiency rises.

Looking at my starting position, there were still at least ten afterimages disappearing.
I guess if I had seen them from the start there would be around twenty or so.

This wasn’t a time to ponder about the wonders of my abilities.
Locking my eyes on a next target, little assassin Quan, I sped off.
Vertical slash without remorse was enough to separate Quan’s neck from the rest of her body.

Three beams of light appeared near the dungeon, signaling the time for my bloody feast!
Trust me, I’m going to thoroughly enjoy these thirty seconds.

Not sparing a second of my precious time, I took a huge breath of cold, fresh air.


Appearing next to the three flabbergasted people, I began the carnage.
Consecutive [Water step] coupled with my unchained stats was all I needed to circle them.
Unceasing slashes of my sword seemed to materialize, cutting through flesh and bones, leaving only echoing, blood-curdling screams.

I’m sure that in Mika’s, Liun’s and Quan’s eyes, I was teleporting.
But, unfortunately, I’m not capable of that feat.
Not yet, at least.
All I did was move so fast that it left afterimages that looked like real me.
Circle of death composed of 16 Icicles!

Mika: Stop tha-!

Liun: Enoug-!

Quan: I’m sorry, oka-?

Whatever they were saying, I didn’t even process it.
Flew into one ear, left with the other.
It was time for revenge, and when I do make my mind about killing someone, then there’s nothing that can stop me!

More than 10 seconds passed, and blood-curdling screams seemed to subside.
Apparently, my esteemed guests were getting used to the pain.
Hmph, if that’s so, how about I step it up a little?

Cutting off Liun’s intimate place, he let out a miserable, ear-piercing shriek.
Two women were consecutively being disposed of, but I let Liun take a breather.
If suffering one of the most excruciating, heart-wrenching pain can be called like that.

Inside Albatros Company’s Studio, Lisa’s POV

Carl: Oi, isn’t this a little too excessive?

Jack: Haha, I’m turning into such a fanboy now! Way to go Icicle, give ’em justice!

Where the hell does this idiot see justice in all this?
It’s more of a public execution, similar to butchering cows with an RPG…
Who would waste so much money and effort, if you can use a simple knife?
Moreover, you wouldn’t even get anything off that.
That’s exactly what Icicle’s doing, all he will get is his Player Killer status to rise off the charts!

For some reason, this doesn’t feel bad.
More like… relieving?
I probably should see a shrink soon.

Carl: What do you think, boss?

Lisa: Does it matter? It’s not like we can stop him from cruelly disposing of these people.

Carl: Then why are you smiling?

Huh? What does he man?

Lisa: What do you mean, Carl?

Jack: It’s obvious. You’re like me, boss. You actually do enjoy schadenfraude.


Lisa: You think I do enjoy seeing misery of other people?

Jack: Don’t you…?

I guess I do… especially misery of my *** rivals!

In front of the entrance of Zaryoux Temple, Loiterous, Icicle’s POV

Ten more seconds passed, making it a total of 25.
I wanted to enjoy it some more, but I’ve seen Nyu breathing raggedly.
No matter what, I don’t want to overburden her.
Not a cute, adorable furball like this, she has helped me enough, even after I basically forced her to become my companion.

Icicle: *It’s enough Nyu, you can apply your pressure again.*

Nyu: *I can still hold on, brat!*

Icicle: *Doesn’t matter, I said it’s ok, so be good girl and do as I said.*

Nyu: *F-Fine. Give me some sugar, h-human.*

With my left hand I slipped two chocolate pieces into Nyu’s little mouth.
My right hand was still erratically swinging, however, with the unleashed power being constantly restrained, my strikes were losing strength.

Looking at the two women and one man trembling, I was about to strike once more, but decided against it.
I spotted blue windows that popped up during my rampage.

You’ve dealt a fatal blow!

I’ve dismissed hundreds of these.
Then there were some… concerning ones.

[System message]

You’ve gained a new stat, Infamy!

Infamy – Increases your control over the dark element, allows you to do shady business, makes establishing relationships with NPCs exponentially more difficult.
All creatures following the path of goodness will look at you with disgust.
Evil oriented living things will look at you more favorably.
At the higher levels you’ll be immediately attacked by the city guards and all the other righteous beings in existence.

I guess that’s one way to become “famous”.

[System message]

You’ve gained a new title!

[Cold-blooded killer] [Rare] – increases your damage output by 20% while in PK status. Your infamy rises 50% faster.

What the hell?
It’s horrible, I’m not even a damage dealing class!

[System message]

Because of your great achievements in the art of merciless killing, your title [Cold-blooded killer] evolved into [Know no mercy!].

[Know no mercy!] [Elite] – increases damage output by 30% while in PK status, infamy rises 125% faster.

You’re fucking shitting me!

[System message]

Slaughtering ones you hold dear is the greatest sin, but slaughtering them repeatedly, without a hint of remorse? That’s a whole different level of evil!

Your title [Know no mercy] evolved into [Let’s paint the whole world red!]

[Let’s paint the whole world red!] [Special] [Ancient] [Legendary*] – increases your damage output and health recovery from all sources in Player Killer status by a staggering 50%! Your infamy rises 300% faster! You’re unable to get a faith stat! All churches will see an outcast in you.

* – available only to the chosen ones.

Blood Eccentric has taken interest in you, and allows you to take part in search of his legacy.
You’re now elegible to become his successor.

This is horseshit!
I’ve killed three people repeatedly, and for some incomprehensible reason, I’ve become the greatest serial murderer, atheist, scoundrel and a chosen one for some psychopath!
Are the demons of my real life chasing after me all the way down here?
Shit, it’s too much of a coincidence!

And who the fuck do I hold dear?!
Do I consider those three friends? Maybe.
But hold dear? This AI has to be messing with me!

I start to hate and love this game at the same time…

*sigh* Calm down, Jason, it’s not the time to act up.
Play it cool, you have more urgent matters to solve.

Talking it out instead of abusing these three should let me achieve the same effect.
I don’t have the power to slaughter them anyways.

Icicle: So, do you still want to rebel?

Mika: N-No…

Liun: You’re e-even c-crazier t-than Mika… Why would I t-try to i-incur your w-wrath…

Mika glared blankly at Liun, but it wasn’t one bit intimidating, more like the residue of her instinct.

Icicle: Good, get up and get your asses over to your party. They seem to be waiting.

Mika&Liun: Y-Yes sir.

Shifting my gaze to Quan, I saw her trembling, her eyes filled with tears.

Icicle: What, do you feel you were unjustly treated?

Quan: O-Of course I was! What the hell did I even do to you?!

Icicle: How about snitching on me to my sister? Not to mention, lying to her!

Quan: And how did I lie?! I told her the truth, you brought two women to the dungeon, I saw it clearly with my own two eyes!

Icicle: Did you tell Clare that these two women were NPCs from my household, HM?!

Killing aura seeped out, I was enraged.
How can she even try to deny it!
First Quan’s twisting the truth, now she’s trying to extricate herself!

Quan: N-No, I didn’t.

Icicle: Hmph. What a useless scout. If you’re spying, at least do it properly. *slap*

Quan: What the hell was that for?! How can you even hit women?! Don’t you have some self-respect?

Icicle: Self-respect? That’s rich coming from you, who slandered me like I’m some kind of a playboy. You had better scram before I decide to make sushi out of you.

I saw Quan standing up and walking with her head up high towards Clare.
Walking her off with my gaze, I heard her stammering.

Quan: U-Umm-


Quan: What was that for?! First your brother, now you!

Sylph: You lied to me, hell, deceived me on purpose! Don’t give me shit like you have mistaken those two! If they were NPCs then you could have clearly seen it!

Quan: It was just a prank, why do you all get so mad?!


Sylph: Prank, you say? You made me doubt my own brother, damn it! I’m sorry J, I’ll sort it out with Quan by myself.

You’ve always been impulsive, Clare, it’s in the family…
Contrary to my thoughts, I gave my sister reassuring smile and said:

Icicle: Sure, you can go ahead and enter.

Rene, Kiyu, Nete, Brie, Pou and Wenn followed suit.

Rene: You’ve gotten more decisive, haven’t you? Quan needed a lesson, but weren’t you too harsh?

Icicle: I don’t think so. Actually, I held my temper. It could’ve been a lot worse.

Rene: Oh really? It’s good that you’ve reigned over your childish anger then.

Thanks for the lesson, Rene…

Nete: You’re way too overpowered for a simple Water Mage. I need the details.

Nete’s eyes were sparkling, she looked like a child who wanted her mummy to buy her a candy.

Icicle: We can talk about that inside, how does that sound?

Nete: Mmm, I can work with that.

Brie: Nice show.

This girl is not even perturbed.
Was I too lenient?
Hmmm… I remember Clare saying she’s an airhead.
God, people like these have such a carefree, unconcerned lives.

Wenn: Not even using magic… are you really a Water Mage?

Icicle: Don’t tell me all you do is cast fireballs?

Wenn: Fufufu, of course not.

Icicle: It’s the same for me. I sometimes swing my sword around to make it more interesting.

Wenn: I see. See you inside.

Short woman was staring at me, her clothes were white with golden embroidering.

Pou: You need to teach me that movement technique. I want to move at such speed as well!

Icicle: Aren’t you a healer? What do you need it for?

Pou: Hmph, don’t underestimate Priests, okay? I’m a battle healer! At least I want to become one, so don’t you dare look down on me!

Icicle: Yeah, whatever you say, little girl.

I couldn’t help patting her head.

Pou: Little girl?! *kick* I’m older than you! Hmph!

Shit, you didn’t need to kick my calf…

Rene: Come on Pou, let’s go. Clare’s already mad, if we want to eat her food, then we shouldn’t anger her any further…

Pou: *snort* I’ll let you off this time, naughty little brother.

Pou, huh? Aren’t you a feisty healer?
Fufufu, things seem so interesting now.
I wonder how all of us will reach any consensus, because agreeing is definitely out of the question.

With Clare’s party entering Zaryoux Temple, I had two more to worry about.
When I thought of that, I saw Mika’s party following suit with furtive steps.

Turning my gaze to Faura and her friends, I walked in their direction.

At the side of Zaryoux Temple, Faura’s POV

Faura: FieryRed, don’t you have anything to say? I’ve heard you screaming you wanted to teach Icicle a lesson…

FieryRed: I-I’ll pass.

Faura: You adorable little red head.

Ruffling FieryRed’s hair, I felt content.
Icicle’s power show was a clear as day intimidation, but it was reassuring to have a strong, fearless leader.

Nowadays, we were often intimidated by big guilds, but now?
Who would dare to do such a thing?

Icicle was walking towards us with amiable expression on his face…
The problem was his attire.
Icicle was completely covered in blood, even his sword looked sanguine.
Not to mention the dreary atmosphere, the reek of blood was overbearing.

Icicle: How are you doing, ladies and gentlemen? FieryRed, haven’t you grown a little taller?

FieryRed: Hmph, how could my character grow taller? Are you dumb?

Icicle: Hehe, I was just teasing you. You haven’t changed at all, have you, impertinent maiden?

FieryRed: HUUUH?! You want to fight me?!

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
Two sentences were enough to bring FieryRed’s temper back.
Is Icicle trying to change the atmosphere on purpose?

Whatever he’s doing, I need to help him out.

Faura: Hey there, Icicle, I hope you’ve been doing well.

Icicle: Hi Faura. You could have seen some of my feats on the net, I suppose. Overall, it’s not the worst it could be. This update was pretty rough, but I’m sure I’ll be able to recover in a jiffy.

Faura: Fufufu, if you say so. Do you mind changing your attire? You’re completely, umm… red.

Looking over himself, Icicle seemed confused.
Did he not realize it?
The stench is so pungent, how concentrated did he have to be not to even grasp that?

Icicle: I’m sorry, it seems I’ve scared some of you. Let me wash myself real quick.

Water bubble appeared, swallowed Icicle, then steam started to form, rising up into the air, as if he was taking a shower.
Is that what Water Mages are capable of?
Strange, really strange.

Suddenly the bubble started shaking and then exploded in all directions, leaving most of us partly covered in water and blood.

FieryRed: Eeek, disgusting.

Enna: Eww.

Males seemed to take it well, like it didn’t bother them.
Fufufu, I guess that’s their pride.

I wasn’t pleased myself, but it wasn’t enough to disgust me.
After seeing what I did, who could blame me?
My resistance towards grisly, cruel acts has clearly risen.
One could say Icicle’s power show was actually improving his house members’ mental fortitude.

Icicle: I’m sorry, it seems that after the update, even though it’s my original combo skill, without training it can still explode. Rest assured, I’ll give you a warm shower as an apology.

Me and my party were enclosed in the water bubble.
Party voice chat was filled with screams and then expressions of surprise.
Pleasant and practical, that’s all I could hear after few seconds.

This party voice chat was an invention applicable to all party members in 150m range.
I don’t know the exact reason why the range was restricted, maybe to make the scouting ahead less advantageous, nonetheless, it was a great asset.

You could think of who you want to speak and just say the words.
Only those people would be able to hear it.
It worked on a similar mechanic to whisper, just a group one.

Water bubbles dissipated one after the other, I heard one exploding, spraying the water outwards.
It was Inferno’s, but he didn’t seem to mind.
None of us got any water on them, one streak was flowing towards Icicle, but then splashed against translucent ice-like barrier of his, and trickled to the ground.

Icicle: Did you enjoy my [Three-staged shower]?

SilentStep: It was pleasant.

Enna: My hair is so fluffy now!

FieryRed: It was g-good.

Headshot: Is that how you get ladies? Teach me!

Inferno only nodded.

All of us were clean, Icicle gestured to follow him, and while enjoying our small talk, we were closing in on [Zaryoux Temple].


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  1. This… this…. THIS WAS EPIC CHAPTER… Fufufufu, I love the cold blooded Icicle. Oh yeah!!! Love it man. Kekekke, hoping more actions…. kukuku… Thanks for the chapters. Loiterous Dose this week, check!!


  2. Thanks a lot!
    When icicle got all those new titles and stuff… i was totally rofl! Best part of the chapter! Wahaha, that’s good! Well, sometimes you can’t help things that are part of your personality, right?


    • It is, but if it were to just disappear it would take a long time.
      Contributions to the “good side” for example: to temples of other deities (obviously not the evil ones), saving some innocent lives and so on can help allievate the PK status.


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