Chapter 74 – The more, the merrier…?

Author’s note: As I said in the post earlier, I’m sick right now, and it will probably take around a week (yup my immunity is really low), so expect the next chapter, that is 75, in no less than 4 days. That’s all, enjoy the read.

Icicle’s POV

Faura: So this is where it starts, huh? Our adventure.

Icicle: Most likely. I don’t think you’re ready, but we don’t have enough time to prepare you either. It will be faster to just get you guys right into it.

Faura: Into what exactly?

Icicle: Fufufu, you shall see.

Choose base location, [Zaryoux Temple].

After thinking about it, I’ve got a new message.

[System message]

You’ve set up your household’s base in [Zaryoux Temple].
Are you sure this is the correct location?


Pressing [Yes], another one popped out.

[System message]

[Zaryoux Temple] has officially become Whitesnow household’s property.
As the land owner of 10km radius around it, you have every right to modify it to your wishes.

You can now assign your household members to perform certain duties within the household.

You’re granted the following item:
[Fire Star-shaped Ring]

Hmmm, so that’s how it is.

Faura: Is something wrong, Icicle? Huh, what’s this?

Inferno: Looks like we have a base now.

Headshot: Are you kidding me? That’s so cool, our base is a huge ass ancient dungeon!

FieryRed: What’s so cool about it? Hmph.

Enna: Am I even allowed to enter? I heard there are undead inside… Uuu…

SilentStep: Umm, Icicle, do you need me for something? If not, I’ll take my leave. I don’t think there’s a place for an assassin inside this dungeon.

At least one of them is taking the situation with cool head.

Icicle: There’s no need for you to leave. I have a task for you, you’ll be pleased.

SilentStep: If you say so.

Alright, what is this ring I got?

[Fire Star-shaped Ring] [Special*] [Bloodbound**]
Description: This blazing, fiery ring was made by someone with an excellent fire affinity. Thanks to its elasticity and resistance to high temperatures, enormous amounts of mana can be stored within. Enhanced with teleportation magic, this ring allows the owner to teleport to a prior chosen place.

Special skill: [All roads lead to…] – allows the user to teleport to the chosen location.
After performing this skill, it needs 30 days to restore the energy inside, thus allowing you to teleport again.

*- can be used by everyone, no restrictions apply.

**- Needs to be bloodbound to use.

So I can use it, huh?
Teleportation once a month.
It’s actually a pretty good item. Considering the time difference, it’s almost every week real time.
Not to mention, it looks good.
Star made of fire atop of the ring gives a warm, cozy feeling.
I suppose the special part about it is that everyone can use it.

Slicing my forefinger with Eshel, a drop of blood splashed on the ring.
Fire star seemed to glow brighter, emitting a stronger wave of heat, which slowly died down.

FieryRed: Hmmm? What is that bright thing you’re wearing?

Icicle: This? It’s a ring for the leader of the house, allowing me to come back to the dungeon instantly.

FieryRed: *Hmph, like you weren’t overpowered enough already…*

FieryRed clearly spoke under her nose, but I managed to grasp the gist of it.
Whatever, I’ll let it slide, she can pout all she wants.

With the new acquisition of the ring, I gestured all of the gathered members to walk inside.


Blue light swirled in a circular motion, resembling a whirlpool.
It gave off a buzzing sound.
Approaching the portal, I was taken aback.
That’s when I realized there’s something missing.
Guards. There were none.

*sigh* I guess I need to hire those as well.
Maybe when Frizz and Kylt get here, it won’t be as lonely.
Right now it looks nothing more than desolate.
Old, abandoned ancient temple, in the middle of nowhere, hidden inside thick forest.
Not a living soul nearby.

I was supposed to travel to Glacia and have my adventure there, to think I would get so entangled in the first kingdom I pass by…
What can I say… I’ve come to like these undead.
Some are prideful, some mischievous, but overall, they’re “good guys”.
I don’t think they deserved the punishment, so I’ll help them out.

Traversing through the portal, all of us were gathered on the other side of it.
By all of us, I mean the three parties.
Quan was bright red, slapping marks imprinted on her face, making her look like a ripe strawberry.
I guess my sister did her caretaking job.

Quan looked at me angrily, then her gaze softened and she turned her head away with a loud “hmph”.
Pairs of eyes looked at me expectantly, some even glittered.

Icicle: I know all of you want to know what’s happening, but follow me first please. We’ll talk somewhere else.

Twenty people walked behind me, whispering.
We were halfway to the secret entrance, when we spotted the first undead.
Everyone behind me got battle ready, some even chanted spells or some shit.
I don’t know, don’t ask me why these guys are roleplaying so much.
They’re weird.

That’s when it happened, [Skeleton Warrior] knelt on one knee and addressed me as “Master”.

Sylph: W-Wow.

Rene: I know you’ve said your brother is something else, but isn’t this a bit… too much?

Nete: I need the details. Don’t hide anything, it’s immoral.

Headshot: Don’t tell me this is why girls were clinging to you. Shit, I need to become the owner of a dungeon to be popular…?!

Refen: What a cute little undead~.

Hyuto: We were trying to show him who’s the boss, yet he’s become the undeads’ overlord… dear God.

Pou: When can we fight them?

Kohure: Oi, oi, don’t jump the gun, have you seen its stats?

Lots of talking filled the dungeon.
The walls echoed the sound, making it became a loud noise that led to my ears bleeding a little.
This annoyance, in turn, gave birth to my killing aura seeping out.

Icicle: Can you shut your mouths and move your legs? We’re only half the way in, yet you’re already making a racket.

Mika and Liun trembled a little, probably still overwhelmed with what happened earlier.
The rest of my “esteemed guests” hang their heads low and followed silently.

Making it to the entrance, few other undeads, one of who was [Dark Undead Priest], bowed before me.
When I turned, I saw some of my house members with mouths agape.

Come on, isn’t this too much?
They’ve already seen it happening, what else could happen, me bribing a skeleton?
With what? Some bone?
It’s not a dog, damn it…

Imitating Rapid Fire’s movements, I waved my hand in mysterious way, making sure to confuse everyone behind me.
They may be my household members, but hell, I do not trust them yet.

Stone walls trembled a little, then moved, showing the underground passage.
Gasps filled the air.

Icicle: Wenn, Inferno, Erjie, use some fire magic to light the way up ahead. There’s a torch farther in, but you’ll probably stumble on the stairs with so many people behind you.

Nodding, the three of them produced a mini fireball on their fingers, dispersing the dark ahead of us.

Icicle: Thanks.

Walking farther in, I took the torch and proceeded onward.
I haven’t heard any screams, so I assumed no one fell along the way.
Who would gather their broken teeth if this happened?
Definitely not me.

Reaching the end, atmosphere changed.
Lots of undead came my way, Aspena in front.
Isn’t she adorable? So dedicated. *sniffle*

Aspena: Master, you’re back! Ohh, who are these people? Wait, aren’t you a little red?

I was about to respond, but before it, I turned back to introduce the “new crew”.
Thing is, I couldn’t even say anything.

FieryRed: Wooaah!

Enna: So pretty!

Pou: Somebody has a thing for design…

Headshot: White granite floors, green jade chandeliers, iridescent, rainbow-like walls… so this is where you take your ladies! Master, please teach me!

For fucks sake, why are you kneeling on the ground…
Don’t look at me with those puppy eyes.

Mika: Aren’t you fancy?

Hyuto: This looks awesome. I’m glad we joined the Whitesnow household.

Kohure: You sure weren’t when the invitation arrived.

Nete: Details. Now!

Rene: Can I really live here? Seems like a place for a princess or something.

Wenn: Your brother suddenly seems like a reliable person, Clare.

Sylph: Where did you get all of this from? This had to cost a fortune! Fess up, J! Right now!

Erjie: Hello, my name is Erjie. And you must be…?

Aspena: I’m Aspena, leader of the wraiths. Aren’t you warm? A Fire Mage, huh? Nice to meet you~.

I had no intention of hearing more, so I quietly ditched them.
As always, luck was not on my side.
Someone just had to rat on me again…

Quan: Where are you going?

Everyone’s attention turned towards me at once.

Icicle: I don’t want to interrupt you, so when you’re done with sightseeing, come find me.

Sylph: No, no, no, we’re coming with you.

*sigh* Seriously, I’m no good with these kind of situations.
Whatever, I’ll just do it my way, if they don’t like it, then they don’t. Period.

Icicle: Call everyone here, it’s time for some introductions.

Aspena: Fufu, of course, Master, right away~.

Brie: Umm, I have a question.

Icicle: What is it?

Brie: When will we be eating something? I’m hungry.

Saying that I facepalmed is an understatement.

Icicle: Alright then, food break for living beings… bring out your food and eat. We’ll start with the introductions after “lunch”.

Kohure: Aren’t you supposed to provide for us, since you’re the host and all?

Icicle: And what else? Wash your underpants? Don’t act like that bow of yours is stuck up your ass. I am supposed to receive new food rations soon, but it hasn’t happened yet. That’s why it’s everyone on their own for a while. I can’t spare any food, my familiars eat more than ten people combined…

Liun: Why don’t you just unsummon them?

Icicle: Because they’re training. Who needs a weak familiar?

Liun: Touché.

I was about to sit and have a grub as well, when someone approached me at high speed.


Haruno: Hehe, here you are, Master!

Vanessa: Hello everyone.

Haruno hugged me, smiling happily.
I saw Sixxy following from behind, drenched in sweat.

Icicle: What is it, Sixxy? Did you have a quickie after all?

Sixxy: *huff* Where… *huff* the hell… *huff* did you… *huff* get these two from? *huff*

Icicle: What do you mean? I told you, they trained a little in the Assassins’ Guild.

Sixxy: They are devils! *huff* Insatiable, battle-thirsty devils!

I looked at Haruno and Vanessa, but all I saw was two adorable maids.
Nothing more, nothing less.

I sensed someone approaching me from behind, but before I managed to turn, smooth hand landed on my shoulder.
Even the game world didn’t let me react in time.

Sylph: Who are these two, J?

Clare was smiling, but it wasn’t an amiable smile.
It was a sinister one, radiating killing aura.

Icicle: These two are Vanessa and Haruno, my housekeepers. I freed them from slavery a while ago.

Clare: Is that so? I think if these were any ordinary maids they wouldn’t cling to you so much!

Killing aura seeped out of both sides, turning into a stare showdown.
I was already tired, so this time, I decided to step in and stop it once and for all.

Grabbing Clare by her collar, I walked her off to her party.

Sylph: Why are you siding with them and not your sister?! Look, they’re laughing at me now!

Icicle: They’re laughing because you’re overreacting. Sit yourself down and don’t try to fight someone you can’t possibly win against.

Sylph: Hmph, now you’re underestimating me! I could easily beat two maids!

Icicle: The thing is, they’re not just any ordinary housekeepers. Vanessa and Haruno are assassins, pretty strong ones to boot. They haven’t trained for long, but they do have a lineage. So, instead of antagonizing everyone you meet, why don’t you befriend each other? Your little brother would be really happy, you know?

Kissing Clare’s forehead, I sat her down gently.

Sylph: Uuuuu… if you say so. I’ll try, okay?

Icicle: That’s a good girl.

Ruffling Clare’s brown, smooth hair, I looked around.
Every undead seemed to have gathered, creating sort of a circle around me.
Complying with this weird formation, I moved to the center.

Icicle: Alright, I’m certain every single one of you has something to say. But, before you do, let me introduce household members you have had no idea about.

One name after the other, the ones who were called out stood up.

Icicle: I don’t expect you to remember all of them in this instant. Don’t worry, you’ll all have enough time to talk and get to know each other in the days to come. I’ve burdened many of you, undead, to perform certain tasks. I need a moment with these new guys, then I’ll come by to each and every single one of you individually, so we can have a pleasant talk. It seems one of you, Varaag, is missing, what’s going on?

Dark Undead Priest: Leader Varaag is currently occupied, so he couldn’t come. I was asked to fill in.

Icicle: Hmm, I see. Whatever, just relay to him what has been going on in here.

Dark Undead Priest: Certainly lord.

Icicle: Very well, you guys can return to your floors, I’ll come by when I’m free.

“Yes Master/Lord.”

Kiyu: Aren’t you a happy girl now, Clare? Smiling from ear to ear.

Quan: Hmph, what a brocon… Clare should clearly state what she wants and be done with it-

Rene: Shhh! Let her be happy and we’ll eat something special tonight! If her mood worsens we’ll have to order takeout! You can’t even stomach your own cookin! I will remind you that today is your turn! Don’t make us all go through food poisoning, leading into unwanted diarrheas, okay?!

Quan: O-Okay, I’ll be quiet…

Suddenly someone shouted.

Nete: We’re alone now, I want to know everything! How the hell can you have these strong undead under your command?!

Kiyu: Fess up!

Faura: We’re curious as well.

FieryRed: Hmph!

It has gotten too lively here.
Maybe I should have stayed a freelancer.

Icicle: Okay, enough is enough. Calm down, I’ll start from the beginning. When I entered Loiterous, I became a Water Mage, trained for two whole months, then met Faura and her party. Due to my training, my stats were way higher than yours, so even as a Water Mage, who’s considered a support type of mage for god knows what reason, my damage output was most likely higher than yours.

Nete: As always, you’re not giving us any proof! Show us your status!

Icicle: Hahahah! That’s a good one. Sure, I’ll do it if you show me yours first. It’s only fair to ask someone for something when you have fulfilled the conditions yourself, no?

I was sure Nete will refuse, or at least hesitate, but…

Nete: Of course, here it is!

Name: Nete Whitesnow
Health: 2700/2700 Mana: 4740/4740
Level: 115
Race: Human
Class: Earth Mage
Alignment: House Whitesnow
Strength: 42
Agility: 87
Dexterity: 102
Vitality: 135
Intelligence: 356
Wisdom: 237
Luck: 38

Hmm, that’s kind of a short status, seems like she’s hiding some things, for example her subclasses.
Oh well, not like I want to know them anyways.

Icicle: Alright, that’s one, anyone else wants to know? I’m not willing to share my stats if you’re not going to reveal yours.

Kiyu: That’s not what you said!

Icicle: I haven’t said anything. I promised to show it to Nete, and I’ll do so, now I’m asking if anyone else wants to see it as well.

Rene: Alright then, mine goes next.

Name: Rene Whitesnow
Health: 10500/10500 Mana: 2500/2500
Level: 118
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Alignment: House Whitesnow, Holy Light Church
Strength: 255
Agility: 130
Dexterity: 112
Vitality: 350
Intelligence: 120
Wisdom: 125
Luck: 42
Faith: 70

30hp per point in vitality? That’s ridiculous!
People call me overpowered, look at this paladin’s stats, goddamnit

Faura: I’m next!

Name: Faura Whitesnow
Health: 1620/1620 Mana: 2400/2400
Level: 97
Race: Human
Class: Lightning Mage
Alignment: House Whitesnow
Strength: 40
Agility: 78
Dexterity: 138
Vitality: 108
Intelligence: 430
Wisdom: 120
Luck: 52

Jeez, Lightning Mages have it tough.
Well, Cindy said that they are the ones who deal the highest amount of damage, no wonder they have downsides.
I can only pity their savings, all of it is probably being spent on mana potions.

Hyuto: Okay, my tur-

Mika: Sit down. I’ll volunteer.

Look at that, Mika has regained her composure.
That’s my girl!

Name: Mika Whitesnow
Health: 1350/1350 Mana: 1800/1800
Level: 120
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Alignment: House Whitesnow
Strength: 140
Agility: 415
Dexterity: 285
Vitality: 85
Intelligence: 120
Wisdom: 50
Luck: 65

That health of Mika’s looks suspicious, she’s probably wearing some items giving her additional HP.
No wonder that dev buffed assassins, they’re most likely capable of dodging, but one hit and they’re dead.
Poor guys, relying on equipment is their only option.
Didn’t they have [Dodge] stat?
Sneaky, sneaky, everyone’s hiding something.

Icicle: Anyone else?

FieryRed: Hmph, I can’t be worse than you.

Name: FieryRed Whitesnow
Health: 8400/8400 Mana: 1900/1900
Level: 98
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Alignment: House Whitesnow
Strength: 280
Agility: 230
Dexterity: 145
Vitality: 280
Intelligence: 88
Wisdom: 95
Luck: 48
Faith: 2

Pffft! She’s an offensive paladin!
Hahahaha, jeez, this is glorious.
I guess Kalish and the zombies will rejoice after getting this “berserker girl” in their team.

Headshot: I may have lost in the “who gets the most ladies” contest, but I can’t lose in the game as well!

Name: Headshot Whitesnow
Health: 1500/1500 Focus: 100/100
Level: 97
Race: Human
Class: Archer
Alignment: House Whitesnow
Strength: 155
Agility: 340
Dexterity: 405
Vitality: 65
Intelligence: 45
Wisdom: 25
Luck: 72

Another one with a bonus health item.
Man, I need these too…

Liun: Boss, here’s mine.

Boss, huh?
Sounds nice.
As if Bob was talking to me.

Name: Liun Whitesnow
Health: 6500/6500 Stamina: 1190/1190
Level: 119
Race: Human
Class: Squire
Alignment: House Whitesnow
Strength: 430
Agility: 218
Dexterity: 145
Vitality: 260
Intelligence: 85
Wisdom: 40
Luck: 55

Stamina, huh? So it’s level x10.
Liun doesn’t seem to wear any items giving additional health, what the fuck is his set about then?
Pure defense?
What happens if he meets a monster with armor penetration…
You know what, whatever, I won’t educate him.

Icicle: Okay, this should suffic-

Kiyu: No, no no, mine too!

Name: Kiyu Whitesnow
Health: 4900/4900 Mana: 2400/2400
Level: 117
Race: Human
Class: Mercenary
Alignment: House Whitesnow, Mercenary Guild
Strength: 255
Agility: 280
Dexterity: 200
Vitality: 245
Intelligence: 115
Wisdom: 120
Luck: 55

An all-rounder, huh?
Hmmm, pretty well-balanced I would say.

Icicle: Alright then, I won’t keep you in the dark, my turn.

I could see some eyes gleaming, sparkling even.
Then there was FieryRed, looking at me with disdain, my sister with a wide grin, like she was about to get a Christmas present, and Nete, who was piercing me with her gaze.

Name: Icicle Whitesnow
Health: 2350/2350 Mana: 38300/38300
Level: 50
Race: Human
Class: Holy Water Manipulator
Subclass: Ice Lord, Enchanter
Alignment: House Whitesnow, Acquare
Titles: Lone Monster Hunter, Ancient Mage, Scion of Ice, Indomitable, Survivalist, Luck of the devil. Let’s paint the whole world red!
Strength: 95
Agility: 290
Dexterity: 92
Vitality: 235
Intelligence: 117
Wisdom: 730
Luck: 120
Charisma : 3011

Ohh, I seem to have leveled up five times while killing.
Maybe I should start doing it for a living…

Nete: T-T-Thirty eight.. t-t-t-t-thousand mana!

Mika: You didn’t even hide your subclasses…

Icicle: What for? It’s not like you knowing them will bring me any harm.

Liun: I don’t think anyone can harm you after that last display of strength…

Good, you’re learning.

Sylph: Hehe, I have such a powerful brother. And he’s only level 50!

Hyuto: 3011 Charisma, Jesus… Are you even human?

Murmurs filled these ancient walls, but then one voice echoed out that silenced the others.

Nete: How come you’re wearing almost no items then? It’s ridiculous!

Pou: I want to know as well! Come on, tell us!

Eyes glittering, like a starry sky, you could see that these two won’t drop the matter.
They looked like they wanted their mothers to make them some food, and wouldn’t stop asking until they’re full.

There was no point in dodging the question, these hyenas would definitely try to learn about it even if it meant death.

Icicle: I can’t wear normal items.

Nete: Stop lying, i can see you’re wearing basic level boots right as we speak.

What a keen insight…

Icicle: That’s true, I am.

Nete: Then why did you try to lie?

Sylph: Stop it, Nete, my brother wouldn’t-

Icicle: I am wearing them, but they’re not giving me any stats. Do you understand?

Nete: H-Huh?

Jeez, it’s so hard to explain something to this girl.

Icicle: These boots… I’m only wearing them because they’re more comfortable than going barefooted all the time. The only items I can wear, that provide me with any stats, are of [Artifact] level. Can you comprehend that concept?

Mika: No one has [Artifact] level items! Hmph, how could you have gotten so far without anything?

I only smiled sheepishly, there’s no need for me to tell them anything.
If they’re smart, they’ll figure it out.


39 thoughts on “Chapter 74 – The more, the merrier…?

  1. Thanks a lot—!
    I forgot to mention, you’re like me, then, huh, wheh it comes to recovering from sickness! I take a week or so to recover, and my sicknesses change over that period of time lol…
    Hah, headshot’s hilarious, trying to compete with icicle!-shakes head- love their reactions! Ufufufu, how satisfying! But, hm…i’m really suspicious about what that skeleton leader is doing…-narrows eyes suspiciously-

    Liked by 1 person

      • Lol, true story! But just because he can’t eat, doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be of service to others…ahem, but that’s beside the point. It’s not in his character anyway! I’m just wondering to myself if it’s a good or bad thing for icicle, lol…his luck might become worse…with the NPCs ‘scheming’ against him, what with the goblins and the undead leader, ahaha!


          • Lol what! Why will varaag be surprised, he’s the one scheming…hmph, his plans will go awry somewhere along the way huh! Hehehe, that’s what you get for scheming behind icicle’s back!


                  • Resist the temptation to give me spoilers—! Ahaha! Varaag becoming master chef! My, that’s an interesting idea! Hm, i’m assuming he’s an undead masterchef, so…he starts out being the underdog, you know, people don’t want to try his food since, well, he’s an undead. But then, someone accidentally tastes his food, and that sets him off to become the very best, that no one ever was(chef)! Lololol! So, he becomes master chef, and he attracts the attention of the undead lady,who is a restaurant owner. So they decide to work together, and live happily ever after! Yeah, i went off to someplace else in the story, lol…,

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                    • He should first be troubled with cousine, changing his viewpoint, advancing techniques, then losing to this girl, only to become better and prove himself as an appropriate suitor.

                      And then, when he catches them all, ekhm, I mean makes all the dishes, he should be crowned as Undead Chef, get 5 stars and open his restaurant near Zaryoux Temple, paying taxes to Icicle, so he can enjoy his food basically for free.


                    • I totally skipped the development part, ahaha! Well, you’ve filled that up! But then, icicle demands that he also make sure that an inn is set up for the adventurers who are coming, so with that high-class restaurant, he prepares a big inn, somewhat luxurious. But icicle realises that he’ll need more money to get the ingredients for the high-class restaurant, so his angry(since he’s stingy), and tells varaag to go find his own supplier. So varaag uses his master chef fame to get suppliers from the nearby city, and also his beloved’s connections. After the inn and restaurant is set up, business is booming and so is tourism!


                    • Then Icicle gets complaints from various guests, most of which are baseless, yet they still annoy him to no end.

                      In a fit of rage he destroys the entire place, turning every living being into undead. These poor souls will have to help out Varaag for the rest of their miserable lives…


                    • The restaurant and inn had been getting busier, so varaag was glad for the extra hands. He conducted transfers though, so some undead that were moe suited to the dungeon went there, while others started working in the restaurant and hotel. He also expanded the size of the two, since there are more than sufficient hands now. Icicle continues to rule over all of it, laughing to the sky as the gold pours in.

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                    • There can be love without…ahem…! Oh well, you know, there’s always magic, right? Maybe they could use a spell where they can have normal bodies for a certain time period, and so they’ll do that!

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                    • You know, you just take a bone, throw it and yell “fetch”.
                      Imagine it being an undead game, there would be a lot of fetching, maybe they could even play frisbee.


                    • Ah, i see, i see! That does sound interesting! The image in my head is of…two undead running happily in a meadow playing bone frisbee, though…there’s something very odd about this image!

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                    • You know, when you say two eccentrics…it could refer to us, or it could refer to the characters we were talking about! Fantasy and comedy is often very fun!


  2. I am just wondering about Icicle’s mastermind subclass. Since it gives him the ability to see other’s statuses, does he get to see more about them as he levels up his other stats, or does he level up mastermind, by finding out the hidden information for himself at first? I guess what I am asking is, can he directly level up mastermind, by being mastermindish, or does it just offer perks at different levels?


    • Both. You’ll see what I mean soon.
      But, to give you a sneak peek, you can get “peeks” at statuses, then you can upgrade it with “practice”. It’s in quotes because there’s a catch, connected to the levelling up.

      You’re getting it almost right though.


  3. Also, I just realized that Icicle basically owns a ranch, owning all the land in a 10 km radius doesn’t sound like that much, but it is over 77,000 acres, that is a pretty good chunk of land.


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