Announcement – Plans for next week

Alright, first of all chapter 90 is moved till tomorrow.
The reason? My eyes are about to evolve into sharingan if I keep looking at the screen.
Thus, with all my futile efforts, I’m moving chapter 90 for tomorrow.

To the point of the announcement now.
I promised a map and a glossary.

The map, well, it will have to wait because I’m still figuring out the exact layout based on the plot. (Mage Kingdom is a pain in the ass)
There may be some changes soon, so all I can do is think it through a couple times more and hope for the best.
Once that’s done, I’ll try to descreptively describe it, my writing is worse than a kindergartener’s so yeah…
Who knows, maybe some kind soul will draw it.

As for the glossary, I’ll take the next week off to write it down completely and then update it regularly.
What will it include?
Terms, locations, characters, some of their statuses (don’t want to spoil everyone, leave me some leeway T__T)
Some subclasses will be hidden (’cause plot) others won’t be picked because players are cautios and so on. (and I’m lazy)
Do tell me if you want me to include minor spoilers there. (characters “off-screen”, some nicknames, origin and whatnot).

One more thing, sidestories, do you think I should include them later on, something along the lines of “chapter 25.5” and so on?
There will be more on the side characters soon, but just in case, throwing it out there.

So far it has been “writing – learning phase”, now it’s time for improvements.

Speaking of improvements.
If you have any suggestions/questions, feel free to mail me at

Special thanks to box rock for his awesome suggestions, much appreciated.


On the other hand, I’m thinking of starting a new story, maybe even two new stories, these are mere plans, one of them has a “main story” and some embellishments, the other doesn’t so it will take some time.
It should be a good way to work on flow and other lacking areas, so it will most likely be an improvement for Loiterous as well.

Alright, enough of blabbering, my eyes are hurting, on the verge of evolving into mangekyou sharingan, so I’ll stop staring at the screen.
See you guys tomorrow and have a good one.

Off-topic – if anyone knows how to get to the older version of wordpress or at least how to get the word counter back, please share with this fellow noob, I’d much appreciate it.




10 thoughts on “Announcement – Plans for next week

    • if i had to be greedy my vote on stay with this story im not going to say the impossible of finishing this story b/c with as much material provided right now the story can go till chapter 1000 before coming to an end. maybe speed things up a little vol 4 is all in the span of less than 24hours (IRL) i would guess. vol 5 going to be like 2 weeks (IRL) and at most vol 6 is going to be around 1week (IRL). vol 7 will be the first time you can really start skipping time the way the story is now.


      • Like I said, I’m not going to stop releasing Loiterous, although I treated it as a “practice run”, I was serious about it at the same time.
        It lacks many things, but I’ll try to improve on it slowly.
        The other stories will be “when I’m free”, loiterous will stay as a main story to be released, but I need some other content to improve, otherwise it will remain bland and insignificant.


  1. what did you do, that you have bloodshot eyes?! moderation, moderation…!
    ahem, yes, anyway, i can draw maps! though i’m not that good at it, ahahaha! i think map wise, when there’s a visual picture, it’s easier to imagine, sl i could help if you’d like!
    for side stories labelling, yeah, you can just put it as 22.5 and so on, no problem!


  2. Maps can be draw automatically with the online map drawing tool.. Just search fantasy map draw online tool…
    Anyways thx for the story


  3. Personally, I’d like it if you put the side stories into the novel chronologically. They should go after the chapter. It’d be annoying in the future when all of a sudden we have side stories taking place past, and it would make it seem like the story is progressing slower than it is. The only exception I could think of would be if you include a side story about something a character noticed about the MC during an event in the past.

    Also please take care of your health. We don’t want you burning out.


    • Yeah, I thought of it the same way. Only new characters will be shown “from the beginning”, the ones already in will be implemented in between chapters.

      I will, I will, tried to catch up on some TV shows, that’s what I got…


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