Glossary and future changes

First part of the glossary has been updated, a lot of things will change, thus I’ve kept it to the absolute minimum. You can find it here Glossary.

Soon there should be locations, information on kingdoms, other continents, deities’ champions, player guilds, other households and whatnot included. (only after they appear in the novel though)

As for the changes, I’ll revise the previous chapters, especially the first ones.

The difference in writing can be seen by the naked eye, although my style still leaves a lot to be desired it’s somewhat better.
What will the changes include? Let’s see.

Better dialogue.
Providing more information – improved descriptions.
Polishing up fight scenes.
Adding side-stories, but it won’t end on that, other characters won’t be “sidekicks” anymore, they’ll feel alive and become a part of the story.
It will be tough as hell to do this in the first person, but damn, if I couldn’t handle challenges I wouldn’t start writing.

With that said, I’ll try to keep the three times a week release, two will be “new chapters” and the other one I’ll focus on these side stories. New chapters will have more POVS, otherwise I would have to constantly break the fourth wall to show some mechanics and events happening somewhere far away.

Lots of work ahead of me and hopefully an enjoyable time for you guys.

It took one day longer than I thought with the glossary, mainly because I tried to reset my sleep schedule.
Now not only am I tired, my lovely younger sister brought some ebola (just kidding) back, let’s pray I won’t get infected… again.

Chapter 91 should come out tomorrow, but if it doesn’t, expect 91&92 at monday.
That’s all, take care and have a good day.


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