Chapter 26

Author’s note: More to come this week (at least 2), probably starting Friday.


Clang! Clang! Thunk! Whoosh!

Swords clashed. Arrows flew. Lotuses on the water surface gently swayed, absorbing the unending stream of the red liquid. The battlefield of the two contending races was becoming more and more bloody.

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Chapter 25

Author’s note: Had some health problems, mainly a nasty toothache that gave me a fever and weakened me generally for the next couple days. Now that I’m feeling better, I wrote this chapter almost from the scratch, but I didn’t have time for the rest of them. Do not worry though, I will write throughout the week to get out of “debt” slowly.

At least 3 more chapters this week, starting from Wednesday, maybe even the 4th on the weekend.


Icicle stood at the entrance of the Blue Lizardmen Cave, tapping his chin. His hand held a red potion prepared for his clumsy familiar, Blackie.

“Once those elite lizardmen storm out, the whole valley will turn bloody. Assuming it’s a timed event, it will most likely take some time for the lizardmen to storm out, it’s the middle of the night after all. If I were a dev, I would plan the outbreak for the time when most of the players are online, that is the morning hours.” Icicle concluded.

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No chapters this week – 4 chapter next week

TL;DR: 4 chapters next week to compensate.

I had a lot of trouble with my sleeping schedule recently, sleeping for 3-6 hours in random intervals. When I finally started writing yesterday, thunderstorm conjured out of nowhere to boost my confidence…

Since the release is delayed again, I won’t say when will the chapters come out, just that within the next week. Let’s pray Lightning Mages take it easy on me.

P.S. I blame Ivir for it, she probably wanted to have some more exposure in the story.

Chapter 24

Author’s note: Since I’m a slow turtle, the editors didn’t really get a good look on this chap. Expect some minor grammar issues.

“I hope they’ll be able to garner some attention.” Icicle muttered as he closed the chat window with Enna. There was a party capable of felling a boss monster in his region. Those guys would be troublesome to deal with if they were to vie for the blue lizardman boss. Icicle felt confident going against a boss on his own, but it would be much harder if there was a party of eight hindering him. That’s why he counted on Faura’s party to cause some turbulences near the Desolate Catacombs dungeon they mentioned. If the bear party could be diverted there, it would be for the best.

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Chapter 23

Author’s note: Alright guys, I’m a slow turtle as always. Expect next chapter (24) at Wednesday and this Sunday I hopefully will be able to deliver 2 more.

Cling! Clang!

Scores of rusty swords let out the reverberating sound of clashing steel. Vultures circled the skies above Red Blooming Valley, looking for an opportune moment to fill rumbling stomachs with bloody flesh.

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