The rewrite of a previously posted Loiterous with much more detail and much less wish-fulfillment.


A shady young businessman, Jeremy Grand, decides to play the latest Virtual Reality MMO – Loiterous. Watch as he advances in the game and tries to keep both worlds and his often conflicting identities apart.



35 thoughts on “Synopsis

        • Hahaha, don’t worry, I wasn’t offended. I just think that artisan classes should have more spotlight, after all without them getting the best gear is nearly impossible. As for the jokes, feel free to use them, my mind is twisted anyways, so we’ll definitely find a common ground 😛


          • agreed and I like LMS personally it is interesting seeing artisan as a focus and honestly speaking there isn’t enough focus on those classes in novels out there I think and just saying this now but I like to end sentences in…


            • I think so too. Without these “casuals” there wouldn’t be much of an economy. I think it takes some dedication to do this kind of work, and even more of the resolve doing it in a Virtual Reality. I don’t know if you’re up to date with chapters or not, but soon these artisan classes will get their spotlight. (wow that spoiler)


                  • I had made a whole chapter-lengh worthy rant on how LMS game system is retarded but i was definitivelly getting out of subject here, suffice to say that actually most of the LMS novel is in a MMO in name only, the author has clearly never played an actual mmorpg in his life.
                    It’s honestly a pity most fanfic(or just fics?) autors of the gender base themselves on LMS instead of their experience playing actual MMORPGs…
                    Seriously, how can literally every fic autor i hit upon miss the fact that in a MMO it’s not the skills or the gear of the protag that actually matters but WHAT HE DOES with it ?
                    The basic tenet or mmos is that every player has the same toolbox(s plural for class choises). OP skills, unique quests, exclusive gear is the domain of single player games!

                    Hopefully this novel will be different …


                    • You have to understand that VR isn’t really like an MMo. That’s because YOU play it. Not your character. You. And the thing is, unless someone really wants to restrict himself and make it exactly like an MMO, which would be super dumb, you have to use the fantasy element more. That’s what we read the stories for.

                      Now, depending on an author there’s more or less fantasy factor, and what follows it – plotholes. Some we often disregard since what has happened fits the story.

                      Unfortunately, lately readers have become picky and expect the highest possible craftsmanship from authors. You guys have to understand we’re not omnipotent Gods. Making a novel with unexpected twists and turns takes an outliner and at least a year of time, after which you spend another few months to half a year correcting it, polishing the language and cutting useless words.

                      For those who publish regularly, it’s pretty much impossible. They write a lot of good stories instead of trying to go for the Holy Grail. LMS is good in itself because the author created a world for it and made the MC start late.

                      However, you can see how Weed finds dungeons that were unexplored for such a long time, heritage that was deeply buried in some low level dungeon etc. What bugs me the most is that he’s the only one with pets. Even though there’s talk about Summoner and Necro classes, they don’t show up (at least up till vol 21).

                      Now, we can discuss and point out faults of LMS, but every novel has some as long as you look at it objectively, barring the fanboyism.


  1. Well you two are close XD. Came from aho-updates and will soon do my binge of this novel of yours. To be honest just looking at the the description leaves me a bit confused but interested. Guess thats why i’m going to start it


  2. How’s the romance? I’ve been burned by so many bad romances and unnecessary ones that it’s almost a trigger word. Apart from that, it really sounds like a story I’d like to read.


  3. heya pal….thank you for your hard work! ^^
    so how many chapters more or less do u think this novel is gonna be? curious….


  4. Did you guys known, LMS translation is up to volume 44 chapter 6 as of this months. Go to Novel Update website on google and you will find it.


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