Characters and stats:

Icicle – the mc.


Name: Icicle
Race: Human
Level: 11
Experience: 280/32 000
Class: Water Mage Apprentice
Subclass: Alchemist
Titles: Pioneer

Points left to distribute: 3

HP: 320
Mana: 360
Strength: 17
Dexterity: 45
Vitality: 19
Intelligence: 20
Wisdom: 26
Charisma: 20
Luck: 10

[Identify] (passive) – lets you see the basic information of lowest grade items, NPCs and monsters. You can see the information of monsters who are no more than 5 levels higher than you.
[Craftsman’s splendor] (passive) – increases your chance of making a better quality product by 5%.
[Intermediary sense presence] (passive) – allows you to sense the targets of [Hide presence] level and below in 5m range.
[Flawless mana control] (passive) – allows the user to dual-wield the mana freely.
[Healing drizzle] – healing spell. Restores health equal to the user’s wisdom. +5 mana per each additional target.
[Water prison] – restricting ability. Enclose the target in a sphere of water for the duration of 3 seconds + Wisdom/100 seconds.
[Liquid membrane] – protective shield. Absorbs physical damage equal to wisdom stat or magical damage equal to 5 times the wisdom stat. Blocks most crowd control effects until broken.

Barduk – a player who attacked Icicle during Ingrained Enmity event.
Blutic – Ivir’s student who fought with Icicle
Curtis – a Rogue who’s determined to find the Black Hound
Faura – female Lightning Mage, leader of her party. She helped Icicle out during Ingrained Enmity event.
Inferno – Fire Mage in Faura’s party
Headshot – Archer in Faura’s party
FieryRed – unruly female Paladin in Faura’s party
Enna – shy female healer in Faura’s party
Silentstep – Rogue in Faura’s party
Rokh – a Warrior Icicle met during his Red Blooming Valley venture
Ferm – Earth Mage Icicle met during his Red Blooming Valley venture

Cindy – Earth Mage and Guildmaster of the Vilen Town’s Mage Guild
Vilenne – Water Mage, Teacher at Vilen Town’s MG
Ivir – Lightning Mage, Teacher at Vilen Town’s MG
Ganish – Blacksmith at the Bazzar in Vilen Town
Bingus – Merchant from the Glacia Kingdom
Wurtox – General Store owner and a Cook in Vilen Town
Marisse – Tailor in Vilen Town
Alchemist Nurte – head alchemist in Vilen Town
Jasik – local Hunter of the Hunter Village in Vilen Town
Lord Marcus Vilen – lord of the Vilen Town, Ivir’s father
Adian – Guards’ Captain in Vilen Town, off work Merchant and Alchemist.
Cus – Guards’ Commander and Adian’s father

Bingus – Merchant from the Glacia Kingdom
Leila – daughter of Red Devil, princess of the [Red Devil’s Tribe]
Red Devil – leader of the Red Devil’s Tribe, reigns over Red Devil’s Grove

1 star monsters
[Grey Alpha Wolf]
[Grey Wolf Brigand]

2 star monsters ★★
[Minor White Direwolf]
[Atlas’s Bodyguard]
[Long-horned White Rhinoceros]

Recipes and known potions:

[Basic Healing Potion][Formula][Lvl 1]
Requirements: 3 Green Stout Stalks.
Recipe: Make sure your mortar is clear. Grind the herbs in the mortar with the pestle. When all the liquid is drawn out, seep it through a strainer into the vial. Shake the vial a little to see the liquid’s uniform clarity. The results will vary depending on the proficiency of grinding.

[Numbing Venom] [Basic] [Formula] lvl 1
Commonly used formula by hunters and beast tamers. Darts, arrows, bolts or any other weapons smeared with this concoction have a chance to paralyse the target for 5 seconds.

Requirements: Three stalks of herbs with paralysing effect. The higher the grade, the better.

Recipe: Boil the herbs in a 10 liter cauldron for three hours. Stir this concoction from time to time (approximately every 5 minutes). After the herbs let out their essence, take them out of the cauldron and ground them. Turn those herbs into powder. You can combine the powder with water to make a [Lesser Numbing Venom]. As for the boiled water, vaporize it. When it’s done vaporizing, you’ll see a green viscous liquid at the bottom of the cauldron. This is the thing you need. Take a vial, use some elongated wooden apparatus and slowly fill the vial up. Make sure you’re not touching the liquid directly, its effect is really strong! If you have the time and means, cool the water vapor from the cauldron. Let it become a purified liquid. Take a few other vials and fill them up with the cooled water. You can use that water potion to give your newly tamed creatures a drink. They surely won’t be as violent.

Restrictions: Cannot be used in PvP nor in player killing. Paralysing effect is only available for PvE.

[Turbid Medium Healing Potion] [Formula] [Common] Lvl. 1
Requirements: 7 damaged [Green Stout Stalks].
Recipe: Ground the herbs in the mortar, then pour the liquid into the vial through a filter.

[Basic healing potion]
Recovers 125 HP on use. 60 sec cooldown.

[Big basic healing potion]
Highly potent basic healing potion. Recovers 245 HP after use. 60 sec cooldown.

[Small rare healing potion]
A bottle of well made health regenerating liquid. Recovers 500 HP. 60 sec cooldown.
Requirements: Level 15 or above.

[Turbid Medium Healing Potion]
Restores 200HP on use. 60 sec cooldown.


[Green Stout Stalk] [Common] [Herb]
Common herb used to alleviate pain and recover minor injuries.

[Blue Rigid Grass]

[Piros Root]

[Cynth flower]

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