Chapter 38

Author’s note: The end of the arc. I’ll take a week off to edit the previous chapters and get some work on the prologue. I also have an “how to write” article in mind, so I’ll keep you guys posted.


“FieryRed, get back!” Faura screamed.

“If I try to retreat, I’ll be done for! Either run or help me out here!” FieryRed responded through gritted teeth.

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Chapter 37

“Wait for us here, little brother.” the escorting mercenary smiled as he and his friends entered one of the tents in the center of the camp. Soon after, a dozen of mercenaries came out, three of them in front.

“Are you the one saying that the others ditched us?” one of the officers asked.

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Chapter 36

Author’s note: Woah, 4,8k. Took some time to edit, sorry guys. Around two chaps left till the arc is over.

Under the starry night sky, a blue window visible only to players illuminated the space above Vilen Town. First 100 places in the ranking were displayed far and wide, spreading those players’ glory, as well as making them potential targets.

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Chapter 35

Author’s note: You guys know me, always late. Next chapter at Tuesday.

The sky was completely blotted out. Dark puffs of smoke intertwined, forming into ominous clouds. Between the masses of obscure smoke, flashes of lightning heralded the fall of an electrical discharge.

Bzzzzzzt! Boom!

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Chapter 33

Rekk glanced at Icicle from time to time, noticing the seriousness the human worked with. The little human was shaking the vials, mixing the liquid inside. He often frowned, bringing the bottle for a closer look, then outstretched his hand to glance at the concoction from some distance, as if looking for flaws.

“Your Highness, your invigorating concoction must remain in this static state for at least 30 minutes.” Icicle said weakly, bowing. He stood up, walking outside the cave.

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Chapter 32

Author’s note: Ending the arc is a pain in the ass so I assume that chap 33 will come out on Thursday. I’ve overcome the writing block and came with something better than I had planned.

The tides were shifting. When the news of northern and eastern gates getting flooded by lizardmen reinforcements spread, participating players were forced to adapt, discarding their previous plan.

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Chapter 31

Author’s note: Two more chaps this week and probably a belated one Monday.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Hundreds of fireballs exploded on the battlefield, hurting both lizardmen and players alike. In this chaotic free for all, the concept of formation and teamwork was almost non-existent.

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