About me

Your average human being trying his best to write a comprehensible story.

As my great inner procrastinator would say “Rest during the day so you can sleep well at night.”

Send your beta reader/editor “applications” (just say you want to be a beta reader/an editor, no need to make it awkward) at tyhuko@gmail.com

If you’re an aspiring writer and want to discuss ideas (as long as you’re not writing the next generation Twilight) feel free to post a comment/email me.

Any suggestions/questions, like above, send a mail/post a comment. Yes, I’m reading all of them.


12 thoughts on “About me

  1. hi… do you have any plans on posting your work our site?
    it was rebirthonlineworld.com
    if you want, you could post your work under home of original works and you will have your own page, donation button and a link to this site…
    if you are interested, can you send me an email on ryan_darmawan@hotmail.com to talk about the details?

    ldyrdy – rebirth online world


  2. I think you have an excellent story going on. If you plan to keep the series going keep his power gains minimal but well deserved. I read a lot of fan fictions both American and Chinese translations. I really enjoy watching main character struggle to take what is his instead of just here it is approach. Anyways theirs my praise, my comment, my goodbye. Best of luck!


    • Yeah, I thought about the same thing as well. Otherwise you guys will get bored too soon. The update shall fix all of that.

      Thanks for the kind words, appreciate it.


  3. Oy. TyHuko. I wanna make you an animated gif or illustration of Cupcake/Icicle this weekend. Could you give me a quick description of how you want the character to look including armor, weapon, and accessories? I have the gist, but preference is up to you.

    You have a choice between a simple Gif or Illustration. If it’s a Gif, I can make up to 1080×1080 pixel. If it’s an illustration, I will only do character illustration with simple gradient background (Imagine cover page of LN). Don’t worry, I’m working on my own story too, but I have some free time to do a side project for a friend.

    If you need an idea of what they’ll look like, take a look at my updated site. I’ll put more care into it than my the doodles I make for myself. Let me know if you want it.

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  4. Hello, i really enjoy your work and i like how he stopped getting random power ups and he has to work for his power, hopefully his power from now on will be powerful but well deserved, also i love the way you approach the ice mage idea


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