Chapter 91 – Expanding

Author’s note: Chapter 92 is pushed to tomorrow, I need to think more carefully about the chronological order to make sure I don’t fuck things up. There should be 5 chapters total this week.


Inside Albatros Company, Julie’s POV

Standing with my hands propped against the table, my mind began to wander.

Yet another youth troubled with mind attacks appeared today.
This whole situation is ridiculous!
We’re endangering players’ lives because some big fish donated cash?!

*sigh* However, I’m still a part of it.
Part of such a hideous act.
It makes my stomach turn upside down.

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Glossary and future changes

First part of the glossary has been updated, a lot of things will change, thus I’ve kept it to the absolute minimum. You can find it here Glossary.

Soon there should be locations, information on kingdoms, other continents, deities’ champions, player guilds, other households and whatnot included. (only after they appear in the novel though)

As for the changes, I’ll revise the previous chapters, especially the first ones.

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Chapter 90 – Frost Guardian

Albatros Company’s Studio, Lisa’s POV


Surprised by the sudden turn of events, I heard the alarm go off.
Sirens seemed to howl unceasingly, when the steps of two members of the dev team could be heard in the hallway.
It’s only a developers area, so it can’t be anyone else, right?

Jack: Shit! Did Icicle get into real trouble?

Carl: These sirens activate only when there’s direct danger to user’s life or mental state. He may as well be in trouble.

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Announcement – Plans for next week

Alright, first of all chapter 90 is moved till tomorrow.
The reason? My eyes are about to evolve into sharingan if I keep looking at the screen.
Thus, with all my futile efforts, I’m moving chapter 90 for tomorrow.

To the point of the announcement now.
I promised a map and a glossary.

The map, well, it will have to wait because I’m still figuring out the exact layout based on the plot. (Mage Kingdom is a pain in the ass)
There may be some changes soon, so all I can do is think it through a couple times more and hope for the best.
Once that’s done, I’ll try to descreptively describe it, my writing is worse than a kindergartener’s so yeah…
Who knows, maybe some kind soul will draw it.

As for the glossary, I’ll take the next week off to write it down completely and then update it regularly.
What will it include?
Terms, locations, characters, some of their statuses (don’t want to spoil everyone, leave me some leeway T__T)
Some subclasses will be hidden (’cause plot) others won’t be picked because players are cautios and so on. (and I’m lazy)
Do tell me if you want me to include minor spoilers there. (characters “off-screen”, some nicknames, origin and whatnot).

One more thing, sidestories, do you think I should include them later on, something along the lines of “chapter 25.5” and so on?
There will be more on the side characters soon, but just in case, throwing it out there.

So far it has been “writing – learning phase”, now it’s time for improvements.

Speaking of improvements.
If you have any suggestions/questions, feel free to mail me at

Special thanks to box rock for his awesome suggestions, much appreciated.


On the other hand, I’m thinking of starting a new story, maybe even two new stories, these are mere plans, one of them has a “main story” and some embellishments, the other doesn’t so it will take some time.
It should be a good way to work on flow and other lacking areas, so it will most likely be an improvement for Loiterous as well.

Alright, enough of blabbering, my eyes are hurting, on the verge of evolving into mangekyou sharingan, so I’ll stop staring at the screen.
See you guys tomorrow and have a good one.

Off-topic – if anyone knows how to get to the older version of wordpress or at least how to get the word counter back, please share with this fellow noob, I’d much appreciate it.



Chapter 89 – Therapy

Sinking into the dark, bottomless abyss, I suddenly woke up in a closed space.
With nothing more than darkness all around me, I saw a glass window right in front of me.
Images that were shown there were constantly shifting, showing various parts of my life.
Childhood and the ensuing gruesome training, happy times, playing games with some internet friends, overcoming obstacles… cold-blooded murder.

However, the things that were shown on this “screen” were changed.
The way all of this was shown was partial, biased, some events were warped to the point of almost no recognition.
All they had was the semblance of true event, some familiar scene at the beginning or in the middle, everything else was a straightforward fabrication.
To someone without mental fortitude training, someone simple who wasn’t taught how to repel these kinds of mental threats, their mind could very well collapse under pressure.

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Chapter 88 – Sanguine great waraxe

Author’s note: I’ll try to post the next one in 2 days, let’s hope my older sister won’t use her magic powers to obliterate the operating system again…

Taking a step into the labyrinth I am met with total silence.
Did that herd of cattle leave already?
Nah, can’t be.
Where are they then?

Suddenly an angry howl rumbled throughout the whole floor.


Someone’s mad.
I wonder who the target is…
Wait a second, I should be the mad one!
How dare that female minotaur steal my spotlight!

Huge waves of minotaurs started emerging from the darkness of the room.
I could see at least a thousand eyes shining through the reflected torch light, all of them pointed in my direction.

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Delayed – chapter 88

One of my female relatives decided to use my computer, although my password seemingly stopped her, this peculiar person’s magic powers somehow corrupted the whole windows.

Now, instead of writing, I am dealing with problems regarding software and whatnot, as well as dealing with killing intent.
Yes, killing intent!
Although killing intent would help with writing the next chapter, I don’t want to do it while I’m affected, so I’m moving chapter 88 to tomorrow.

P.S. If any of you know of good way to stop relatives from barging into the your own room, let me know (keep out tapes… hidden chainsaws, murdering lasers, automatic crossbows that kind of stuff…)

Alright, I need to take a day off to quell the hate and temporarily leave the dark side… See you tomorrow.