Chapter 65 – Not so grand comeback

Author’s note: First of all, I’ve made a blunder. Water step already became a skill in chapter 36, I fixed it.
Just in case you were confused.

This chapter presents you with a status of our little hero, one that hasn’t been shown for a long time.
I know update was supposed to be tomorrow, but I had some “inspiration” and boom, we have a chapter.
Hope none of you will complain about that 😛
Anyways, enough of the grumbling, enjoy the chapter.

Part three of the update, “Terms of Use and possible dangers.”

It’s time for the most important concern.
Health issues.
We’re receiving many complaints regarding users getting addicted, losing their sanity or shutting out.
Please don’t shift the blame on us.
Every single one of you, upon buying the product, was presented with a consent form, where these possible issues were listed.

Albatros Company is keeping these forms as records.
There are your signatures.
Unless it’s something completely unrelated to the terms presented in the form, we’re not going to compensate you in any way.
Please make sure that you’re taking care of your body and mental health properly.

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Chapter 64 – Unseen buff is the deadliest

Author’s note: Here we go, the second part of the update. Next one will be the last one, most likely ending up with going into the game.

Sincere thanks to Belthor for donating!
As generous as ever, aren’t you?

I will come up with the map soonish.
Don’t ask me when exactly, I’m terrible at drawing, I’ll probably have to ask some people for redraws or to draw it for me.
Maybe I’ll find some generator.
Anyways, enjoy the chapter.

We’re moving to the second part, “Changes”, where we’ll expand on some of the questions and introduce the changes we’ve come up with.

First of all, class issues.

Some of you, especially mages, have been inventing new spells.
We’re not against that. Getting just the class skills is dumb and we’re aware of that.
However, that’s what the skillbooks are for.
You can found them in the dungeons or, if you’re lucky, get blueprints for them from any of the rare and above level monsters.
That’s where the artisan classes shine in, crafting!

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Chapter 63 – Developers’ Q&A

Okay, what do we have here…
Three pages of update…?

[Scheduled update!]

Hello dear players.
My name is Mike. I’ll be speaking on behalf of the developers of Loiterous.

We would like to officially announce changes made to the game.
These changes will be divided into three parts.
First one will be “Questions”, second one will be “Changes” and the third one “Terms of Use and possible dangers”.

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Chapter 62 – Suffering awaits…

Author’s note: Here you guys go, above 5000 words chapter. Enjoy the read.

Waking up, I saw myself lying on my stomach, still clothed in a black suit, not even my shoes were taken off…

‘Jesus, was I drunk…?’

Slowly remembering what happened, I checked the time.

12:09 pm.

Damn, that was quite a long slumber.
Looking for my phone was a chore.
Why the hell isn’t it on the nightstand?

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Chapter 61 – Dirty little secrets part 4

Author’s note: I apologize for a day of delay. This chapter just didn’t feel right at the time and I had to fix it.
At least now it’s twice as long. Enjoy this almost 4k words release.

Following Jannet into her house, I was handed the recording device.

Icicle: You don’t mind me checking the content, do you?

Jannet: I-If you must…

What is she so embarassed for?


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Chapter 60 – Dirty little secrets part 3

Author’s note: Thanks to everyone who has voted, 3rd place on twf is enough to prove that site is bullshit.

Sincere thanks to Belthor for donating!
That was very generous of you, thank you.
Enjoy the chapter.

Icicle: Mrs. Laur? We’re here to talk about your husband, Mr. Paul Laur. Can we come in?

Mrs. Laur: About my husband? Who are you gentlemen?

Bob: Special senior agent Bob Harett, FBI.

Showing his badge, Bob calmed Mrs. Laur a little.

Mrs. Laur: And you, young man?

Icicle: I wish I could tell you. Unfortunately, it’s classified.

I tried to make a courteous smile.

Mrs. Laur: Well, I guess this is enough. Come in. Oh, and don’t call me Mrs. Laur, Jannett is fine.

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Chapter 59 – Dirty little secrets part 2

Author’s note: Here you guys go, part 2. Sorry for the delay. The next chapter should show up within 2 days.

Bob: I brought our special medkit, sir. Will we be using it?

Icicle: No need to go to such lengths. It’s not like they’ve raped my sister or anything. These substances were made for worst kind of criminals. We’ll do it differently this time.

Bob: Understood. I’ll put it back then.

Hmm… now that I think about it, we can really use it later.

Icicle: Leave it here. We can use it to scare these guys. Or not, go put it back.

Bob: You really like to change your mind, don’t you boss?


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