Chapter 7

Character Information:
Name: Icicle
Race: Human
Level: 5
Experience: 1346/8000
Class: None
Subclass: Alchemist
Titles: None

Points left to distribute: 1

HP: 140
Mana: 110
Strength: 9
Dexterity: 21
Vitality: 10
Intelligence: 6
Wisdom: 7
Luck: 5

[Identify] (passive) – lets you see the basic information of lowest grade items, NPCs and monsters. You can see the information of monsters who are no more than 5 levels higher than you.
[Craftsman’s splendor] (passive) – increases your chance of making a better quality product by 5%.
[Sense presence] (passive) – allows you to sense the non-concealed targets in a 3m radius.

Icicle and Adian moved into the boss’s territory.

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Chapter 6

“So, did you fake having trouble?” Icicle asked Adian, but his voice wasn’t suspicious anymore. He didn’t care, he wanted to know if they met with another group. Fighting with the wolves on his own and gaining experience was a way of Adian’s to let him experience the world.

“Hehe, indeed, I made a few blunders on purpose. Who would have thought you would scheme so much, hehe. You’re pretty good brother.” Adian smiled brightly. He made sure he wasn’t mistaken about this disciple of his. Icicle even spared his potions on him, that made him feel especially good. They were both frugal, trying to save the resources yet Icicle didn’t hesitate and threw the potion to him. It wasn’t something big, but the gesture counted.

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Chapter 5

Icicle started experimenting. At first, he grounded 3 damaged [Green Stout Stalks] to see if the potion will still be created, only with minor difference in health recovery. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Since he used 3 of 108 damaged [Green Stout Stalks] he collected, Icicle decided to try it with a few more. He put another 2 in. Still nothing.

Feeling a little dejected, Icicle steeled himself to use up to 10 herbs. Sacrificing more than that for a mere experiment would be a waste.

On his 6th damaged [Green Stout Stalk], there was still no change. Icicle worried about the vials being too full soon. He went to Adian and got a stock of 50 [Empty Medium Vials], as well as a new handkerchief. Poor Adian felt heart-wrenching pain giving away all of his stuff for free. If it wasn’t for the future treasures and money blinding him, he would never give in so easily.

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Chapter 4

Icicle was moving vigilantly amidst the shrubbery, broken twigs and humming pine trees. His herb collecting was going smoothly. He decided to first gather all the herbs and then make them into potions.

His biggest disappointment was not encountering even one [Grey Alpha Wolf]. This was most likely caused by his close proximity to the safe zone. Last time he was attacked a few kilometres to the south-west.

When Icicle was peacefully gathering the necessary herbs, all the starting areas villages were brimming with new characters. Players ran around madly, wave after wave, looking for NPCs to get their tutorial quests.

Some shady players who allegedly finished the tutorial received a [Common] grade set. Most gamers didn’t value this information as dependable. Their shirts only gave them 1 defense. What could the entire set give, 5 defense total? This 5 defense against [Wild Dogs], [Horned Rabbits] and [Brown Lizards] was something that could save their lives. Tutorial giving the entire set sounded too good to be true.

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Chapter 3

Soon after Icicle left, Adian was walking in circles in his tent. Disregarding his injuries he mumbled “This kid is a walking money bag! If only I can make him concoct more potions, I’ll earn a fortune!” wry smile plastered itself on his lips. “Guard promotion, haha! Who cares about that! It would earn me a little prestige and a pretty decent salary. On the other hand, if I become an esteemed Alchemist…” as he thought of the never-ending stream of money Adian’s wild laughter echoed through the clearing and the surrounding forest.

Adian was right in his assumptions. Guards earned only a miniscule portion of what Alchemists did. They were vulnerable to external danger too. Not only that, if Alchemist’s skills were sufficient, he could aid the lord of the area with various tasks. There were precedents where some lucky Alchemists managed to get a title of a noble. As for the powerful, experienced Alchemists, those didn’t need to advertise themselves. Various powerhouses were seeking their services on their own.

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Chapter 2

Author’s note: This version didn’t go through my editors since it was finished like 3 hours ago. If you want to read it with better grammar give it a day or two.


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

“Goddamnit, why are those wolves still chasing me?!” Jeremy huffed and puffed as he ran. His palms and back were covered with sweat. He didn’t even have the time to look at the surrounding forest as he escaped with top speed.

“Shouldn’t these wolves have an aggro range, goddamnit?!” he felt hopeless as he glanced back.


Jeremy gaped at the open maws packed with razor sharp teeth. Five [Alpha Grey Wolves] were chasing him. He couldn’t even see their levels…

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Chapter 1

A new popular video was circulating through the internet. Quite popular youtuber, Sais, uploaded something that sent tremors through the gaming community.

Jeremy sat in front of his screen when he noticed a popular thread on the forums. He was scrambling for information, raring to go from the excitement since the game’s release date one year ago. Incapable of resisting the curiosity, he clicked the link and pressed the play button.

The screen flashed and a white young man in his twenties sitting in his chair appeared, waving to the screen.

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