Chapter 83 – Third floor

When the walls before me parted, I saw an enormous wooden door.
Pushing it open, my nostrils were attacked by a musty smell of books!
This is a real treasure trove! Imagine all the skills I can get here!

Wooden shelves covered the entire room that looked to be at least 300m2.

Moving through the rows of shelves, all I could see were books in hard, black covers.
The only difference were the patterns on them, some seemed like inscriptions, others like seals and incantations.
Opening a few of the books at random, I noticed that it’s a language that I cannot understand.

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Chapter 82 – Negligible gains

With a thought I activated [Water domain].
A dome of golden-blue water enclosed everything within 5m radius, both the Dark Trackers and my bony, hideous self.
However, the only ones with problems were the shadow like creatures, I was not a true lich, after all.

[System message]
All water abilities’ proficiency rises while the [Water domain] remains active.
Time left: 5 minutes.

Holy water burned Dark Trackers’ bodies.
It was as if these abominations were placed on a grill and slowly cooked.
Wherever they moved, it was the same.
Panic struck their hearts, or whatever they had, and began to quickly spread.

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Chapter 81 – Wandering through the unknown part 2

It was show time.
Instead of looking for the entrance to the third floor, I unsummoned Tyxx and searched throughout the whole second floor for the Dark Trackers’ treasury.

After an hour of such search, all I’ve got was… nothing.
Not a single clue nor a miniscule hint as to where the treasury could be.
At least it sure as hell wasn’t located in this entrance’s winding maze.

Rushing back to the hall to have a look at a bigger picture, I started thinking.
There are four entrances.
Tyxx said there were three and that the middle one was pointing towards the entrance of the third floor.
So one additional passageway was built.

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Chapter 80 – Wandering through the unknown part 1

Locating Tyxx wasn’t hard, after all he’s a big creature, similar to a bull.

Icicle: Here you are Tyxx, we need to talk.

Tyxx: Master? Weren’t you supposed to leave for the academy? What’s keeping you here?

Icicle: Mm, I decided to bring some issues to a close. To that point. [Forsaken Labyrinth], do you know what’s beneath the first floor?

Tyxx: T-That’s…

I saw the minotaur struggling.
Tyxx was even trembling for a moment.
What the hell could be hidden underneath the first floor?

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Chapter 79 – Before I depart

Author’s note: Next chapter in three days, enjoy the read. I’ll show you all the undeads’ statuses with the Glossary that should come up within 10 days or so.

Icicle: *Oi, why aren’t you saying anything?*

Acquare: *sniffle* It’s nothing, I am j-just so happy!*

Wait, what?

Icicle: *What do you mean Acquare? You want your sister dead?*

Acquare: *Of course not, you goddamn moron! I have been looking for my sister for so long that I presumed she was already dead… Nonetheless, I kept on sending people to find her. Now you’re saying that not only is she not dead, my sister can even be found within a year! For someone like me who sought her for centuries that’s like a godsend opportunity!*

She’s actually happy?
Jeez, the deities here are truly “mortals”.
I have a feeling they’re even more peculiar than two of me combined.
Yeah, the two of me, not just one.

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Chapter 78 – Big picture part 2

Author’s note: Next chapter in three days, I need to revise my first chapters, the grammar there is… meh. I’m not an expert now, but I can at least make it somewhat better. Enjoy the read.

Eshel: *Heheh, what are you acting so surprised for? You even know who the gods in this world are, yet you’re shocked when hearing about deities?*

Icicle: *I’ve been suspecting that it might be the case, but presuming and knowing is different.*

Eshel: *I see. Alright, how about I tell you a little about Ice Mages then?*

Icicle: *Sure, give me a moment, I need to check my subclass.*

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Chapter 77 – Big picture part 1

Author’s note: Surprise is… *du dun* *du dun* next chapter being released tomorrow! Enjoy the read.

Nyu: What do you want to know?

Icicle: Fufufu~. A lot of things.

Nyu: If it has anything to do with the thing male and female do, you may not live to see another day.

Icicle: O-Of course not.

Shit, it actually had a lot to do with that.

Nyu: Spit it out already, I want to get some sleep. *yawn*

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