Chapter 22

Blackie’s determination soared. He was ready to finally kill the monsters opposing God. He chose his first opponent carefully – his worst nightmare, the Diamondback Rattlesnake.

Slithering through the lush grasses, the Diamondback Rattlesnake raised its head, hissing angrily at Blackie. It was beneath him to engage in combat with a mere dog. A proud creature who can fell bears fighting a mere mongrel? Disgraceful!

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Chapter 21

Author’s note: Chapter 22 should be up on Wednesday, since I had no time to write. Next week will only be one chapter – chap 22 – then the schedule will resume to normal. I apologize for the delay, real life isn’t as forgiving as I wish it was.

The winding dirt road led to a towering mountain range in the west. Icicle trodded leisurely with Blackie, letting him play with wild boars, grizzlies and even Diamondback Rattlesnakes they met on the way.

The unfortunate monsters that crossed Icicle’s path quickly met with their maker. It was truly an untimely and cruel death for those creatures, as the little dark-haired devil didn’t hold anything back. He slashed at the most vulnerable points of the creatures without giving the monsters a chance to retaliate. If the corpses in Loiterous didn’t disintegrate, there would be a long bloody trail following the youth with blazing, amber eyes.

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Chapter 20

Author’s note: So, I got the idea for the prologue and even for a new story (that might see the light of day someday…) but I still need to write the prologue out. Hopefully, it will be done by the end of next week. Since I’ll be focusing on that I won’t promise more than two chapters next week.

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The players who had finally finished their intensive battle with the boar sat down to rest. They chatted amongst themselves, eating and drinking, while some engaged in item trading transactions. However, there were two in the group that sat quite far from the rest, whispering.

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Chapter 19

Icicle’s map showed the Red Blooming Valley to be only a few kilometers away, so he quickly put it away as he moved out of the western gate, and headed towards the black forested mountain that blocked his line of sight. Unsurprisingly, it was littered with players fighting [Wild Boars], [Mountain Bears] and [Brown-furred Grizzlies]. The level of the creatures here ranged from level 7 to level 10. Icicle saw a group of 8 players engaged in combat with 3 mountain bears, one of which was a one-star variant.

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Chapter 18

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Jeremy took his VR helmet off. He stretched his stiff body and washed his face. Arriving in the kitchen, he realized he didn’t prepare anything to eat in advance. “I was so drawn into Loiterous I even forgot my morning jog.” he sighed.

Dressing himself up, Jeremy walked downstairs, greeting Mr.Peng, his condominium’s janitor. He also worked as a watchman, making the tenants feel safer with someone watching the door.

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Chapter 17

Vilenne’s sword hummed, covered with a vibrant blue glow of mana.

Vilenne stretched to the sides and then reclined her body back, making her perky breasts stand out even more. “Ah, it’s been so long since I could thrash someone. Lucky!” she hummed.

Icicle stopped admiring the curves of the voluptuous woman and focused. Although Vilenne seemed easy-going, her aura right now was resembling that of a succubus.

Vilenne’s knuckles cracked as she made a “I’ll beat you up” gesture. She felt ready to give a good thrashing.

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Chapter 16

Author’s note: Next week will most likely have 2 chapters.

Vilen Town’s Mage Guild looked different than most buildings. Its majestic castle-like appearance caused awe in the nearby players and pedestrians. Entering through the guarded black iron gate, a glossy grey stone pavement leads to the entrance of a towering, five stories high building. The Mage Guild alone occupied over 15% of the Vilen Town’s interior.

The reception room of the guild was full of players and NPCs, discussing their recent experiences, events and ways to cast spells. At the sides stood several wooden desks where female secretaries provided information, guidance and missions. Even futher in was a bar where a jet black-haired woman with blue eyes sat at the table leisurely, nagged by another woman with grey, long curly hair and green eyes.

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