Chapter 3 – Master isn’t as nice as she looks like?!

Cindy’s POV

I’m working as a secretary in the mage guild. Every day I help registered mages look for missions, receive their letters, sometimes even their summons.

Vilen Town is an independent town, established by the four kingdoms to be the town where people can learn basic jobs and combat classes.
Although this town is supposed to serve as the beginner area, there are many established warriors, mages, rogues, archers, mercenaries, priests and paladins.
Some of them are teachers in their respective institutions, however, most of them come here to check out the dungeon that’s located north of the town.

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Chapter 2 – Affinities

Mage Guild was a building that could be recognized from afar.
Three stories high, made out of some white stone, resembling marble, that glistened in the sun.
Entering the building, I could see a beige colored stone on the interior walls, giving the whole room mysterious, solemn atmosphere.
Candles lit the walls and the occasional painting here and there.
The floor was made of mahogany fitting the overall composition nicely.

‘Mages seem awfully rich. Not like I can complain…’

Right in front of the entrance, behind the counter, I saw a well endowed woman with blond hair and green eyes, which I assume is a secretary.
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Chapter 1 – Adventure – Start!

Hello my name is… Cupcake. Well, not really, but I want my identity to be hidden for now.
I’m a dark gamer. Right now I’m preparing to enter “Loiterous” new VRMMORPG game that has just come out.

Although I say it has just come out, I’ve been waiting for this game for 3 months, right after its releasement was announced.
It’s launching in 10 minutes, oh I can’t wait to play!

Well there are still 10 minutes, might as well tell you a little about myself.
Where to start… oh, right. I’m a highschool graduate, I’ve graduated in 2024, right now, a year later I’m 20 years old. I live alone in a small city in a 60m² condo.
The world hasn’t changed much.
I’ve concluded that going to the University now is useless, unless you want to become an engineer, some kind of scientist or a doctor.

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