Chapter 30 – Fool me once, shame on you…

I can’t believe a deity can be this dumb…
I mean, who forgets to set a time limit on the quest?
Whatever, I’ll take what I’ve got and use it to the fullest extent.

Icicle: *Oi Eshel, I’ve got the holy element. We’re good to go.*

Eshel: *Deities don’t just hand out their elements. What did you promise to do in return?*

Icicle: *The thing we were already doing in the first place, clearing this godforsaken dungeon.*

Eshel: *Seems too easy, don’t you think?*

Icicle: *Yeah, but I can’t figure out what’s the catch. at least for now. I’ll definitely enjoy leveling up with the help of the light element though…*

Eshel: *Keep your eyes open kid. I haven’t heard of a deity that gave something for basically nothing.*

Icicle: *Yeah, I’ll stay vigilant.*

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Chapter 29 – Brand

Walking towards Zetra, Sixxy and Tyxx, I saw them looking at me funny.

Icicle: Is there something on my face?

Nyu: Yes, saliva, you filthy human.

Hearing Nyu’s sharp remark I couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Icicle: That was really good Nyu.

Stroking her fluffy head, I realized that my familars’ expression didn’t change.

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Chapter 28 – Tension

Icicle: Naughty girls like you need to be punished.

Grabbing Mika by her thighs, I pulled her up, holding her with my right hand.
I placed my left hand on the back of her head, pulling her closer, into a deep, wild kiss.
The one I shared with Vilenne was a passionate, loving one.
This kiss was more of a conquest than love.
Seeing Mika thrash around, like a fish that has been pulled out of the water, I brought her in even closer.
I was pleasantly surprised.

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Chapter 27 – Merciless

Entering through the portal, I was transferred inside.
The whole room looked old, maybe ancient even, the walls were covered with dust and numerous cracks, through which sand slipped.
The floor was made out of a stone that was probably white, but now, after being left to fare for itself for who knows how long, it had dark grey hue.

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Chapter 26 – Building image

Leaving the dungeon, I immediately told Tyxx to turn into a mark.
With the minotaur head on my right forearm, I felt accomplishment.
I managed to get the minotaur as my companion.
Now that I think about it, I never saw Nyu actually turning into a mark. I wonder when that fluffy fluff does that.

Logging out, I headed straight to the bathroom.

‘Shit, I almost peed myself.’

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Chapter 25 – Brawl

Feeling the chain wrapping around me, I became completely immobilized.

‘Fuck, I should have activated the [Frost barrier] earlier!’

Immediately turning my head to check the wall on my right, I saw the spiked chain ball coming straight for my head.
There was no way I could duck this time.
Activating [Frost barrier], I heard a crash, followed by a strong vibration.

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Chapter 24 – Resound

Gaming related forum, after the tournament

user1: Hey guys, check this video out. It shows a player single-handedly winning the Intermediary Level Tournament in Minaeryth Kingdom. I stumbled upon that after seeing some ruckus in front of the coliseum. Thinking that it’s some kind of an event, I bought a ticket and stayed for the actual tourney. What surprised me is that after all the person in question did, he was called an “adventurer”, which as we all know means PLAYER. He had a freaking awesome elite boss ranked tier pet, I can’t even fathom how someone could get so strong so fast!

user2: If this isn’t fake, then he’s really op. Even the top players won’t stand a chance.

user3: He’s a noble?! Dear lord, what has he done to receive all of this.

user4: I better don’t get in his way, he’s a psychopath!

user5: The way he handled that Haxus guy… I’m speechless.

user6: Does he have a girlfriend? He doesn’t, right?!

user7: Wow, you’re really thirsty, girl.

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