Chapter 45

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The news of Icicle providing his uncommon services quickly spread throughout the area. With more request than time to fulfill them, he had to cooperate with Ivir to develop a schedule.

“Are you sure you don’t want to milk them harder? It’s not like there’s anyone to steal the business from you…” Ivir smiled slyly.

“Have you included my recent requirements?”

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Chapter 44

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Vilenne quickly scoured the underground area, finding her target in the nearby tavern. “Here you are Bart!” she said happily.

“Eh?” Bart turned his head with puzzlement. When he saw Vilenne, his expression brightened.

Icicle looked at Bart curiously. It was a tall youth with a lean body. His green eyes shone like a pair of emeralds, accentuating his shoulder length curly brown hair.

Vilenne leaned forward and whispered into Bart’s ear. His eyes lightened up even more. “Sure, I’ll help you out.” he said firmly.

“Come on little bastard, I’ll show you around.” Vilenne said with a cheeky smile.

“Hiring people to beat me up, little brat?” Icicle amusedly followed the two.

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Chapter 43

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Loiterous, Mercenary Guild area, afternoon.

“Oh? You’re back.” Magent laid comfortably on two chairs, craning his head to see the visitor. “It took you longer than you said though.” he grinned meaningfully.

“I’ve stumbled upon some unexpected harvest.” the Night Terror placed his findings on the desk.

“Let’s see. Location of the Wasp nest, two Night Eagles’ eggs and the hide of the bear fitting the description. Well, not bad, newbie. I can give you 150 contribution points for that.” Magent quickly assessed.

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Chapter 42

After eating a hearty meal, Jason slowly washed the dishes. His thoughts drifted to the time he spent in Loiterous.

Waking from the pensive state, Jason smiled slightly. “The meeting is happening in less than 4 days, I have to beat that fishie by then.”

Since it was only a few hours past afternoon, Jason decided to go back into the game. His day activities in Loiterous ended, but the night was the perfect time to utilise his new set!

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Chapter 41

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Birds melodiously chirped in the air as a gentle breeze soothed the citizens of Vilen Town. The refreshing feeling the wind brought in the middle of a sunny day was simply priceless.

A crowd of passersby gathered next to Lord Vilen’s palace, excitedly watching a golden carriage pulled by sleek black stallions. The sides of the horses were adorned by a flame-shaped emblem. In Minaeryth Kingdom, there was only one person who could be given the nickname “fiery” – Princess Saress.

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Chapter 40

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“Welcome to Love Paradise. How may I serve you?” a blond woman dressed like an office lady said with a smile.

“I would like to request the mistress.” the dark-haired youth who just came in said, his amber eyes staring at the blond as if he could see right through her.

“I apologize, dear sir, but the mistress stopped taking requests some time ago.” the blond employee quickly explained.

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Chapter 39

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Vilen Town’s artisan area was as busy as always. People ran to and fro, carrying packages and new equipment. The smell of charcoal drifted through the streets, a free advertisement of the blacksmith’s.

Although a lot of adventurers left after the lizardmen event ended, there were many who came back to explore the land. The general idea was to venture out and grasp everything before the others, but the result for most was unexpected.

A crowd! A line so long they could barely distinguish any monsters in the area. Once hordes of players left the starting area, they would enter the mainland, connecting to the whole server.

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