Taking a week break

I need to take some time off to read my own work and rework some of the latest chapters.

The main changes:

  • Vilenne’s and Icicle’s relationship progressing faster
  • More real life between in-game chapters
  • Tweaking some scenes, characters and dialogues

That should be all for now, I’ll get a change log if anything major changes. I might do something to the identifying process, we’ll see.

As for the chap 46, it will come out in a 3 chapters batch next week.


13 thoughts on “Taking a week break

  1. .Ok. I wish you good luck.^^
    Still, thought i would rather if the RL events and villene’s and Icicle’s relationship doesn’t increase faster than it already does and it exchange he increase his relationship with an others real human women.


    • I don’t want it to “speed up” just drop the shoddy comedic relief when it should be dropped and move on with the story.

      As for other women, yes, that’s exactly in the plans.

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  2. Will we get at least 200 chapters before you decide this version needs to be rewritten from scratch too?

    Also do you like, make chapter plans before writing the chapter (just curious, as one author to another)


    • Yes I do, I keep them volatile though. It’s something along the lines of:

      They meet up here, exchange of blows, learns this and that, someone else arrives on the scene etc.

      I don’t keep strict “this must happen or else” because it ruins your story. I try imagine what my characters would do and implement it into the story. It doesn’t always work with what was preplanned, so a lot of things change along the way.

      It’s also the reason why I’m taking a break to read, too many ideas are swirling in my head and I’m not sure which ones I chose to rely on in the previous chapters.


      • Apparently plans are vital for the success of continued writing. And a suggestion: why not simply write plan styled summaries of the chapter or just alter the plan(s) as you go and use them as a chapter guides and leave them somewhere to later reference them in a case of need?


  3. Come on. Don’t be like that. The story is interesting so we have to support him to keep writing and improving. Also Writing a long story is not as easy. Reading again what you has writed, think if it is really advancing where you want it to advance and fixing the course to where you want it to go is part of the work.


  4. So you will be editing previous chapters??… if so pls do tell us what changes happend and in what chapter… if the changes are to much tell us which chapters read again…

    Personally i was half confused by reading the last 2 chapters… like when icicle took the bottle of blood and vilenne acted strange… i was like WTF?? icicle drunk it and vilenne is the one affected?… it wasnt until the end that it was cleared


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