Update #2

I was planning to write an essay explaining what I was planning, but got to work researching instead.

At the very moment, I’m amassing quite a few books to read, mainly VR not to lose the theme, and the first one has already greatly exceeded my expectations.

If I find a few similar ones it should be enough to start off anew with a nice, complete plot for Loiterous. Hopefully a new magic system as well, since the elemental one is full of plot holes.

I will also be taking part in James Patterson’s Masterclass, so that should help a bunch with the newby style.

Anyways, that’s about all. I have no idea when will I even begin to get an outline, or a first arc, as I’m still researching, but I’ll keep you guys posted.

Thanks for having my back so far and encouraging me even during this long, desolate break.


43 thoughts on “Update #2

  1. θ~θ
    Its great to see that you are finally back among the living again
    I hope that you wont need to do another rewrite though…but trying to get through college currently so no promises on me checking back again so soon.
    Gotta like Icicle and Nyu (that white puffball that transforms into a bombshell if i remember the name and description you gave us properly) and now i am reminded about that naga/snake woman queen XD and that weird dream…now i am reminded about that mask that causes a fake lich “skin” transformation…ehh θ~θ


    • You remember quite a lot 🙂 Man, this will be a long journey to bring it back. Possibly, I’ll have to make quite a lot of changes to make it work this time.

      Heh, at least the windows will be easier to make now.


  2. Loiterous will be resurrected i’m sure of it. You were never as bad as you think you are. You just lost your way after writing your first version of Loiterous. Because even though it was flawed, it’s the sole reason why i have been coming back to this website again and again for almost a year now.

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    • So you could feel it too, huh?

      I read quite a few “self-help” books for writers and learned that happens when your idea leaves you for someone “better suited” to do your work.

      Basically, I crumbled under pressure. I’ll probably go to a similar style from the first book, but there will be a lot of changes to the VR itself, maybe it will transform into another world, so the dungeons can actually be done normally, not “blitzkrieg mode” before you go back to sleep.


  3. I feel like commenting just because for how long this website has been on my bookmark bar…so yadda yadda words, yadda yadda believe? yadda yadda I used to comment on chapters about something but seem to can’t remember…oh well, long live Loiterous…only words I can think of this late at night.


    • I read The Way of the Shaman, The Land, The Gam3 (which you can find on RRL), one of your recommendations – Fantasia, the old man in VR was well… crap.

      Anyways, back to my list, Dragon’s Wrath, about to read Ascend Online too. didn’t have much time for anything else.

      Omegaverse turned out to be crap, sadly. I expected more.

      Oh and a hidden gem, Unbound Deathlord. That one is good. Definitely recommended.


      • I was not reccomending it mainly for its story but more as a PoV reference from not having major RL influences in the game. It isn’t “amazing” its a meh at best. The lack of RL was why I suggested it more than anything, so you didn’t feel uber pressured by having an RL narrative that alot of VR stories fall into. I mean take the implementation of fantasia and the PoV of old man and ya can kinda see where I’m coming from.

        Unbound is on my list to read. I may need to move it up a few places though.


      • I think the viridian gate series is worth a look. Its basically completely set in VR due to the plot, but its fairly well written.


  4. Welcome back man.
    I liked your story before and after the rewrite, and was sad to see you go.
    I’m looking forward to reading more and seeing where it takes us.


  5. Good work untill now the history is pretty good your neurosis is what draging you down you. Sure you cold expose some ideas in a better way but noting some cleaning coulnd fix, that said if you want a break go on.

    PS: i am not a native speaker of english so sorry for my poor comunication ablities.


  6. So, um. I’m just curious if you have some sort of timeline in mind now that you are picking things up again?
    I love the story and was just wondering what your plans are for updates. I’m not trying to be pushy. I now you have a life. I was just curious.


    • If you asked me yesterday, I probably wouldn’t have anything, but I think I might have just stumbled on an idea that can turn into a few books.

      Anything specific is out of the question for now, gotta do some brain storming, make an outline and so on…

      I’ll let you guys know once the time comes, but it probably won’t be anytime soon. (I decided to make things right this time.)

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  7. long time no see Tyhuko so you are finally getting back on track? if so then congrats and i would like to say this; Patience is a virtue, and good things come to those who wait. @~@ also i have been having phone troubles lately so can’t do my usual “imoji” face if you can call it an imoji. and now i am reminded about that one comment about the void that i made in respone to Icicle learning that Wind/Void walk movemnent skill.


      • Oh and today happens to be my B-Day and am getting close to 20 years in age without being 20 years old (^ ~ ^) time certainly can fly by without you realizing it. Oh, will we still be having that Shadowy Wolf creature as a pet/familiar in your third attempt at your Loiterous Story?…and now i am reminded about my comment about making your character as a Hermaphodite in response to another comment about Icicle’s actions and how it seems to conflict with his gender or something a few months ago…meh, i can always go back through your previous chapters and confirm if i remembered things properly or not, since that can help clear up any inconsistencies with my memories of the past events in the story..and now i am reminded about the minotaur turned familiar that was cast out of his village due to not being strong enough and had to wander that labriynth… @~@ and it seems my thought are jumping around again with me going on a tangent.. i should go before i make and even longer comment than i already have.


        • Happy Birthday MJU, shame I haven’t read that earlier. Uni takes a lot of my attention it seems.

          For familiars, not sure yet, but if so, they will appear after some progress in the story.


          • Good to hear. @~@ and thanks 🙂
            though i really did go off on an tangent earlier didn’t I? XD oh well, i’m just glad to hear that one of the online novels i have read is coming back, as well as their author since i can be a bit of a book worm XD


    • I will once I come close to actually getting the story out, don’t want to bring them false hope like many of the other fanfics do (not that I blame the authors, sometimes the burnout is horrible).


  8. Thanks for loiterous be it the first or the second.

    Personally i enjoy more the first one than the second story don’t know why though.

    Your story keep me coming to your website to check news.


  9. Hey tyhuko, you still there? been about a years since this post was put up, wondering if you made any progress on the storyline for loiterous? or are you tangled up with stuff in Real Life? and now i am thinking of Nyu in bombshell form (-_-)…hah, guess i am just curious to see how you have been. Hope you can reply soon. kinda miss the story you were working on.. and i am reminded of the weird dream icicle had concerning him and the naga queen getting in the same bed which alarmed icicle when he woke up, but wasn’t that after a concert including him, the naga queen, a minotaur, and a gryphon that was the start of the dream?


    • If you only knew how many thoughts I had. I think I’ve put on some mental shackles on myself, somehow convincing my mind that the ideas I have now wouldn’t work or that they’re not the same and that equals worse.

      Every time I’ve sat down to think of how to resolve the problem of the earlier version and the one after, I just hit the wall.

      Only now I see how much it has been holding me back. I’ll get to the characters on the weekends and try to flesh them out, see how the story naturally progresses, If it works out, I’ll let you guys know about a schedule, but I don’t want to promise anything I can’t deliver anymore.

      I have a lot on my plate due to university, which ironically is something I’ve undertaken to better my writing. Guess the life took control of me, instead of me taking control of life. Thanks for the reminder, it was necessary.


      • …ok, was the reminder you talking about refer to how long the ago the post was made, or was it about Icicle’s weird dream concerning the naga queen? and i am glad you seem to be realizing about some of your problems, means that you are on the path of correcting them. Though it is good to take a break every once in awhile to refresh yourself, but try not to unwind yourself to the point you forget why you did so in the first place, and that your story is up to you, regardless of whether it sound like some parts would or wouldnt fit, since you can make change to it to make it fit, if it doesnt fit at first, try and try again, or as the cat meme goes, “Hang in there”. And hey, glad to have you back, even if only for a short while. and oh, good luck with stuff at the university,and remember, it is up to you to follow your own path, i guess it is like those wuxia novels or whatever XD, sigh… it is up to you if you think something “clicks” or allows for your stories to have a way to smoothly “flow” in how it goes. Oh, and good luck.


        • I meant it was a good reminder to actually get my shit together. As for the dreams Icicle had… oh man, he had a lot of them that you guys were not privy to, and trust me they were more… extreme.

          Concerning the book though, I don’t know how it’ll go. I’m working on some ideas, I’ll get some more time soon once everythign settles down.


          • ah, that is nice to hear, just try not to force everything to where it makes you burn out, really sucks when a novel you are reading ends up burning out so to speak, i might end up waiting for over a year for the next chapter to come out and beyond unless the readers are given an official notice of the novel being dropped by the author, happened a couple times already (-_-) ….but hey i can wait for the restart, i mean, if i can wait for over a year for a chapter that might not ever come, what is waiting a few months or more for a restart of a novel i have been reading? XD either a lot of patience, being plain stubborn as a rock, or maybe both
            Darkness in the Heavens, and Falling Star of Evolution, dont know if they are gonna continue or get a restart, not for certain that is, but still waiting for the next chapter


  10. Hey man, Tyhuko, you still alive and kicking? Been awhile since I last checked this site. Everything in life doing alright? Sorry that I hadn’t checked by earlier. Am curious to know if you had dropped this story of yours or not, even though I know you had the intention to do a second restart since your story felt off. Hope you leave a message here soon, even if I don’t get back to it right away.


  11. Yo,Tyhuko, how you doing? are you okay? Is everything going okay? If something is happening I hope it goes favorably for you. Any idea when you’ll start Icicles third revamp? And if not, just how you are doing. I’ve been their since the very beginning so I do worry about you ask I feel like your a good friend by now. Also, if you want help with PR’ing your story when you do start it again, I’d love to do it.


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