Chapter 15 – Unexpected trouble

Heading back, I met some of the Manik’s group in the dungeon.
I have no idea what they were doing there, but I killed them all nonetheless.
My PK status only increased, but oh well. I need to show these punks who’s the boss.
Don’t want them to trouble me later.

I finally had some time to check the system messages I’ve gotten during the elite monster fight, and my little showdown with Nyu.

You’ve gained a new title: [Fearless combatant]
Constantly challenging monsters stronger than you, you’re awarded with the title of the fearless.
+50% to all intimidation and pressure inducing skills.
-50% to all intimidation and pressure received.
+50 vitality.

??? ??? has used ??? skill on you.
-400 hp
Effect: Immobilized until effect diminishes or special action occurs.

‘So that’s what Nyu did to me… this really borders cheating…’

That special action must be the thing that appears next.

You’ve learned a unique skill.
[Frost barrier]

‘Show [Frost barrier]’

[Frost barrier]
Description: Forms a protective magic barrier around your body. All external effects are decreased or completely nullified.
Requires mana to sustain damage. Mana usage depends on the attack or skill that the barrier is protecting you from.
Toggle: Lasts until broken or toggled off.

‘That’s like an op mana shield…’

It doesn’t even have a cooldown. Guess this game really wants me to go down the wisdom route.
I don’t mind. Who needs damage when you can freeze everyone.

You’ve unlocked a new skill.
[Killing aura]
Due to you nature, this skill evolves into [Realm of frost].

‘Show [Realm of frost]’

[Realm of frost] (Passive)
Description: Emotions always fueled mankind. When your mood turns sour, your emotions materialize. Killing intent is oozing out of you, intimidating the target or everyone in your surroundings. At least that’s what happens with normal killing aura. Realm of frost freezes the chosen targets, or entire surroundings depending on the caster’s wish. Skill’s effects vary depending on the state of mind, mana bar, mana manipulation and ice magic mastery. Intimidation is only applied to the weaker beings.

‘Holy shit! This is awesome! Muahahahahaha, now I know what I want to do after I visit Vilenne. First things first…’

No wonder Sixxy was so scared. If someone used it on me I would probably turn my tail as well. Well, not really, I’m immune to cold after all…

Speaking of Sixxy, let’s check up on her.
Wait a second, now that I think about it, it’s a first time that I can hear a monster talk like that.
Sure these orcs talked some, but it wasn’t on the same level.
Sixxy’s way of speaking indicated vast knowledge, the way she spoke wasn’t slurred, and she even knows the ancient language.

‘Show familiar [Sixxy]’

[Sixxy] [Ancient] [Familiar] [Elite boss rank]
Species: [Magical beast] [Naga] [Dual elemental]
Level: 1889
Health: 7 050 000
Mana: 800 000
Attack: 23898
Defense: 12430
Skills: [Petrification] [Poison coating]
Description: Once the strongest of the Naga race, Siryja Ferngard challenged every strong being there is. When she stumbled upon the Ice Mages, they sealed her in the underground chamber, not to cause more ruckus than she already did.
Affinities: [Water] [Earth]
Racial trait: [Poison] [Petrification]
Warning: Due to your level difference, Sixxy is only able to use a portion of her skills and stats, corresponding to the level of the master.

So even though she’s almost level 1900, she’s like level 28, hahahaha. Good, if this game didn’t make it like that I would probably be unbeatable by now.
Now even the level makes sense. Although it gives no stats, the equipment and familiar requirements are still shown in levels.

What about Nyu then?

‘Show companion [Nyuva]’

[Nyuva] [Ancient] [Boss rank]
Species: [Magical beast] [Ice Guardian]

Notice: You can’t see more information unless your companion decided to share it with you.

‘I want to smack her in the head…’

Icicle: *Hey Eshel, what’s the difference between companion and familiar?*

Eshel: *You really do know nothing, Icicle. Familiars that are not bound by the blood contract can revive 24 hours after dying, but companions don’t have that privilege. Not only that, their system is based on loyalty, if they feel like you’ve changed or just simply don’t like you anymore, they can not only leave you but also turn on you.*

Icicle: *Is there some kind of a limit for the amount of familiars and companions one can have?*

Eshel: *I don’t know how it is with you adventurers. Normally, people can have 3 familiars summoned at once. As for the amount, I’m not sure. Companions are unlimited. They follow you on their own will after all. Do mind that they all require feeding, caressing and so on. If you don’t make them feel good around you, they won’t be as effective.*

Icicle: *Thank you.*

So that’s how it is… I didn’t even think about it, but now I have two more mouths to feed.
Getting some money now will be harder than ever…
Guess I’ll get used to it, just like in Eurasia, I had to feed that humongous legendary pet more food than 100 other pets at once…

Now what do I do with all this garbage loot I’ve picked up?
I picked up some rare items, but they are useless for me.
Well, this cape that dropped from the boss at least makes me look cool.
What am I even bragging about? Black colored clothing makes everyone look good in it.

Hmmm, now that I think about it, I can level my enchantment on this garbage loot. It should at least fetch a higher price.
I know that my [Enchanting] can only reach advanced level, but I didn’t pick it up to enchant my artifacts.
I want to make money off it. I’ll need shit-ton of money to realize my future plans.
The thing is, my savings are dwindling, I need to make some money in real life too.
After all, I don’t watch to touch ‘that’

I was finally close to the Vilen Town.
As always, there were some players hunting [Wild dogs] and [Horned rabbits] right in front of the north gate.
Seeing me, with my PK status, some raised their weapons.
As if the thunderbolt hit them, these adventurers stopped dead right in their tracks.
I guess Sixxy was enough to scare them.

Not encountering any more resistance, I closed in on the gate, where the guards halted me, with a hostile behaviour.

Guard: Stop right there. Outlaws like you have no entrance here. The same goes for your companions.

Why am I always getting in trouble with the guards….

Icicle: *Hey Sixxy, can you somehow disappear so I can summon you later? I’ll have to disappear from this world every 3 days anyways.*

Sixxy: *All magical beasts can. Monsters have to be actually summoned. My kind can turn into some kind of jewelry or a mark, being always available. This allows us to have telepathic conversations like this one we’re having, while I’m unsummoned.*

‘That’s convenient’

Icicle: *Awesome. There seems to be trouble with the guards of this town. I don’t want to have hundreds of players following me either. Could you turn into a mark now?*

Sixxy: *Sure, I can see what you’re doing anyways. I don’t mind getting a rest.*

When Sixxy turned into some kind of smoke, a snake mark appeared on my right forearm.

‘That looks really cool…’

I took off my hood, making sure that the Charisma stat affects the guards.

Icicle: Is there still a problem?

I saw the guards hesitating for a second, but then they bowed a little.

Guards: No there isn’t. You may enter, lord. Sorry for the trouble.

With that out of the way I went into the town, with a crowd of spectators following me around.

I wanted to go to the Mage Guild, but I decided to visit Auction House first.

It was located in the artisan district.

I saw a male clerk, brown hair in a braid, small glasses, and pale face.
I would dare call him an elf, because of his long ears and overall characteristics, but don’t quote me on that.

Clerk: Welcome to the Auction House, my name is Jio, how may I help you?

Icicle: I would like to auction these items.

I placed down 8 rare items, all enchanted, giving additional 2% damage or defense.
My enchanting was lvl 5 at the moment, it seems to increase the effect by 0,25% per level, starting from 1%, thus making it 2%.

Jio: Very well, state your price.

I placed various prices, ranging from 25$ to 50$. The best item, that was the two-handed axe that dropped from Manik, I put into the AH for a starting bet of 100$.
With the timer set on 72 hours, to make it a whole day in real life, I made the buyout option four times the price of the item.
We’ll see how high they can go in 3 in game days.

Jio: Your transaction has been complete. Please note that there is a 3% fee, taken from you right after the purchase, whether it’s in dollars or in game currency.
Have a nice day.

Icicle: Thank you. Goodbye.

After the short goodbye I went to visit my master…

Cindy’s POV

After Icicle left, Vilenne seemed to be in a bad mood. I was fretting over the students’ safety.
10 minutes after her only student left, 10 adventurers stormed into the Mage Guild, saying that they want to become Water Mages.
Vilenne calmed herself down a little, explaining pros and cons, but they didn’t listen.
They wanted to become Water Mages at once.

Knowing that she couldn’t reason with them, she asked me to sign them up.
Vilenne took them in for training. I saw her going easy on them.
The spartan training Icicle went through, was what she picked up from the Warrior Guild.
In the span of two years, she was visiting them to either duel or practice her swordsmanship.
To think that girl would mimic the training she saw the strongest of Berserkers go through…
Poor boy, I don’t know how he managed to live through it.
Well, Vilenne trained like that for a lot longer, guess I should be astonished at that, but she’s just something else.

Only later did I get to know, that her students saw an adventurer killing [Wild dogs] mercilessly with a spell that shouldn’t be available to one of them at this stage of the game.
To think that student of hers even brought more students to the Mage Guild.
When I saw her face it was all red.
I feel for him, when she gets to see him again, he’ll probably get chopped to pieces.

Something disturbing happened recently. I heard that this boy killed a lot of adventurers.
As he was on a mission to clear the dungeon, the Mage Guild would take the blame, but surprisingly he took it on himself.
I wonder what could have made him so angry…

Icicle’s POV

Entering through the front door, I was welcomed by a familiar voice.

Cindy: Welcome to the Mage Guild advent… oh it’s you Icicle! And what’s this adorable little creature you’re carrying?

Icicle: Her name is Nyu, she’s my new companion.

I felt the pressure increasing again, Nyu glared daggers at me.
I guess she still didn’t accept it.

Cindy was walking towards me with a smile on her face.

Cindy: Can I pet her, pleaseeee? Wait, this isn’t a normal companion!

So she noticed.

Cindy: You’re one crazy son of a gun to tame a boss monster, Icicle.

Icicle: Why, thank you. Enough with the pleasantries. The quest you gave me, I didn’t fullfill it.

Cindy: And why is that?

Icicle: It stated “clear the dungeon” all I did was tame 2 boss monsters…

Cindy: Two boss monsters? There’s always only one.

Icicle: Let’s say this one was a little special. I guess I can forget about my reward.

Cindy: Well, you’ve still completed it, just through the special means. Is there something you would actually like to get from the Mage Guild?

Icicle: That bag you gave me for storing food. I would like to get one like that, only of a permament kind.

Cindy: You do know your stuff. I’m sorry, but it’s impossible unless you’re…


Cindy was interrupted by a group of NPC warriors that stormed in.

Icicle: Can’t you even knock?

Warrior: What is this hideous thing?

I saw Nyu being snatched away from me in a brutal way.
Seeing that, something snapped inside of me, just the way it did in the dungeon.
This time, it wasn’t just a casual fit of rage.
I felt something inside of me boiling, just the same way, when Manik killed my sister and her friends in Eurasia.
Because of that, I couldn’t even play with my beloved sister.
To me, it was like losing a relative. How could I allow that?!

With all these emotions raging inside me, I activated my [Realm of frost] following with [Frost barrier], instantly freezing the guy who did that.

Icicle: Who the fuck do you think you’re touching?!

Taking Nyu nack, I looked at her.
She seemed really upset.
Pressure around me increased at least 50 times.
Comparing it to the one in the dungeon it was at least a 5 times stronger.
After all, taking Nyu on my hands made her use a tremendous pressure on me already.
If not for me taking the beating, she would probably kill them.
It’s good that the emotions made it easier to take.

Warrior commander: Surround him!

Seeing 5 people encircle me, I had a feeling it’s not the time to be hiding things.

Icicle: Come out, Sixxy.

The mark on my forearm started turning into smoke, as the 3m tall beautiful Naga emerged.
Good grief, if the Mage Guild didn’t have that 4m high ceiling and wasn’t so spacious, Sixxy wouldn’t fit!

Sixxy: Are we up for some fun, kiddo?

Sixxy was visibly excited, as her 6 hands were making circles with her swords.
I saw the commander’s face turning ashen pale, so I decided to try negotiating, instead of straight out annihilating these retards.
They were NPCs after all.

Icicle: What’s the purpose of this uncalled for visit?

My voice was once again icy cold, I wasn’t in the mood, especially after the harsh treatment.

Warrior commander: We’ve heard of a criminal who’s sneaked into the town, so we have come to apprehend him.

Icicle: And that’s why you’re hurting my companion and encircling me like a dangerous animal?

Warrior commander: You have to understand, you’re an outlaw.

Icicle: You didn’t say anything about hurting my companion, so I guess it’s okay if I kill this mongrel?

I pointed to the frozen guy.

Warrior commander: You’re not only and outlaw, you’re even insulting us. Men, forget about taking him alive, KILL HIM!

Icicle: Who’s insulting who here. SIXXY PETRIFY THEM.

Sixxy: Hahahaha, with pleasure kid, with pleasure.

Her blue eyes started glowing and I could only hear terrified screams as all the warriors turned into stone.

Seeing that, I felt my raging emotions die down. Regaining my bearings, I have seen one “survivor”.

Icicle: Look Sixxy, this one seemed to survive your petrification.

Sixxy: That’s your fault, kid. You’re way too weak right now.

Icicle: Hmph. Don’t worry, I’ll deal with him.

Warrior commander was trembling, he probably thought that his companions were dead.
To think that a well built, 2m tall guy, would get so outmatched by a new adventurer.
I grabbed him by the neck, looking straight into his terrified, brown eyes.

Icicle: Your friends have become exquisite statues for the Mage Guild. As you are so unwilling to join them, how about I turn you into an ice statue instead. hm?

Warrior commander: N-No, please, I have a f-family.

His voice was audibly trembling.

Icicle: But you ordered your men to kill me, no?

Warrior commander: Please, j-just spare me…

???: What’s going on in here, Cindy?

Hearing a commanding voice like that, I involuntarily looked towards the entrance.
Not only did a huge crowd gather, there was someone looking like a lord in the entrance.

‘What’s Ivir doing here?’

Cindy: There’s been some misunderstanding, Marcus.

So it was a lord! Lord of the Vilen Town, Marcus Vilen, huh.

Marcus Vilen: Hmph, and why are warriors turned into stone over there? You over there, let Piero go.

So this guy in my hands is called Piero, huh.

Icicle: And why would I do that? He tried to kill me, might as well return the favor.

Marcus Vilen: Piero, you should know that you can’t just apprehend nobles. People of this man’s status are judged by me, the lord of this place.

Piero: H-He’s a lord?

Marcus Vilen: You’re so incompetent. I’ll deal with you later. Cindy, you’re the guildmaster, there was no reason for you to act.

Cindy: I didn’t do anything, Marcus.

Marcus Vilen: I don’t see any other Earth Mages strong enough to petrify these warriors.

Cindy: As I said, Marcus, it wasn’t me. Don’t you see the Naga in the back? It’s Icicle’s familiar.

It was as if realization hit him, showing a shocked face for only a second, Marcus Vilen returned to his casual, calm behaviour right after.

‘As expected of the lord.’

I’ve gotten a little arrogant, well who could blame me, I was enraged just a while ago, so I’m still not in the right state of mind.
This Ice Lord’s status made me become big-headed.
*sigh*, I need to take it easy.

Icicle: Sixxy, showtime’s over, turn them back.

Sixxy: So soon? Oh well, as you wish.

Reverting the petrification, warriors that were arrogant just a while ago, this time showed some respect.

Marcus Vilen: Icicle, right? Follow me. As for you Pierro, I’ll make sure you and your squad receive proper training. One mage was able to completely disarm you, pathetic *snort*.

Piero: Thank you, lord.

Why is he thanking him? Didn’t he just receive a punishment? Or was it because it’s a light one?

Following the ruler of this town, I’ve entangled myself into yet another mess…


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  1. Hmm I would like to get a glimpse of the other players/classes to see how they all balance out. So far it’s just been Icicle wrecking things which isn’t too bad either


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