Chapter 97 – Three Winds Academy part 2

Author’s note: Next week should have at least 3 chapters.

“Queen Naga?” middle-aged lady looked incredulously at Sixxy, as if she saw a ghost.
Not minding her in the slightest, Sixxy took off, brandishing her swords against the lizard.

[Green-scaled Luokh] [Elite] [Lvl 200+]
Description: Lizard-like creatures which thrives in wetlands.

“That lizard is four times your level, have fun Sixxy” I said with a smile.
“The minotaurs were ten times my level.” Naga replied with a grin.

It’s true that level itself doesn’t mean much, it’s how you can use the stats you’re allocated that makes the difference.

Sixxy’s six hands moved, her swords turning into blurs, viciously assaulting the lizard.
Luokh stood on its two hind legs like a human, swiping with his claws to deflect the blows, every hit bounced off his skin, as if his defense was impenetrable.

Directing a meaningful smile at Gritzen, who was behind the Luokh, I asked tactfully “Did you have to wait long?”
Gritzen furrowed her brows, then replied in a hoarse voice, unbecoming of a lady “Long enough to see you attacking a student.”

“Did someone really oppose professor Gritzen? That’s a death sentence!”

“I know right, isn’t she only below the principal Hylzar? Who’s that youngster?”

“I don’t know, maybe a transfer student?”

“You guys are so stupid, why are you talking about the youngster, look at his familiar! It’s a Queen Naga!”

“What does it matter, he’s facing that professor Gritzen!”

Hearing such whispers made me want to cringe.
What the hell are these kids thinking about?
That I’ll die to the professor over here?
Yeah, dream on.
As long as I have this chocolate lover on my right shoulder, nothing short of a dragon can compete with me.

I won’t use Nyu like that unless necessary.
That would hinder my growth in this world.
It’s such a good feeling when you gain those stats because of your hard work.
When you get some bonuses because of luck, it feels just as good.

Anyways, focusing on the actual battle here.
I got side-tracked because I’m not the one fighting.
Sixxy slashed at Luokh at various angles, her swords moved like a… snake.
Let’s hope she didn’t hear that, Nyu’s constant snake-calling would piss her off.

Luokh on the other side didn’t look fazed, it swiped its claws and tail at Sixxy.
I watched calmly as Sixxy petrified the Luokh, who shook the effect off in a second.
Am I watching a battle of tanks?

Despite her futile attempts, the fierce aura around Sixxy grew stronger, as if she enjoyed every second of it.
Even though Sixxy’s poison was ineffective, she didn’t give in and fought tooth and nail with the Luokh, emitting constant clang sounds.
Sheer speed of the swing was something I couldn’t mimic, I guess there’s a lot of training to be done before I can reach such a level.
Maybe Vilenne can fight like that.

As the bout progressed, Luokh who was holding his own until now was suddenly pushed back!
Gritzen’s face looked unsightly.
I felt that she’s going to interfere, so I appeared before Sixxy in a flash.
Right after I did, powerful wind surged, rushing towards me.

[System message]

You’ve been hit!
Your [Frost barrier] absorbs the damage.
– 30000 mana.

Thirty thousand mana from a wind attack? What kind of a spell was that!
“Oh? Surprising, you can actually block that.” the surprise on Gritzen’s face didn’t last long, she was ready to attack again.
“You’re pretty daring to assault my familiar like that, old lady.”

“He doesn’t know professor Gritzen?”

“Sigh, this kid is way over himself.”

“What Kingdom does he come from?” few exclamations like that came from the students behind me.
While they are enjoying the show I have to deal with this woman…

“I’m not your buddy to call me so directly, shameless youngster. After you hurt the high ranked noble of Raren City, no matter your puny household, even the royalty will support my decision. I will exterminate you lawfully right this instant.”

Saress needs some serious help with governing her country.
I’ll make sure to help her reform this piece of shit of a kingdom.

Unsummoning Sixxy, I took a step forward.
After telling Nyu to counter any attacks that come my way, I strode towards the library.


Invisible air force collided with a bone-chilling cold.
The entire floor quaked, the wall on the left side shattered from the impact, turning into dust and rubble.
Professor Gritzen didn’t look fazed, but it was clear she received a blow.
I peeked at Nyu from a corner of my eye and she seemed content.

Hahaha, I really did pick a right familiar, she made this “blunder” on purpose.

Dusting herself off, the old lady looked more fierce than before.
I was about to walk right past her and her familiar, when the doors to the library opened.
Old man Hylzar walked out from the library, frown on his face.
“Who causes such a ruckus? I can’t even read in peace”.

“Icicle? What are you doing here? Weren’t you supposed to come in like 16 hours?” hearing this, Gritzen’s face furrowed even further.
I replied all-smiles “Indeed, I was a little anxious, so I came early. Professor Gritzen here kept me company. I have to say, your school has excellent staff, old man Hylzar.”
“Hohoho, that’s great to hear. Are you going to the library? I have arranged everything already. You can enjoy yourself.”
“Really? That’s great. You have my sincere thanks, principal.”

“Now, now, no need to be so courteous, go you little rascal.”
After bowing deeply, I took a stride and paused before professor Gritzen, still all-smiles and talked with a voice only audible for her “If you ever dare to attack my familiar again, then no matter your position and social standing,  I’ll crush you like a bug”.

Then I entered the library and closed the door.

Raren City’s Academy’s Principal’s office, Gritzen’s POV

“What the hell was that, Hylzar?!” the words left my mouth like a fountain as I was fuming with rage!
Never in my life have I been so humiliated!

“Not what but who, our new transfer student.”
“Transfer student, huh?! That transfer student of yours attacked Patty!”
“Oh stop it, everyone knows that Patty, that fat guy, is your lapdog. Besides, I saved your life out there, you should be grateful, Gritzen.”

What, saved my life? What kind of bullshit is this!

“What are you saying, Hylzar? Have you gone senile?”
“Hohoho, you have felt it on your skin yet you don’t dare believe it. That kid Icicle has an [Ice Guardian], a strong one at that. Are you still confident of prevailing?”

Ice Guardian? That’s an existence humans cannot really hope to reach unless they’re forefront of [Grandmaster] level!
Did that kid hold back?
“That’s all the more reason to throw him out, he threatened me! We both know that with my position I can do that!”
“Of course you can throw him out, Gritzen. We both know that I can stop you as well. But tell you what, I won’t.”

Seeing the sheepish smile on Hylzar’s face reflecting off the window, I knew something was up.
This kid has to have some extraordinary background.
“What are you smiling about, Hylzar? What’s so funny?”
“I won’t hinder you, but your old friend might.”
“Old friend? Who are you talking about?”

Hylzar turned around and showed a wide grin, almost reaching his ears.
“Cindy” when this one word was uttered, I felt my knees going weak.
“What does this crazy woman have to do with that youngster?”
“Not much. She only sent him here, as a part of her Mage Guild too. From my talk with Icicle, I learned that she’s the Guildmaster at Vilen Town.”
“Do you really think that crazy old lunatic would come cause trouble over here?”

Stroking his beard as if it didn’t concern him, Hylzar showed a faint smile once again, clearly enjoying my predicament.
“I don’t know, but if you wish to try, go ahead and cause trouble for the youngster. You’re younger than me, but maybe I’ll be the one who’ll light a lamp on your grave instead.”

After saying that, Hylzar disappeared in the winds.

Damn, if I really cause trouble for the guy, that crazy woman might come here!
Gods forbid that! I was finally free of her and now she resurfaces again…
Why does my life always have to get so troublesome?

Library, Mage Academy, Icicle’s POV

Finally peace and quiet.
In the midst of musty smell of books, littering the bookshelves wherever the eye could see, I saw a librarian.
His appearance was that of a middle-aged man who lived through a lot, wrinkles covered his face and he wore a monocle.
The librarian’s hair was dark and disheveled, dust could be seen amidst his hair, making him look like a hard worker.

“Good afternoon, I am the transfer student, Icicle Whitesnow. Has principal Hylzar mentioned me?”
Looking up from his books, the librarian looked at me kindly and said “Indeed, you’re free to take whatever book you want, but please be cautious. I don’t want to lose any of the volumes, some of them are one of a kind, priceless treasures so-to-speak”.
Understanding his intetions, I nodded solemnly and left.

There were too many books to choose from, so I didn’t bother with that for the moment.
Finding the right book for the Dark Trackers’ language, if there even is any, will surely take a while.
I might as well raise my stats a little before that.

As soon as I thought that, Eshel’s voice rang out within my mind “Stop thinking about books for a second, you promised those goblins to help them, you need to refine your mana right now. Otherwise your spells will always be unavailable for you”.
Hearing that made me break out a smile.

Listening to Eshel’s instructions, I was supposed to circulate the mana within me to get a better understanding of it.
What’s there to understand, it’s an energy that we mages use to conjure spells, isn’t it?
When the first strand of mana passed through my bloodstream, I felt that my theory was completely wrong.

It felt like I was circulating my life force through my veins, allowing me to reach deeper understanding of mana manipulation.

The process wasn’t hard, but every time I tried to speed it up, I felt something akin to electricity zap me.
I should have studied ying and yang, maybe it would help me out here with all these meditations.

An hour passed, I was still sitting on the floor, exploring wonders of the mana that traversed through my veins.
Every time it entered my brain, I felt a surge of joy spreading through my entire body, as if it was powered up.
I think this refining process works like a drug, enhancing the brain’s and body’s capabilities.
Well played devs, well played.

Another hour passed, but my body didn’t feel the least bit stiff.
Like a surge of energy after exhausting your body to its maximum capacity, I was elated, as if endorphines constantly washed over my body.
I wish there was a source of energy like this in the real world, all the sports could be so much more…
What am I saying, the greedy people would definitely ruin such a potential, maybe it’s better if it stays as wishful thinking.

When the third hour arrived, I felt as if I lost the track of time.
If it wasn’t for Eshel’s reminder, I would probably continue sitting cross-legged, grinning like a fool.
Breaking out of that fantastic state, I realized that I can now continue refining my mana unconsciously.
My guess is that you need to be aware of your body’s structure to do that.
Praise the lord for anatomy!

Eshel told me that it’s time to begin our lessons.
My first task was to get some paper to write on.
Approaching the kind librarian, under the pretense of making notes, I was given a heap of paper and a pen.
The librarian even nodded at me approvingly, as if I was a hard working student of his.

Under Eshel’s guidance, I was supposed to write down a symbol.
It was a hexagram. All its outer parts were supposed to be filled with different inscriptions, resembling various creatures of the continent. Many vicious looking beasts were clumped together, as if forming factions. The inscription in the middle was supposed to depict a ring of another batch of creatures, with huge sword covered by clouds in the middle of them, ruler of heavens.

I was surprised. Who would have thought that Ice Mages had this much gall.
Well, the deities don’t give a shit and the gods are the developers, no wonder my “ancestors” had some balls.
Heh, at least the developer who made them did.

Dispersing those thoughts, I focused on the drawings.
I was never good with drawing and it caused me endless frustration, but with the feeling of mana refining that sent pleasant chills down my spine, I didn’t mind it.

The creatures I could somewhat recognize were the dragon, kraken, phoenix, some water snake, enormous elephant, genie, crossbreed of a snake and snail with wings, hydra, cerberus, witch, white black-striped tiger like the one on the Eshel’s hilt, black wolf, ifrit and a pegasus.

Other creatures were indiscernible, whether it’s because of my drawing or not, I don’t know.
There was one creature that looked a like a compilation of dots, Eshel told me it’s because of the blue pen, and that creature is comprised of various atoms of different colors. It’s an Ethereal.
I have to say, if this Ethereal can use all sorts of magic, it’s overpowered more than my class at the beginning of Loiterous.

Speaking of which, it has been three hours and I have only refined 3000 of my mana.
I guess this process is going to take a while.

Time flew by and when I woke up from my drawing trance, at least 10 hours have passed.
My mana refinement was at 10000 mana, that’s how I can tell.
Well, that and the clock.

I was finally done with that one drawing, it took hell of a lot of work to draw things you have no idea about.
Fortunately Nyu helped me out, depicting vividly how do those creatures look like.
I hope my drawings were sufficient to resemble those embodiments of overpoweredness.

“Keep that piece of paper in your bag, you’ll need it when you draw that symbol on the blade with your mana. Think of it as an imprint. You’ll need to learn [Mana inscription] for that. It’s not overly hard, but first you need to refine all of your mana, otherwise you’ll never be able to accomplish even this much. When we’re done with that, you’ll start learning the skills I promised you” hearing Eshel say that, I was glad that I subjugated [Forsaken Labyrinth].

I probably won’t be able to move mountaints and kill everyone who stands in my way, but it should become incomparably easier to deal with problems compared to now.

Wait, what?
Only now did I realize that there’s a lamp next to me.
Did the librarian bring it?
I need to thank him.

Taking a glance at the floor, there were at least two hundred pieces of crumpled paper.
I left the lamp and looked for a dust bin under the moonlight shining through the large windows of the library.
Wait a second… how the fuck does it do that?
We’re underground!

“Hohoho, are you surprised? It’s only one of the wind spells allowing us to see through the dirt. Nothing special, every [Master] level expert specializing in wind element can do that.”
When I saw old man Hylzar appearing out of thin air, I subconsciously took two steps back.
Was he watching me all this time?

“No need to be so scared child. I’m not your enemy, otherwise I wouldn’t enroll you here. Although I have to say you had quite an inscription pattern out there. Don’t worry, I won’t ask. Gritzen was pretty mad, wanting to throw you out, I enjoyed seeing her so livid. It’s good to have some thrill in life.”

Looking at the principal who was standing half in the shadow, half shined upon by the moonlight, stroking his beard, I felt like he was really enjoying his life here.

“Say, Icicle, did you really threaten that old lady?”

Hearing this I couldn’t help but nod and say straightforwardly “I don’t appreciate someone trying to hurt my precious familiars. I had to go through a lot to get to them, imagining them gone just because some old lady wishes it to didn’t feel right.”

“Indeed, you had to be pretty blessed to find such reliable creatures. Unless you had some help, hohoho.”

Hylzar looked at me, there was no greed in his eyes, neither in his aura which was as tranquil as water.
“Who knows, if I made it clear for you, principal, the pleasure of finding out would escape your grasp.”

“I see you catch my drift, Icicle. Good.”
“You do know such words, principal?”
“Of course I do, how long do you think I have been teaching those kids? Even someone as old as me will pick up a phrase or two.”
What an outgoing person!

“Principal, huh? You don’t need to be so courteous. Senior Hylzar is fine.”
“I know how to reciprocate kidness, calling principal Senior Hylzar is plausible, but nothing lower than that.”
“Honor, huh? Yes, it is necessary but you shouldn’t let it restrict your actions, otherwise it will impede your growth.”
“Thank you for your words of wisdom, principal.”

Gazing at the moon, both principal Hylzar and I fell silent and appreciated the view before us.
“Say, Icicle, do you need anything? It seems to me like you entered the [Three Winds Academy] to read books and enjoy yourself.”

Three Winds Academy? So that’s how it’s called, huh.
I wonder who’s the “third wind”.

“I have my reasons for enrolling, one of which is undoubtedly the resources of this very library. If you want me to involve myself in some activities, feel free to ask, principal.”

Disappearing and reappearing in various places of the library, principal Hylzar suddenly appeared at my right side, completely out of thin air.
Only tiny mana fluctuations could be felt.

“No need for now, I’ll let you know if the need arises.” Showing me a kind smile, principal continued “Are you looking for anything in particular? Maybe I can lend you a hand.”

With a faint smile, I responded “Some information and a way to read one particular language. I happened to find some books I cannot read”.

“If it’s the language of the ancients, I can read some. Show it to me, I’ll try to decipher it.”

I didn’t feel any ill intentions from the principal so I chose a random book from the Dark Trackers’ library and gave it to the principal.
He looked at it for a while and frowned.

“Unfortunately, it is not a language I can read. You should look at the “unsorted” section in the left corner of the library. It’s our little slogan for books we can’t classify. Maybe you’ll be able to find some luck there”.

Saying my thanks, I bowed to the principal and was about to look for the dust bin again, when his voice rang out again.
“Aren’t you curious how can I appear and reappear like that?”
“I assume that your mana is refined to the utmost state, almost reaching perfection, that’s why you can merge with the air and traverse through it swiftly”.
It sounds far-fetched, but that was my concept behind it.

“You really are a smart child, Icicle. So, before I leave, let me ask you again, do you need anything?”

“Hmmm… do you have any swordsmanship classes in here?”

“Swordsmanship? Why yes, there’s a Magic Swordsmen class, learning how to use both weapons and magic. We only call it Magic Swordsmen because we kind of ripped it off from Acalen Kingdom. There, the Elemental Swordsmen are a force to be reckoned with. Don’t worry, we’re not super weak either, I’m sure you can learn a lot.”

Did Hylzar really just say his school is inferior? What a guy.

“I’ll be glad to attend it, but I need around… 5 days. Otherwise I won’t be able to practice properly.”

“I see. Very well, I’ll enroll you when the time comes. If you’re wondering what happened to Patty, he’s fine. I made sure that he won’t harass you anymore. Not like he could do anything anyways…”.

When Hylzar’s voice drifted off, he disappeared, leaving me alone in the desolate library.
Only then did I realize that he was the one who placed the lamp before me…




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    • his power are really great for stalkers, i mean he can hear things from far by controlling the wind, make sure others can’t hear him and teleport or something like that
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